Make More Things: a Manifesto (Maybe)

Sometimes, the only answer to a problem is to make more things.

Make More Things: a Manifesto (Maybe)

Are you stuck?
Are you scared?
Unsure of what to do with your life?

Make more things.

Do you feel like everything you create is not very good and no one, including yourself, understands what you are trying to do?

Make more things.

Are you striving to achieve something and aren’t even sure what it is or what it will be like when you get there? Is there even a “there” to begin with?

Do you not know?
Do you lack clarity?

Make more things.

Make what you love.
Make what you hate.
Make anything at all.

Do what you need to do to keep moving, keep creating, keep making more things. “We are all just looking for ways to not go home,” the musician told the groupie.

Do what you need to do to keep moving, keep creating, keep making more things.

Jeff Goins

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That’s it. We all just want to keep playing this infinite game where we get to create new realities. And the one thing we must do is keep going.

Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Your job isn’t to judge your work or criticize it. It’s not to get too hung up on empty praise or fear people’s rejections. It’s not to think too much or figure out what it is before you’re finished creating it.

Your job is to make more things.

Leave the judgments to the critics. Even then, don’t believe them. Trust the process. Keep making things, knowing that much of what you make will be bad. And the only way to get to your very good work is to get through the very bad stuff first.

Do this as quickly as possible.

We want the good. You want it too. But there are no shortcuts, no easy routes to success.

Neil Young is always in search of a good song. How does he find it? He keeps making things. He writes a lot of songs, records a lot of albums, publishes a lot of work—all so he can find the next nugget, the next piece that’s going to light him up. He’s in it for the work, not the accolades, awards, or money. Those are merely the means to the end of doing more work, which is the real reward.

It’s a messy process, but this is the only way. Creation always comes from chaos, always hovers over the water, speaking beauty into existence. There is no other way. None that I know.

Creation always comes from chaos.

Jeff Goins

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Make more things.
Make things when you are sad.
Make things when you are happy.
Make things when you are rich and when you are poor.
Make things when you are inspired and depressed.
When you are sleep deprived and well rested.
Make your best work and your worst work at the very same time.
Make anything you can but an excuse.

We are all just looking for ways to not go home. To keep going. To keep making things. There is no right way. There is no wrong way. Except to not do it. Which is the ultimate failure and, of course, what most people do.

But not you.
Because you are an artist.
And the only job of an artist is to make more things.

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