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The Importance of Numbering Your Days: An Interview with Robert D. Smith

Chances are you’ve not heard of Robert D. Smith. And that’s a problem. Because everyone who’s ever met Robert agrees he’s a well-kept secret. And today, we’re going to hear from him and why he numbers each and every day of his life.

20,000 Days & Counting By Robert D. Smith

20,000 Days & Counting by Robert D. Smith

In this interview, I talk with Robert about his first book, 20,000 Days and Counting, and why we all need to be more aware of how many days we’ve lived. (Keep reading to find out how you can win a free copy of Robert’s book.)

Listen to the interview

[audio https://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/goinswriter/Robert%20D.%20Smith%20on%202012-12-07%20at%2013.08.mp3]

Click here to download the MP3.

About THE Robert D.

Robert D. Smith

THE Robert D.

Several months ago, Robert invited me to come visit him at his “office.” When I pulled into a residential driveway and entered a house full of people, I wondered if I was in the right place. There were candy jars in every room.

As we got to talking, I was immediately struck by the way Robert lives his life. He’s someone who soaks up every moment and inspires those around him to do the same.

The reason you don’t know this man is because for the past 30 years, he’s been the guy behind the success of best-selling authors and speakers like Andy Andrews. And that anonymity was just fine by him, until recently when he felt compelled to write a book.

The book, as you’ll hear in the interview, came about when Robert realized he was about to live his 20,000th day — and almost missed it. This was a sobering realization, and what he did next changed the way he approached every day after.

What we talk about in the interview

In this interview, Robert, and I discuss:

  • How many days you’ve lived and why it matters
  • The reason you should always eat dessert first
  • How Robert helped Andy Andrews become a New York Times best-selling author and sought-after public speaker
  • Why failure isn’t as bad as you fear
  • How everyone has a brand (even writers)
  • What rejection tastes like (since Robert eats it for breakfast every day)

Number your days (and win a free book!)

Realizing our lives are comprised of actual days helps us understand how real change happens — slowly and intentionally — and how every day is an opportunity to do something extraordinary.

If you’ve never counted the days you’ve been alive, doing so just might change your life, like it did for Robert.

If you want to learn to number your days and are interested in winning a free copy of Robert’s book, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go here to calculate how many days you’ve been alive. (Example: I’ve been alive for 10,889 days.)
  2. Leave a comment here with the answer, along with an answer to the question below.
  3. Share this article on Twitter, Facebook, or the social network of your choice.
  4. Wait patiently while I pick five random winners in the next 24 hours (winners will be chosen by 9am, Jan. 22, 2013 and contacted via email).

How many days have you been alive, and how are you going to make today extraordinary? Share in the comments.

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  • According to Robert D’s site, I’ve been alive 15,285 days. I’ll make this one extraordinary by making bold choices, having the playful spirit of a kid and looking for ways to contribute to my little corner of reality.

  • Jeff, I have been alive 16,165 days.

  • Bought the book and signed up for Robert’s newsletter.  16594 days and today I am going to clarify my vision of my future.

  • 18885 Days and counting… Today I hope to help someone reach a goal they’ve been working towards for a long time.

  • Wow, this is one of those books that could change the rest of my life. I’ve been on this earth for 14.043 days and I want to make each new one count. I am making today extraordinary by remembering someone I loved very much, who died a year ago today and who only had 8200 days. Yet, his days counted and he left a lasting memory…

  • 13,489. Whew, that’s a lot to think about. I’m going to choose love today.

  • Lois Lavrisa

    18745 and counting for me- and I hope I can count at least 18745 more days ahead:)  By the way I tried to hit the link to enter the contest to win the book- but it did not work. Will this work as my entry? Thanks:)

  • Judith Heaney-McKee

    I’ve been alive for 16764 days! Some of those days have been extraordinary; but too many have faded from memory because they were simply focused on getting by.  In the past few years, I’ve tried to focus my thoughts differently. And having two little girls {almost five and almost 3} celebrating each day is something I strive to do {the buzzword description would be intentional living  :wink}.

    So, today, to make this day extraordinary, I will be present with my daughters. We will watch the various birds who flit about our bird feeder. We will cook together. We will laugh together. We will read together. We will celebrate the day together.

  • 15607 Days!  That’s alot of days, but more to come.   I’m going to make today extrodinary by spending it with a close friend catching up at a basketball game and taking creative lessons from my 7 yr old. Just shared on Facebook!

