Fear Prohibits Ideas from Happening

I read this in a recent fear.less newsletter:

Fearless Stories
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The cure for claustrophobia is trust.

Most everyone hides big ideas deep under layers of fear and silence, because big
ideas are big targets for the doubtful's darts of skepticism.

These ideas, thoughts  and plans are ventured very slowly, because it hurts a lot to have them criticized.

If my so-called support system shoots down an idea the size of the moon, what am
I going to do with the one that's the size of the earth?

The shame of that question
sometimes brings us to the brink of implosion.

Convicting, isn't it?

Fear is stupid but powerful.

So often, what we fear never happens. But every once in awhile, it does. And like the biblical character Job, we say, “I knew this would happen.”

One unfortunate tragedy confirms years of apprehension and anxiety. And we retreat deeper into inaction.

Fear is potent.

It has its talons sunk deep into you. But you can and must break free.

Fear is the antithesis to creativity.

Creativity bring loves and delight, and fear keeps those powerful emotions at bay, locked up in some deep, dark prison in your soul.

Here's the deal: Creativity eventually wins. Your ideas don't go away, do they? When you give in to fear, you only grow more frustrated. Your ideas continue to bubble in your mind and heart, wanting to be let out.

And as you suppress them, part of you slowly dies.

But there is Resurrection.

And it begins with you acknowledging your fear, moving past it, and creating something anyway, today. Don't worry about how good it is. Just try to put something out there. It'll get better as you go.

Please do this today. Don't give in to fear. Not today. There is too much at stake — far more than you may realize. We need your ideas.

It's time to dream again.

How does fear prohibit your ideas from happening?