I’ll Pay You $158 to Get Wrecked

Update: Sorry. This offer has now expired!

As you may know, my first trade book, Wrecked, goes on sale today. I told you to wait to buy it — that I would make it worth your while. And now, it’s time.

Wrecked by Jeff Goins

I won’t spend any time telling you about the book. You can find all that, plus the 38 endorsements from people like Shane Claiborne, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Mary DeMuth, Chris Guillebeau, Jon Acuff, and many more at the book site.

However, I do want to share with you why you shouldn’t wait any longer to get this book.

The wait is over

If you’re like me, you usually wait a few weeks or months after a book comes out before you buy it. Why? Because you want to make sure it’s good — and that it’s worth your money.

But you don’t have to do that with this book. Here’s why:

  1. People have already read and reviewed it — and they’re raving about it.
  2. It’s not that much money. It retails at $13.99, but you can find it on-sale at most outlets for around $10. Not too bad, right?
  3. I’m going to offer you a crazy bribe to buy it now — one you can’t refuse.

I’m excited to share this with you; can you tell?

The “bribe”

If you order my book, Wrecked, this week, I’ll send you six amazing gifts at absolutely no cost to you:

  • All electronic versions of the book, including Nook, Kindle, and PDF for you to read on the device of your choosing (a $31.47 collection).
  • Advance download of the unabridged audiobook — three months before anyone else will be able to buy it ($29.99 value).
  • The 10-week “action guide” for group or individual study (an exclusive guide valued at $12.99).
  • A complimentary copy of my latest eBook, You Are a Writer, an Amazon bestseller — in Nook, Kindle, and PDF formats (a $14.97 value).
  • Free download of my hour-long audio program, The Writer’s Studio, plus a companion worksheet (a $19.98 value) .
  • 50% off my upcoming online writing course, Tribe Writers (a value of $49.50).

That’s over $158.00 in free stuff for a book that retails at $13.99. So even if you don’t like it (which I don’t anticipate), you’re going to get a great deal.

Why I’m doing this

Traditional book publishing is a little funny. A lot of importance is placed on the first week a book is released. If it does well the first week, it has a greater opportunity for book stores to pick it up. If not, it may struggle to gain enough momentum to succeed.

These incentives are my way of rewarding my tribe and giving my book a fighting chance.

Look, I won’t be getting rich off this book. It’s not about that. What I care about is the message of Wrecked and getting it in front as many people as possible.

Will you help me do that?

How to get the book (and all the other stuff)

In order to be eligible for the six gifts, you need to do the following before Aug. 5:

  1. Buy the book this week at your favorite online or local retailer. The hard copy is priced at $13.99, but most places are selling it for around $10. You can get it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Christian Book Distributors, Parable, and other book stores.
  2. Email a copy of your receipt to wrecked@goinswriter.com. If you buy online, you can just forward the email receipt you get. If you buy at a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll need to scan the receipt and email it to the address above.
  3. Confirm you’re a real person. You’ll get an automatic response sent back to you when you submit your receipt.

Once we confirm your address, we’ll send a link to the exclusive download page where you can get your six gifts.

Again, I hope you’ll consider helping me spread the message of Wrecked by picking up a copy this week. If you pre-ordered one, consider buying one for a friend. Getting all this stuff will be worth it.

If you have any questions, please email jeff@goinswriter.com. Or check out the FAQ on the book site.

Ready to get Wrecked? Click here to find out more about the book.

89 thoughts on “I’ll Pay You $158 to Get Wrecked

  1. Jeff – Shoot, yeah, I’ll buy your book. But NOT to get $158 worth of FREEbees. I’ll buy it because everyweek you pour into my life. You encourage me to write. You kick my butt when I get lazy. You remind me that I have something to say. That’s why I will gladly spend $10 to say thank you and help you push Wrecked up there on the charts. (And yes, thanks for the freebees!)

  2. I’m in. Planned to buy anyway at some point (probably when i finished reading the book I on with now) but thank you for the freebies to will write a review for you when I’ve read it. Good luck with the sales chart too.

  3. Hey Jeff. I got the book. Really it wasn’t for the bribe, although it is good. but to show my support brotha. I’ll be sending this out to my list as well. Can’t wait to read it brotha. Thanks…

  4. Alright, you sold me.  But like the other comments here, it wasn’t the bribe that did it. (Though that certainly didn’t hurt)  For me, it was including Jon Acuff in your short list of highlighted endorsers.  And because I believe that you are generally a good, Christ-following dude…which is my favorite kind of dude.  I’d love to chat with you about writing.  I’m considering starting my own personal (not company) blog and I’d love to hear your input.

    Good luck on the book release.  Keep on keepin’ on.

    1. Really, Mark? Sorry to hear that. Chris has become a friend from afar and demonstrates only integrity in the dealings I’ve had with him. You may want to read the other 37 endorsements, though; hopefully, there’s someone in there that you agree with. I appreciate the feedback.

    1. Don’t wait, Laura! We just checked. They’re not out of stock. That should be fixed soon. In the meantime, you can order and get a copy soon.

