Five Tips for Sharing Content on Facebook

Sharing Content on FacebookA friend recently asked me what my “strategy” for sharing content on Facebook was.

I confessed to this person that I stink at long-term strategy (I'm an artist at heart), but have discovered a few tactics that seem to be working well.

These are five tips for sharing content on Facebook that I follow:

  1. Post content directly to Facebook. If you don't have time to do this, try popular third-party apps to automatically post content (i.e. NetworkedBlogs).
  2. Manually re-post content more than once (per some advice from Byan Allain's 29 eBook). I do this at night, when people are typically on Facebook more than during the day (at least, my friends tend to be) or I'll re-share old content that people may have missed. You don't have to be annoying, but you can be persistent.
  3. Be creative in sharing content to catch people's attention. Use clever headlines and attention-grabbers.
  4. Never apologize for sharing content. If you have to apologize for it, you shouldn't be sharing it.
  5. Make sure every post has a Facebook share/like button on it. This is simple, but important; make sure your blog has one of these (go ahead and click it to share this post):

    I also have a Facebook page that I just started so that my blog following can grow beyond my immediate network of friends on Facebook.

Incidentally, I just stumbled on a Hubspot blog post about this that offers some really helpful advice (much better than my own). Here are 10 of Hubspot's 20 tips to get your content seen on Facebook.

  • Post a variety of content to attract interactions from a higher percentage of your users, raising your affinity score.
  • Focus on positive and fun content on Facebook. Sex sells.*
  • Talk about Facebook – Facebook is the number one most shareable topic on Facebook.*
  • Respond to comments that your fans post on your content to increase the number of interactions per post.
  • Respond to comments that your fans post on your wall to increase your affinity score.
  • Experiment with targeting posts to get a higher feedback score (percentage of impressions that turn into interactions).
  • Post regularly, but not too frequently (more than once a day) to give each post a good chance of gaining traction.*
  • Post content outside of main work hours – Facebook users interact more when they're off the clock.*
  • Include images on blog posts you publish to create a more eye-catching post.
  • Don't forget to write an appealing meta description for any links you post, because Facebook automatically pulls this in for links.

Read the rest here: 20 Tips to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook

I also liked this article by Chris Brogan: Facebook So Far

What tips for using Facebook to promote your blog or share your content do you recommend?