046: Learning to Savor: An Interview with Shauna Niequist

Is more always better? It’s tempting to believe. It’s easy to get caught up in always striving to be more and achieve more, but when we’re constantly chasing after the next best thing, it becomes impossible to savor the moment.

046: Learning to Savor: An Interview with Shauna Niequist

This week on The Portfolio Life I have the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite writers: Shauna Niequist. Shauna and I talk about the life of a writer and the pull to do many things, as well as the discipline of soaking up every moment.

Listen in as we talk about learning to pay attention and her new book, Savor.

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About the author and her new book

My wife introduced me to Shauna’s writing a few years ago, and since then she has quickly become one of my favorite writers to follow. Shauna has a respect for the written word and a dedication to her craft that’s rare these days.

Her new book Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are released just this week (and is bound to be a bestseller). Through short snippets of inspiration, she urges readers to create a sense of stillness as they begin each day.

Sometimes the fear of missing out pushes us to overdo it. But when we constantly chase more, it becomes impossible to enjoy the everyday moments. Savoring requires discipline, and sometimes saying “no” to good things so that you can live at a pace that allows you to enjoy life.

In Savor, you’ll be encouraged to savor each day, no matter what it holds.

Show highlights

In this episode, Shauna and I discuss:

  • What it means to savor each moment.
  • How she has organized her life as a writer (and what she’s had to say no to).
  • The effects of not creating enough stillness in your life and what busyness really costs you.
  • How jealousy can (sometimes) be a good teacher, if you know how to learn form it.
  • The importance of boundaries and discipline in writing, family, and life.
  • And so much more!


Get Shauna’s new book here.

Do you struggle with placing boundaries on how you spend your time? Share in the comments.

12 thoughts on “046: Learning to Savor: An Interview with Shauna Niequist

  1. This was a great listen. I especially loved the conversation at the end. It’s encouraging to hear both Jeff and Shauna talk like it’s not 100% about the work you do. It was so real and important to hear of their struggles in figuring out how work and family go together.

  2. Shauna is one of my favorite writers, as well. I heard her speak to the “younger” writers she referenced at the beginning of the podcast when we were both at Allume last year. Thank you for the interview. One of the many things I love about Shauna is that she’s the same person in real life as she is in her books. Very refreshing. I could have listened to you both talk all day.

  3. Guys! I was in tears listening to this podcast today because these words that were shared here are direct answers to some of my prayers. I’m a momma with littles and a writer, working on book #2 and I’ve been so confused about how to keep content going on my blog, and if I should pursue speaking engagements and how much I should post to social media. It’s been wearing me out. I sighed a big ‘ole sigh of relief when Shauna said she’s not the best blogger. Whew. I’m so glad. : )

    Thank you, thank you for encouraging me in deep ways today. I’m cheering for you both! You’re both so helpful to the world and to my life. Prayed for you just now. May God bless and protect your marriages and your kiddos and keep His hand on your life. Much love your way!

  4. Love this episode with Shauna. As an entrepreneur and mother of a three year old and an eight year old, this resonated with me.

    I’ve been struggling with working too much and not giving enough attention to my friends and family in the last few months.

    It’s so true that we will have so much time to do our meaningful work as our children grow up and that my amazing three year old needs me now and to savor his childhood.


  5. Jeff, Thanks for this podcast. You touched on a few great points. I have been writing stuff for years but didn’t call myself a writer. I was was just someone who loved writing. Well you can’t listen to your podcast or read your blogs for too long before you have to make a choice- are you a writer or not? It was a few months ago after one of your posts that a light came on for me. At that time I was toying with some book ideas but I was posting 4-5 articles a week on my FB page. Like Shauna said, doing to much or too much diversity waters down or our ability to be focused on what we need to do.
    I was also trying to start a blog.

    To everyone’s dismay I had to stop putting out so much on FB. I knew internally the blog would be a distraction too, so now I am settling into focusing on being a writer of books, my books. Thanks for your continued reminder to keep writing and staying focused.

  6. I needed this episode…especially the part at the end, about writing and mommying. What Shauna said about seasons…about appreciating that, hopefully, we’ll have more time again later…that gave me some peace. I know artists need structure, need to be fierce about their creating time…that they need to find and MAKE time for art. But I also appreciate the perspective that, in most cases, most of us will have seasons of empty nesting and quiet again someday. (Maybe more time than we’ll know how to fill!)

  7. Such a great dialog. Thank you so much for a VERY “well-constructed interview”! I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to listen to several of your podcasts once we arrived home from Uganda and were not restricted to limited internet data packages. Well worth the wait.

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