  • Lindamarie

    Jeff..link from your newsletter take me to the error page. I have been alive 21,745 days! Today I am taking a bold stand in how I allow certain people in my life to treat me, and how I respond to them!
    My goal has been to make a difference for the better in the life of my nieces and nephews..everyday to reach out to one or more, and since making and achieving that goal almost every day for the past year plus I see very good things happening.

  • 10579 Days, praise Jesus! Jeff, I think your above Anchor link to this comment section isn’t working. At least on my browser.

  • 10407 days! BTW, I tried to click on the link to enter there, but the link didn’t work 🙁 

    • I’m going to make today extraordinary by turning off my computer and focusing on my kids! 

    • Oops. Fixed. Thanks!

  • Yikes – 23,372 days! I’ve already made this day extraordinary. I’ve noted how gray the day is. How soft the falling snow is. I’ve watched the birds and watched the cats watch the birds. I’ve immersed myself in the moment and noted how beautiful it is. There’ll never be another moment like it. (I wonder how many moments I’ve been alive–no, I don’t want to think about it.)

  • 13,067 days. Wow, now I feel OLD! I am making today extraordinary by waking up at 5:00 am and working on my manifesto. I choose to believe that folks will want to hear my message, as I work to develop my platform. 

  • 18’275 – just listening to the Holy Spirit each and every day. What is better and more exiting than being in God’s will.

  • Jill Craddock

    13,884. Lunch w my favorite teacher, guaranteed to be extraordinary.

  • carmelchristine

    I love the impact of knowing the number of days I’ve been alive: 18,714! 
    Since about Day #6,205 I’ve believed every moment of every day counts. Always expectant of a God surprise somewhere in the mix. Today I PLAN to attend appointments, spend some time with my teen son, and meet up with my husband later on… but more than that I’m COUNTING on God’s appearance in the form of a blessing given or received! ~ Grace & peace Jeff!

  • Greg Wilson

    19348 days for which I will be grateful for today.

  • Chuck Ragland

    20,823 days. Today I will seek out a heart of wisdom. Psalms 90:12 ” So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.

  • Bethajune

    Wow Jeff, 25064

  • Darinshrock

    10720. I’m taking my wife out on a date tonight.

  • Julie

    19,938. I will make today extraordinary by acting on the realization that every day is important, not just the years. I’ll think about what I do, and make more conscious choices about how I spend my time. And I’ll take time to appreciate the beauty all around me!

  • Mike Walton

    14,969……I think I just realized I have much more life to live and the changes that I have yet to make need to me implemented now……….not later.

  • I love the impact of knowing the number of days I’ve been alive: 18,714! 
    Since about Day #6,205 I’ve believed every moment of every day counts. Always expectant of a God surprise somewhere in the mix. Today I PLAN to attend appointments, spend some time with my teen son, and meet up with my husband later on… but more than that I’m COUNTING on God’s appearance in the form of a blessing given or received! ~ Grace & peace Jeff!

  • Pastorglenn

    20,352 days and counting… Thankful for each and every one!! Today, I will visit a family with a loved one on hospice care; I will counsel with a 15 year old young man who wants to make wiser choices; I will delight in time with my precious wife of 34 years; I will celebrate a school holiday with my 9-year-old twin grandsons; and I will commune with my Lord throughout these experiences, making sure that He knows how honored I am to be able to serve people who are made in His image!

  • 9,300 days. I was surprised at the exactness of that number. It seems big and small at the same time. I’m planning to be happier where I am instead of worrying about where I’m going. To be who I want to be today instead of tomorrow. ~Dawn

  • 10397 Days. I have a ways to number 20,000, but it’s still sobering to see it in numerical form.

  • 15441 Days.  Today I have determined to see life as a gift, realize that my happiness is dependent upon myself and my attitude, and see everyone around me as a beautiful expression of the creativity of God.

  • 14,991 days. Wow. Today, I am enjoying a fun day off with my boys. I won’t be spending all day on social media and distracted. Would love to win a copy of the book!

  • Johnson8330

    20379 days so far.  Today I will show up for a young friend who has reached out to me, with focus and acceptance of who she is without trying to change her into who I think she should be.

  • Tammy K.

    Whoa! My number is 19,591. I’m going to do what “I” want to do today and not what others want me to do!

  • 16890 here.  Wow.  I plan on making 2013 mine, all mine, and plowing ahead on my projects while ignoring the worst critic of all…me.

