Ending Things Well: Join Us for the Final Tribe Conference

I have always believed in ending things well. Recently, I shared with you why I decided to end my conference. Now, I want to share with you more about it.

Ending Things Well: Join Us for the Final Tribe Conference

In today’s podcast episode, I share with you what Tribe Conference is, who it’s for, and why you should come.

Listen in to the show here.

In case, you’d rather read, though, here are the notes:

What is Tribe Conference?

Tribe Conference is an annual gathering for writers and creatives to help them grow their audiences and monetize their messages. The conference lasts Friday to Sunday and includes over a dozen speakers. The speakers deliver practical and inspiring keynotes that last 30-40 minutes apiece followed by 5-10 minutes of group discussion.

There are two ticket levels:

  1. Standard includes full access to the main event, daily refreshments, and some surprise bonuses.
  2. Premium adds an exclusive two-hour pre-conference workshop with me, access to a VIP room, and private dinner with the speakers before the event kickoff on Friday.

The dates for this year’s conference are Friday, September 6 through Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Who’s it for?

Tribe is for anyone who does creative work and wants to see it spread.

We incorporate speakers that cover a variety of topics including online marketing, professional speaking, blogging, podcasting, social media, video blogging, visual art, and more.

If you have something to say and want to get your message out there, Tribe is the place to be.

Why should you come?

I think the best answer is because you’ve searched for a community that “gets” you and still haven’t found it.

For years, I wanted a group of creatives that understood both the creative and business side of what I was trying to do and never quite found it, so I created it. Tribe is that community. And the truth is I didn’t create it all. We all created it together. I’d love for you to be a part of it.

To learn more about Tribe Conference and grab your ticket before the bonus expires tomorrow, click here.

Speaking of speaker videos, here are a couple from the conference that you can watch in their entirety.

Janet Murray

Paul Angone

If you sign up for Tribe Conference this week, you’re going to receive a free digital pass to all last year’s speaker videos, which include talks from Tim Grahl, Allie Worthington, Jeff Goins (ahem, he’s pretty good, I guess), Amy Landino, Todd Henry, and many, many more. Click here to grab this year’s ticket, save $100 and get last year’s videos for free.