060: How to Guest Post on a Celebrity Blog: Interview with Elizabeth Bradley [Podcast]


Celebrities who blog enjoy the perks of their fame. Thousands of people care about what they have to say. Landing a guest post on a celebrity blog and leveraging their audience for your platform is easier than you think.

A common misconception about celebrity blogs is they are difficult to guest post on. However, if you position yourself correctly and take your writing seriously, anyone can do it.

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058: Launching a Blockbuster Blog on a Budget: Interview with Ruth Soukup [Podcast]


When you see a new artist you’ve never heard of sweep the top honors at an awards show, it’s easy to wonder where they came from. We all want to know the secret to their overnight rise to stardom.

What we don’t see on the highlight reel of the award show is all the late nights spent begging to sing in dive bars, or the countless tattered notebooks filled with scribbled lyrics. We don’t hear them singing heartfelt solos in the shower as a roommate bangs on the door telling them to pipe down.

The truth is there is no such thing as overnight success. Or if there is, it never happens overnight.

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