Want to Work with Me?

As the business at Goinswriter.com grows, so does the amount of work. Every now and then, that means adding a new member to our virtual team.

Applications are open for the following position.

Personal Assistant (Part-Time)

Description: In-person assistant to Jeff Goins in Franklin, TN

Hours1-3 hrs/day, 10-20 hrs/week, Mon-Fri

Administrative Duties:

  1. Set all of Jeff’s life management appointments- doctor, haircuts, etc. as Jeff directs.
  2. Minimal calendar management. We use a calendar software (Calendly) that makes this simple but you will need to set parameters and occasionally enter appointments and confirm them with other parties.
  3. Minimal email management. Jeff does some of his own email but you’ll have your own inbox to communicate with necessary people, check Jeff’s inbox to keep it uncluttered, and remind him of things that need responses.
  4. Booking travel, hotel, rental cars, etc. as Jeff directs.
  5. Booking personal fun events for Jeff and family including tickets to concerts, shows, gifts for friends and family members, etc.
  6. Setting tasks for Jeff in our management software Asana (no experience needed, it’s very simple).
  7. Remind Jeff of upcoming important things. You’ll need to look ahead and make sure Jeff is aware and on task.
  8. Purchase gifts, personal supplies, and other things on Jeff’s behalf.
  9. Be available for minimal communication with Jeff daily to accept direction, ask questions, and explain progress.

Other Duties:

  • Running errands for Jeff that may include: pick up/drop off dry cleaning, car maintenance appointments, buying household and/or office supplies, etc.

Necessary Qualities:

  1. Live in or willing to relocate to the Franklin/Nashville area.
  2. Very detail-oriented. This job requires a lot of managing dates and numbers, so you’ll need to be pretty meticulous.
  3. Flexible. Priorities in a day may shift quickly and you’ll need to adjust.
  4. Proactive. A lot of this job is actively looking for ways to make Jeff’s life easier and processes more efficient.  
  5. Know how to communicate professionally—there is some email communication with Jeff’s colleagues and paying clients. You will occasionally be representing Jeff to these people and clear, professional email etiquette is extremely important.

Your main goal and the job scorecard would be: inbox zero every day, tasks completed on time (Jeff’s to-do list), and keeping the schedule accurate.

Experience in personal or administrative assisting is desired, but if you believe you are the right fit, apply anyway.