The How of Happiness with Alli Worthington

Do you ever think about how you can be happier? Someone who knows is here to tell us! Our guest today, Alli Worthington, is sharing her knowledge on the how of happiness.

The How of Happiness with Alli Worthington

Alli is the author of many books including her latest, The Year of Living Happy, a speaker, entrepreneur, and all-around great person. She and I go way back; I’ve learned so much from her about what it means to be an entrepreneur and run a business, even before I got started on my path.

In fact, Alli also gave me my first speaking gig. At the time, I had a blog with 10,000 subscribers and I had a book deal. But that was it. I was trying to find a way to make some money. My wife was working at a record label in Nashville, but we were trying to figure out how to replace her income. It didn’t seem feasible, and what I was doing still felt like a hobby.

I ended up delivering a workshop for a few hundred people – courtesy of Alli – and there was one part during the talk when I told everyone to write down the phrase: I am a writer. And I did that because doing so had been a transformational experience for me, I actually owned that I am a writer.

While talking to another friend after the workshop, and sharing the struggle of finding a way to make money, she said I should self-publish a book and call it “You Are a Writer”. She had seen the responses it had gotten from my audience and she knew it was powerful.

I said, “Ok, I guess I’ll do that!” I wrote the book and the course that stemmed from it, and in doing so my salary quintupled that year. I replaced my wife’s income and my income, tripled our household income and by the end of the year, realized it was time to quit my job and be a full-time writer.

Alli had never heard that story before so I shared it on the podcast, before talking to her about the two books she is launching this year. The first thing she says about writing is what surprised her most about the writer’s life: as a writer you have to take time to just sit and think. Whereas as an entrepreneur she could get creative vision and inspiration from others without ever slowing down.

I agree with her. An editor once told me that sometimes not writing is writing. And it’s true. But no one ever told me that part of a writer’s job is to sit in a room and do nothing!

From there we jump into a few different topics including her honesty and one thing we can all do today to be happier. You’ll hear Alli’s thoughts and insights on those subjects during today’s episode of The PortfoLio Life.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Alli and I discuss:

  • When is not writing actually writing?
  • How her book on happiness came from a dark season of her life.
  • What has it been like to launch two books in one year?
  • How can we cultivate a deep feeling of happiness?
  • Do people truly want to be happy and is wanting it selfish?

Sometimes you have to stop the bleeding before you can do your hair!

Alli Worthington

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On honesty and happiness

  • Why she calls BS on busyness.
  • Why are people so resistant to happiness?
  • Can we always be happy?
  • What is our level of happiness based on?
  • How is she teaching happiness to her kids?

Learning to be grateful every day is directly related to how much happiness we have in our lives.

Alli Worthington

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The how of happiness

  • How being aware of our triggers can help us get out of fear and regain happiness.
  • Why our own thoughts are usually the biggest happiness stealer in our lives.
  • Why knowing your triggers won’t stop you from being unhappy.
  • Why having a sense of awe makes us feel happy and secure.
  • When does money actually buy you happiness?


What are you doing today to bring more happiness into your life? Let us know in the comments.