Weekly Reading: Writing Lessons, Fears & Dreams, Google+, & More!

Reading a BookI’m sweating while writing this. Indoors. With the air-conditioning on.

That’s Tennessee in July.

We’ve been finalizing our migration from apartment into house this week, unpacking boxes, and realizing how much stuff we really have (I’m somewhat embarrassed by this).

I’ve been reading several books and have been working on some writing projects (both for work and personally), but I did come across some really interesting articles and sites this week that I wanted to share.

What I’m Reading This Week

Here are five links worth clicking this week:

It’s Not About Engagement [Social Media]
This great article at The 99% explains why social media isn’t just about engagement. It’s about making ideas happen. Amen and amen.

Offbeat Lessons from Three Late-Blooming Writers [Writing]
Here’s an excellent article from a blog I recently started following. The author explains how it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, noting some extraordinary examples that you’ll probably recognize.

Fears Vs. Dreams [Inspiration]
This isn’t an article, but a pretty cool website that logs people’s tweets using the hashtag #fearsvsdreams. Read through some of these and contribute your own. (Here’s mine.) This, in my opinion, is social media at its best — giving people a voice to be honest and share with a supportive community so that together we can all make a difference.

Google Plus Invites: How to Send and Receive [Technology]
I’ve been playing around with Google+ since I joined this new social network earlier this week. I’m loving it. It’s like Facebook and Twitter combined in a lot of ways. Definitely worth checking out, if you’re wanting to be an early adopter in the next potentially big thing.

This article explains how to send and receive an “invite” (technically, invites are disabled, but this is a work-around.) If you want one, send me an email, and I’ll do my best to help you as I’m able.

Four Secrets to Dynamic Communication [Communication]
This is a guest post I wrote for Ken Davis and my friends at DCW, a speaking conference I attended (and highly recommend). In this post, I share what I learned from the conference, offering some takeaways for your next writing/speaking gig so that you don’t bore your audience to tears.

What’re you reading this week?

16 thoughts on “Weekly Reading: Writing Lessons, Fears & Dreams, Google+, & More!

  1. I started Harry Potter book #1 earlier this year but set it aside.  I’m thinking to pick it back up.

  2. I’m not actually reading anything right now. I have been reading “the girl with the dragon tattoo.” I am waiting on my copy of Jon Gordon’s “the seed.” and Francis Chan’s new book.

      1. It is a great book. Very entertaining. My biggest problem is that by the
        time I lay down to read something like that for pleasure, I get about 3
        pages in and fall asleep!

  3. HI Jeff – I’m a new follower…actually in the midst of an out-of-state move right now and while I have downloaded your eBook, I haven’t had a chance to open it up yet and read. Hoping, hoping, hoping that day will come after we land in Colorado this weekend! 

    Hope your move went well. Love what I’ve read so far from you and I look forward to reading more soon. And since you’ve recently moved (and encouraged me to ask bold questions when I want something) I wanted to invite you to enter the story contest (about moving) on my new-ish blog. Check it out:  https://ht.ly/5Addb

  4. Under the ‘Fears and Dreams’ category, I felt compelled to share my recent fear.  For years I have feared failing at this issue of being the spiritual leader of my home.  Ironically, this fear HAS caused me to fail at it.  I lead by example, but doing intentional family devotional moments has never really been the fabric of our home.  This topic came up this week with my wife and I.  I lost it…felt I was a failure.  My amazing wife’s reaction was frightening and encouraging all in one.  
    She said, “Honey, you blog on self-leadership and Biblical insights every week.  Why not blog on family devotional moments for fathers like you and then simply use your own ideas with our family once a week?  You could even turn it into a book.”
    Again, will I fail at this?  Who knows, and who cares!  I spent the week praying about it and have decided to make this my one creative expedition for 2013.  
    Thanks for your teaching and inspiration, Jeff.  Keep it up.

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