  5. Damn..DrLinda beat me to the punch. I’m gonna grab your book tomorrow Jeff. The first chapter sucked me right in. You have also given me inspiration to one day write my own. Thanks for all your hard work. Hopefully this week shows the return that you have given all of us. (thanks for the freebees, icing on the cake, man!)

  6. Temporarily out of stock.
    The message I get from Amazon.com at 10:51 a.m. EST 

    Yay!!! 😀

      1. Jeff, update here…
        I did get the book and have read it. I am currently “stewing” it over and I’ll read it again before I post my Amazon review, but I really did enjoy it. The concept of being ‘wrecked’ is so well-defined. I have been ‘wrecked’ for a while now and not had a clue what to call it. In fact, I belong to a small group of women who are all ‘wrecked’ – one of us is a foster mom to just 3, now, but has had up to 7…one has adopted an orphan from Latvia, others have hosted Eastern European orphans who are not eligible for adoption. We’ve followed Jen Hatmaker’s program of waste reduction, 7, to clean out the clutter in our lives and make something good of it. After my second read-through, I’m going to drop _Wrecked_ on their heads and we’ll see what it inspires next…

  7. Just bought  kindle version as Amazon had sold out of hard copies. Can’t wait to read it after the reviews I read. Alice 5403

  8. What a great giveaway. I’m excited to get Wrecked as a hard copy book to give to a friend, and as an ebook to read on my Kindle. Thanks

    1. Brad, no. We have some glitches today (on B&N and Amazon’s end). You can order thru Amazon; they have copies, just a system glitch. We checked today. B&N paperback listing is back up.

  9. The first thought I had when I read this was; “Dude, I feel ya”! I have ordered the book and have been reading it; two words AWE  SOME!! I like it so much that I have ordered a hard copy to give to someone. I will more than likely be ordering more and more to give away. Sorry you had a tough day, but it’s just a hiccup! You are making a difference my brother!! Thanks Jeff!

      1. Very interesting book and  thoughts ¿How can I get  it from Argentina,my place??

  10. Jeff – I am completely new to your blog and to your wrighting. I must say that both of those things combined really excite me. You expess with words so wonderfully and it intrigues me. I guess one is going to have to start following you in order to encourage my creativity. It is true you do kick a lazy butt into an inspired writer. Thanks for that!
    Jessica – http://www.jessicaeharper.blogspot.com

  11. Just ordered your book from Amazon. Excited to start reading it. Seems here lately that life has been smacking me around. However, when I read another person’s inspirational story, it starts turning my thinking process around and brings me back to some sense of normalcy.

    Thanks again Jeff for being a writer and putting your heart out here for all of us to read and be encouraged!

  12. Thanks! I’ve never actually read anything of yours before (even this blog!) but Jon Acuff mentioned the promotion, and I decided to check it out just to see where the “trick” was. Then I read about the book and realized that it addressed (almost word for word) the question that has been nagging me for the last few months. I’m looking forward to reading (well, actually, listening to) it!

  13. I bought your book – e-version because I don’t like having to wait for hard copies to be delivered, it wasn’t for the freebies anyways. Just wanted to say that I’m loving what you’ve written so far, I think you’ve voiced what so many of us feel.
    Your words reach out and grab your reader so that makes you pretty awesome in my book. Thanks

  14. Sorry I missed this great promotion. I just downloaded it for Kindle, and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff!

  15. I bought the book and tried to forward the Amazon receipt to you but your email is “invalid recipient.”

  16. Just found your blog!  I will be downloading your book to Kindle, because this is the easiest way for me to get it, since I am an expat in Sweden for the time being.  I started a blog in April, one of my goals is to let people know the best travel experience is when you can “give of yourself.”  This will really help me express this.

  17. Dang, I think I missed it. I bought the book on friday and sent in my receipt but never got anything back, oh well, still looking forward to reading the book.

  18. I’ve sent the receipt several times, including forwarding B&N receipt and still no confirmation email.  I’m beginning to think my email was going to your spam folder.  I give up.  Got the book in the mail yesterday though…excited to read it.

      1. It’s all good.  Thanks for the freebies.  By the way, I was happy to buy the book, regardless of the freebies.  The book is an excellent value on its own.

        Thank you for your inspiring words.

  19. If I was to summarize this book in a single word. it would be: CATHARSIS In every dictionary the content of this book should be copy-pasted behind the word catharsis.

    Nothing I have ever seen or read

    Amazing, amazing, amazing

  20. I’ve sent the receipt several times, including forwarding B&N receipt and still no confirmation email.  I’m beginning to think my email was going to your spam folder.  I give up.  Got the book in the mail yesterday though…excited to read it.

  21. If I was to summarize this book in a single word. it would be: CATHARSIS In every dictionary the content of this book should be copy-pasted behind the word catharsis.
    Nothing I have ever seen or read
    Amazing, amazing, amazing

  22. “Wrecked” was highly recommended to me by a friend in the UK.  I downloaded it to my kindle and read the entire book in two sessions.  WOW.  I am a couple of decades past my twenty-somethings, to put it mildly, but the book opened places in my mind I didn’t know existed.  Thanks for wrecking us all!

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