  • I’ve lived 14,215 days, that’s awesome! I’ve never thought of life in a matter of days but it’s helping me think of my goals in a different way. What do I want to accomplish before I reach 15,000 days, and then 20,000 days? It’s helping me plan not only my future but what do I want to accomplish today. I don’t want to waste a day on my way to 15,000. I may not be able to account for the majority of my 14,215 days but I should be able to with the next 1785! For added fun I got the number for my son, he’s lived 3238 days.

  • Angie

    16,141 I will make the change today by committing to action, regardless of outcome. I have long collected quotes such as If you have a talent, don’t hoard it, but spend it lavishly, as if trying to go broke. Or Erma Bombeck’s, at the End of my life when I face God and He asks what I’ve done, I hope to say, I used everything you gave me.  But, without action, all I have is a collection of good advice. So, no more excuses. My first act is taming my tongue. I’ve gathered plenty of bible verses on the subject and am taking a 40 day challenge to use my words to encourage, build up, help, praise while turning away from criticism (myself and others) negativity or other things that corrupt. I’ll also work on my 40 day Lent action plan for using my gifts to serve.

  • Heya, it’s the 5,871st day of my life. It matters, really!
    You made me realize something … it’s fabulous!
    Thanks, Jeff, for sharing inspiration and his book.

    From now, I’ll be trying to make the most of my each day and it should always be like that, we’ve to care. It seems 2013 is the year of change.

    I’m in for giveaway, btw.

  • Carolyn Mance

    18,932 days and I’m thankful for all I have experienced during them. The outstanding, bad and ugly, (and most of the time that happens all in the same day.) 

     So far today has been extraordinary because I: 1. Read your MLK blog-inspiring. 2. Completed Andy Andrews e-book: Creating and Capturing You Perfect Moments-convicting and exciting 3. Completed my 40 days to a Joy-Filled Life, living the 4:8 principle by Tommy Newberry exercise, (thank you SCORRE conference) – encouraging. All this before 9:00 am and while holding my snoring rat terrier mix in my arms. Perfect. What will make today extra, extra? Winning one of Robert D’s books, signing up for Platform U, writing my first blog for 2013, getting outdoors to enjoy this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day, as well as write a little more because:  “I’m a writer” with a story to tell and message to give to the world:)  

    • Sounds like your day is up and running, Carolyn! And I’m so glad you enjoyed Andy’s eBook! I love that story 🙂

  • Alyson

    wow! I have never thought of life this way! 16,125 days

    think it’s time I started thinking about what the next days weeks and years of my life are going to be about! 
    I don’t want to waste a precious day – each day is a gift that we have been given

  • Renora

    I have been alive for 16,574 days. Today, I will leave early from work and go home to spend time with my son and husband. Also, help prepare my son for his test on Martin Luther King, Jr. …what perfect day for it.

  • Shirley Braden

    20,642 days. Wow. I’m going to take the kick in the butt from this post and the wisdom of your MLK posts and actually MOVE and DO today. Something that I’ve been procrastinating on because of other circumstances in my life beyond my control, but I have plenty of control left and I need to make positive steps and not be waiting around for something to happen. Thanks!

  • Jessmit86

    I’ve been alive for 9818 Days!! I’m going to make today extrordinary by doing excellent work at my corporate office and blessing my mom and my best friend, who are both staying at my home right now for a conference at my church.

  • GaryeMorris

    17,810!  Wow!  How many of those have been wasted?  Thanks for the awakening cry, and reminder to count my days.  God, help me spend my remaining days honoring you.

  • Mike

    I have been “alive” for 11,283 days, but when you put it into terms such as these it makes me wonder how many of those days I was actually living my life well and how many of those days I was wasting just waiting for the next one to roll around. I also find it quite sobering to realize that I made it past my 10,000 day on this earth without even knowing.

    Today, I plan on making it extraordinary by making a concrete action list, which will include finishing my novel…finally, and working toward doing something of consequence EVERY day, not just today. Thanks for the eye opener, Jeff. Cheers!  

  • OMG… I’m 23,003 days young!!! It’s been many days, but it seems longer in years! Today I will brave the FRIGID outdoors, not because I have to – because I WANT to!!! Windchills expected to be at -25F or lower. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Yaaaaaay! I’d sure love to read a FREE copy of this book!
    Thanks for the uplifting spirit of this post, Jeff!!! Namaste~


  • GaryWashburn

    I think many people relate to weekends better than thinking in terms of years or even days. As a pastor, one day I number the number of Sunday’s I have left to preach. Based on an average life expectancy of 70 years, if you are age 20 you have approximately 2,500 weekends left. If you are are age 30 you 2000 weekends, age 40 only 1500, age 50 has 1000, age 60 only 500. This shakes me enough to ask myself what am I doing with my life?
    I ordered the 20,000 book and look forward to reading it.
    Blessings to you,
    Gary Washburn
    Pastor of Grace Tabernacle
    Wildwood, Florida

  • Morgyn

    20,060 and have already finished four pages of my novel and 50 mins on the treadmill.  This post, on top of the MLK I read earlier, just plain out of the park, Jeff!

