Why Every Communicator Should Learn Dynamics

This week, I faced my fear of public speaking and attended the Dynamic Communicators Workshops hosted by my new friend Ken Davis.

Everyone should do something like this at some point in their lives — especially people who communicate for a living.

Dynamic communicator giving valedictorian speech
Photo credit: Dino Laurel (Creative Commons)

I’ve been blogging all week over at the DCW blog, sharing some of my experiences with the world, and I wanted to update you all.

Why Go to a Communication Workshop?

I still have a couple more posts to do, but here’s what I’ve written so far (I’ll update this list once the final posts are done). Each reason represents a post I’ve written on each subject. Here are four reasons why you should attending something like the DCW (along with links and excerpts):

1. It will help you overcome your fears

“Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking”

I’m afraid of speaking.

 And I don’t believe I should be. I believe that I have a voice. I believe that I have something to say. And I believe the world needs to hear it. I just need help developing it.

More than anything, I believe that it’s time to not be afraid. It’s time to speak. Read more…

2. You will learn the fundamentals

“Three Values of Effective Speaking”

We sat in a room with our small group of eight people and presented our talks. It was only one speech, but we’re already learning a lot about effective speaking. Without focusing on a particular topic, receiving group feedback, and being intentional in our talks, we’d be doomed to merely entertain instead of communicate. Read more…

3. You will have accountability

“The Painful Process of Speech Evaluation”

After learning how to write a speech based on the SCORRE method, we wrote and delivered our second speeches. And then, the hardest part came — we had to watch ourselves on video. It was as painful and embarrassing as it sounds. Read more…

4. You will learn how to fine-tune your skills

“Making Your Speeches More Dynamic”

When it comes to giving speeches, what matters is not only the actual speaking part, but also the manner in which you speak.

On Day 3 of DCW, we learned about the importance of dynamics in public speaking. We focused on three major factors beyond what you say that affect how your audience receives your message. Read more…

This was the first type of communication event that I had ever attended, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. In another post, I’ll be sharing more of my takeaways and overall reflections from the event. (Spoiler alert: I found it tremendously valuable and would recommend the experience to any communicator.)

Dynamic Communicators Workshops

You can also check out the Dynamic Communicators blog, read quotes and comments on Twitter, and see photos and videos on Facebook.

Have you ever gone or considered going to a communication workshop? Why or why not?

*Photo credit: Dino Laurel