056: Courage and the Creative Pursuit


Fear is present every time we sit down to create. No matter how often we face fear, daily acts of courage are required of anyone who dares to pursue a dream.

We have many fears. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of insignificance. Motivational speakers and inspirational memes would have us believe boxing fear into submission is the path to bravery. True courage, as it turns out, looks a little different.

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055: Losing Your Life to Find It: Interview with Eric Bryant [Podcast]


We break out of the gates of college entitled to a job where we change the world, find meaning, and pay the bills. Reality requires a bit more humility and hustle.

Discovering our calling is an exercise in understanding where our skills and passions intersect with a significant need. Long-term success is found by first identifying a need and searching for the solution rather than crafting a solution and imposing it on others. No one likes to be told they have a problem.

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