  • Jim Simpson

    19,333 feels okay for where I am at right now. Still gives me time if once I have read the book I am missing the mark for the 20,000th day but have been working hard over the last two years or 730 days to make sure how I spend each day aligns with my goals and dreams. While we can’t control everything that goes on in our lives, there is a lot that we can and everything else we can influence greatly. I can always control how I respond to new opportunities and events and I can influence greatly the creation of new opportunities and work hard for what I believe in. Thanks for your site and ideas you present and allow me to ponder. Blessings!

  • I’ve been blessed with 15,268 days on this earth. Much of today won’t be different. I’ll still pray, read the bible, write, and check in on social media. Housework won’t wait either, I’m afraid. But I will greet other parts of the day differently. My kids are home from school, and I’ll enjoy them. I’ll stop and smell the roses (well, there aren’t any roses out now, but I’ll take in some nature) while the dogs are out for their walk. When my husband comes home from work, I’m going to greet him with a kiss instead of the ubiquitous honey-do list. I might actually make dessert and enjoy it instead of worrying about the carb count. Today I think I’ll be in the world instead of on it.

    • Staci, that sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Here’s to you making the most of it!

  • Linda McQuinn Carlblom

    19,510 days and counting. I’m almost to that 20,000 day mark! Sobering since he says most people only live 28,000 plus days. I’d better get busy! Can’t wait to read this book.

  • Maryann_winslow

    I’m 19,365 days old today! And today I will sart writting my book!!

  • Ashleigh D

    I’ve been alive for 8,956 days!! Woohoo!! I am going to make today extraordinary by working but booty off at work and not wasting time. This will be hard, but will be good. And when someone stops by my office, I’m going to completely stop what I am doing to engage with them in conversation. I’ve been at work for 16 minutes, so I still have a lot of time to make this happen!

  • This is awesome Jeff!  Oh a whim last April I found out how many days I had been alive (it was just past 11,000, and I wrote about it here https://bit.ly/HxYzzi).  Since that discovery, I have been numbering my days simply as a tool to keep me engaged in each day.  Looking forward to checking out Robert’s book!

  • Robyn Cobb

    I was surprised to learn that I have been here 18,038 days. The question you ask is interesting. My deep desire this year – to live more from my heart – my daily prayer has been Lord, live through me, think through me, love through me. And I think that looks like not being afraid to give myself away for to speak from my heart. Today – I want to seek out an opportunity for a randon act of kindness. Not just for the sake of it but where I can be a blessing. Thank you for the challenge today!

  • 13,557 looks like a very big number, and yet from the comments I see it’s really just a drop in the bucket. What a grand perspective. I’m not sure yet what this means. I’m going to have to think on this number for a bit. I’m already committed to making massive changes in 2013 (and haven’t yet fallen off the wagon, I’m proud to say!), but this calculation feels somehow larger than that. Really gives the phrase “seize the day” all new oomph, does it not?

  • Dave

    19,513 – Shocking!!! I’m going to remember the heart attack and what I was NOT doing to avoid one and continue to do what I know to do to avoid another. See each day as a gift.

  • K Huffman

    After reading this post, I could hardly wait to see how many days I have been alive. Turns out it comes to a GRAND total of 21,104 days.  I am thankful for everyone of them too. Today, I will care for my husband who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease two and a half years ago at the age of 58. The things I do around here on a daily basis probably would not impress anyone, but I try to find joy in the “little things” and today before I got out of bed I said to myself, “Today is the day that the LORD has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it!”  So that is what I plan to do today… REJOICE!

  • Cole N

    8371 – Today I am going to start my college funding application. I’m going to ignore my doubts and worries and just do it. 

  • I’ve been alive 7,488 days. I’m going to enjoy this day (even if I’m stuck at work) and plan how to free up my days in the future to do what is really important to me. I want to spend more time helping people understand the Bible, writing, drawing, and creating. I want the freedom to use my days in the way that is most valuable to me.

  • I have been alive for 19,819 days.  Today I will continue to write my children’s book and I will write a proposal to send to an children’s book literary agent. In 181 days I will have been alive for 20,000 days. 

