How to Get Daily Updates to This Blog

Several of you have asked about this, so I thought a quick note to all of you would be easier than replying to each individual.

For those wondering how to get daily email updates from my blog (this is different from the occasional newsletter), read on…

If you occasionally get emails from me, that means you’re subscribed. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting “daily” blog updates from me (I post about four to five times per week, sometimes as much as six). If you’re cool with that, then don’t worry about it. You’re fine; no further action needed.

If, however, you want to get on the daily updates list, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you’re signed up for free updates. Click here to add your email.
  2. When you sign up, click both the “weekly newsletter” and “daily updates” boxes. If it subscribes you, then you’re good! Just follow the on-screen instruction. If, however, it says you’re already signed up and gives you an error message, read on.
  3. Under your email address, click the link that says, “Click here to update your profile.” Here’s what it should look like:
  4. This will take you to another window, which will tell you you’ve just been sent a confirmation email. Confirm by clicking the “Update your preferences” link.
  5. Once you click that, another web page will open (see screenshot below).Goinswriter subscription confirm
  6. Check both the “weekly newsletter” and “daily updates” boxes. Make SURE the daily updates box is checked (if you want to get regular updates). This will make sure each post ends up in your inbox every day (or whenever I post a new article).
  7. Once you’re finished, click UPDATE PROFILE.
  8. That’s it! You’re all set now.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions after going through this, please email me (jeff at goinswriter dot com).

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