Great Writers Link Up

Great Writers BadgeGot a blog post or article that was inspired by the 15 Habits of Great Writers series? Share it here.

Every day, we’re going through a different habit of great writers and completing some kind of challenge to build that habit.

If you’ve been following along on your blog or website or sharing your work somewhere else, here’s your chance to do a little self-promotion. And here’s a chance to check out the work of others.

So take a moment, share some of your work, and check out what other people are doing. This is quite a community — thanks for being part of it. Below is a link-up list for each day (only one entry per day per person, please).

Day 1: Declare

Day 2: Believe

Day 3: Initiate

Day 4: Practice

Day 5: Prepare

Day 6: Steal

Day 7: Start

Day 8: Build

Day 9: Connect

Day 10: Share

Day 11: Declutter

Day 12: Provoke

Day 13: Publish

Day 14: Brand

Day 15: Serve