Making Sense of Email Marketing (for Creative People)

Whether you want to write books, make art, or share your music with the world, having an email list of fans is a must.

Making Sense of Email Marketing (for Creative People)

Email is the most effective way to communicate with your people.

Social networks come and go.

Marketing trends fade.

But email is forever. 😉

Today, I want to share with you how to pull all of this together.

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Elements of your email list

To build an effective email list, you need:

  1. A place where people can find you (a platform)
  2. A reason for people to join your list (a lead magnet)
  3. A way to stay in touch with them (a newsletter strategy)

Thus far, I’ve shared with you excerpts from my latest course on how to put all these pieces together.

But you still one more piece: a way for people to find you.

The best way that I know for people to find you is to get them talking about you on other channels.

This is called outreach. And it looks a bunch of different ways:

  • Podcast interviews
  • People mentioning you on their newsletters
  • Guest posts

But how do you make this happen in the first place?

It’s pretty simple (but few do it well):

  1. Make a list of blogs, podcasts, and newsletters you’d like to mention you.
  2. Write a short email introducing yourself and your work to them, offering to share a free piece of content with their audience.
  3. Get through all the no’s (assuming a 10% success rate) to find the next yes. So if you want 10 yes’s, be prepared to ask 100 people.

That’s it!

Hope it helps.

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