    • Sounds like a great plan for the day, Pamela. I always tell writers that the proposal is, in some ways, even MORE important than the book! And congrats on making it for 19,819 days 🙂

  • As soon as I discovered that this man thinks I should go to bed crying and wake up vomiting, I knew I did not want this book. No book is for everyone. Apparently this one is not for me. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to the winners. Peace for me.

  • Debbie Dittrich

    My eyes have opened for 22, 122 straight!   So today, to really live, I WILL see life with my eyes, feel life with my heart, even if it hurts, and enjoy life with my mind by living intentionally and staying in the moment.  I will go to bed tonight thanking God for one more day to praise Him and I will re-count all the ways I saw Him at work.

  • 20036  My first thought is I missed my 20000 Day. Today I will be present with my children and myself. I love the game and will play it today and every day. 

    • You may have missed your “actual” 20,000th day, Carmen, but you can still celebrate and create memories like you would on that day any day!

  • Jaifarris

    17584 days – recently I was told that I have an enlarged heart….I’m going to work on getting that fixed so that I can double that number.

  • Gill

    20149 days-today and everyday I want to be grateful for the gift of life, and strive to be kinder, gentler, and be true to myself, and then I hope all or as many as possible of my days will be extraordinary!

  • Keri Collins Lewis

    14980 — almost 15,000 —  WOOT!

  • 14,292 days I’ve had so far.  Today I want to enjoy my girls being out of school, even when I have to referee.  Iceskate with them, instead of watching from the stands (hopefuly I can walk afterwards).  

  • 10, 163 days! Man, I just missed celebrating my 10, 000 mark!

  • 18,068 days!  Wow!  Today, I’ll take some extraordinary photos as possible book covers for my second (extraordinary) book that comes out this Spring.  I’ll also spend some extraordinary time with my daughter and remember our extraordinary God. 

  • Andrea @ Milkshakable

    I’ve been alive for 12096 days. It’s crazy to think about it like that. Today I’m going to call my parents and thank them for for 12096 days of love and support. 🙂 

  • Cherman28

    I have been alive for 21,726 days!  Interesting way to look at the passage of time…..I am definitely going to check out Robert’s book!

  • Gdub

    27,434. Hmm.  Many, MANY days ago in 1958, I had a course at the U. of Arkansas, Creative Writing, taught by the author of the novel, “The Numbers of  Our Days.”  Francis Irby Gwaltney, soft-spoken southern guy. He was a great guy, the book was good too. We waste a lot of ’em. Days.

  • Melynda Bonner

    22,155 Days!  WOW! And while I’ve been very aware of entering my 6th decade as of last May, I celebrate each day with peace!  Yes, God tells us to number our days so we can grow wise.  Today I hope to be wiser than I was yesterday and not as wise as I will be tomorrow.  

  • Lenita Stolt

    8338 days! Will make today extraordinary by continue writing my first book.  

  • 22,489 and I’m going to make this day extraordinary by continuing to live with the perspective that I play in an infinite game with a purpose to make better art and “encourage [my] fellow game players to make their next moves even better.” (Seth Godin quote from Icarus Deception – The Game is Infinite if You Play it That Way)

  • WOW. Sooo overwhelmed at seeing everyone’s number of days on here! Truly amazing. A huge Thank-YOU to Jeff for the interview and to all of you for sharing your days and stories. Very excited to hear what the winners think of the book.

  • Carri B.

    Today I am celebrating 16,305 days on this Earth, and I started my day by running to the beach to do a workout just after sunrise- my favourite way to make my days amazing and powerful! This post really woke  me up to the fact that every day is worth celebrating. Thanks Jeff!

  • Amy

    15,981 days and I will make this day extraordinary by focusing on specific steps to reach my goal rather than the haphazard approach I have been following. 

  • Darlenekcampbell

    21,428 days and I am grateful for every one of those. I have a habit of joyfully thanking God at the start of a day given to me and I always reflect on my day in the evenings (preferrably while standing outside beneath the night sky) with thanks. It is amazing to me to be given this time to spin creative wonders, to interact in peaceful, loving ways, and to simply get on with things instead of being afraid. Although I still find myself walking a bit in the shadows of fear…I liked Robert’s idea of eating sugar-coated nos for breakfast. In the past 6 years or so I have truly understood and practiced joyful-mindful living. I think this is a key component to impacting how I live and the choices I make. But, a constant practice…..
    Thanks for the chance to win and I always look forward to see what you are doing Jeff. Your blog posts are definately inspiring.

