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How to Manage Up

I just read a great post in Lifehacker about how to “manage up”. It was convicting, to say the least.

Here are the five basic steps for managing up:

1) Train your boss to meet with you regularly.
2) Come to every meeting with a detailed agenda.
3) Keep a pulse on your boss’s changing priorities.
4) Anticipate problems and offer solutions.
5) Always be prepared to give status reports on your project at any time.

I read those and thought, “Crap…”

I think that I do #4 fairly well, but the rest of those I could stand to grow in. As a more entrepreneurial employee in a pretty innovative organization, I’ve found that if I don’t bring the agenda, that a lot will be missed. As an occasional freelancer, I’ve also found these to be important practices (particularly being able to give status reports) to clients.

What about you? Do you “manage up”? How can you grow in it?

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  • Love it. I am going to send my assistant this post! 

  • All of my “work” is volunteer work. I hate meetings. They can be such a waste of time. I always come to them prepared with a report on how things are going, what I need and questions to gauge whether we’re on the same page still. Yes, I think I can be annoying because I demand attention, but at least meetings are quick and fruitful! LOL!