The Miracle Equation with Hal Elrod

How do you sell 1.7 million copies of a self-published book? You demonstrate unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. Hal Elrod knows a thing or two about that.

217: The Miracle Equation with Hal Elrod

A cancer survivor, bestselling author, and successful entrepreneur, Hal has been inspiring people for years to tackle their days with his Miracle Morning book and process.

Hal and I have been friends for years, and he has graciously offered to speak at Tribe Conference this year, but we recently connected to talk more about his book, The Miracle Equation, which explains in detail the principles he’s learned personally from becoming one of the top salesmen at CutCo, how he took a self-published book and turned it into an international bestseller that has, to date, almost surpassed two million sales worldwide. Not to mention how he gets up ridiculously early, is a loving husband and father, and, oh yeah, beat cancer.

Hal boils it all down to a very simple equation:

Unwavering faith + Extraordinary effort = Miracle

How do you perform a miracle? That’s how. You believe in something so much and work hard on it every single day, and something magical happens.

But what does this mean, exactly, and how does this work precisely?

That’s what I wanted to know when I interviewed Hal. Tune in to our interview and find out.