  • RosePearl

    I’m one of the babies of the group! I’ve only been alive for 7990 days. But, 10 days from now will be my 8000th day of life! No idea what I’m gonna do, but now that I know, I feel like I should do something!

    Yesterday, I realized I’d lost my passion for reading; yesterday, I decided that today, I’d stoke the flames. And today, that’s what I’m gonna do. Today, I’m spending time with Stephen King and Anne Lamott. I’ll be sitting on my couch for the next twelve hours, rekindling the reader in me. 😉

  • Jenny

    23,861 days and I will make this day extraordinary by praying for and thinking of others more than myself even though I know that I am important in this world.  I will have cards ready to send tomorrow and appreciate the joys of this day.

  • Eileen

    Sounds like a great book. I have been alive 14,746 days. Today my husband and son have the day off and we are spending it together.

  • DS

    11385.  I’m going to encourage 10 people, hug and kiss my wife, hug and kiss my kids, and pass along your interview post…

    Really enjoyed hearing about the influence of Andy’s team on this project taking shape.

    Loved hearing the “I was looking for 30 no’s” – playing the game.  “I never once succeeded in getting 30 no’s  in a row.”  Thanks for the interview. 

    • DS

      Didn’t think to look up the Bible on Amazon and see that it has 1 Star ratings…talk about fascinating and encouraging!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, DS! Now go get you a big bowl of no’s 🙂

  • Michael

    18940 Days. Wow! Today, I start influencing the world…one person at a time.

  • Gdunker

    today is day 18,485. I will remember that today is the day the Lord has made, and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!

  • Betsy

    9185 days. I recently awoke from allowing half of those days tainted by depression. I now see each day as a gift. Talking to God throughout it helps me see the joy in every moment. I want to love my friends and family with genuine attunement, capture my moments in words, sounds and pictures, dance more, work less and speak love.

  • Michelle Lee

    I have lived 15,695 days.  Today is the last day of my 43 rd year.  I will make today extraordinary by doing what I love first!  I have always been taught to do the “work” first and fun time comes after…today I’m turning it around.  I will squeeze the “work” in around my JOY!  Thank you, Jeff  and Robert!

  • 9,275 days and counting! Today I’m going to unplug, be still, and know that He is God. 

    And then I’m going to inspire 2 students in their role as culture shapers by helping align their academic pursuits with their long term goals. 🙂 

  • I cant seem to enter my birthdate, how can that be

  • Darlenekcampbell

    Oops, I forgot to say how I am going to make today extraordinary…paying attention and doing everything today with zest and gusto…..even while I’m at my day job today.  (And that can be a challenge…ha ha)

  • Amy

    12131 Days! I am going to hang out with my kids and be a good mom, get some groceries, and invite the neighbor kids over to paint sun catchers in this dreary winter weather.

  • Neal Travis

    14,273. I swam with sea turtles this morning.

  • Tparker

    21,962 days! Many of them I lived for myself doing whatever I want, even though I’d been a Christian since age 7.  In the last two years I’ve finally faced what has been holding me captive–my overwhelming addiction to sugar and bread. What I will today to make this extraordinary is to eat healthy, exercise and focus on God through writing. 

  • Mel Caldicott

    13,797 days build a snowman with my three fabulous kids and husband. Counting my blessings.

  • 9,576. I’m am going to make today extraordinary by catching up several things I’ve allowed to fall by the wayside.

  • Karen

    19,153 I’m going to make today extraordinary by practicing Random Acts of Kindness. 

  • Christina Brown

    16,234.  I am going to make today extraordinary by working on my dream writing project, a little at a time.  Little snags of time through out the day.  I used to not believe the ordinary was extraordinary.

  • Halina

    13,776 days for me. I’m going to actually work on my sci-fi novel today and appreciate the fact that I can do this from the comfort of my work-at-home freelance writing job.

  • Dawn Pitsch

    20,177 days. I’m going to make today extraordinary by actually doing something instead of just reading about doing things.

  • Debby

    Psalm 90:12….old wisdom showing itself once again to influence our lives TODAY!  I love it! 20,868 days today.  I am going to do something today I love…helping my daughter who needs my help.  And I am going to want this book!

  • Marilynslagel

    20,880 days of life for me!  I’m going o make today extraordinary by actually taking the time to appreciate my surroundings while working – the view outside my office window, my home office, etc.  I’m truly one of the lucky ones – and I know it! 

  • Angel

    14809 days and I am inspired to live like I dont have any days left. Starting with today…