104: The Secrets to a Successful Podcast with Jeff Brown

Do you have a message you want to share with people? Then podcasting is arguably one of the best ways you can personally connect with your audience. Today, there are many podcasts vying for the ears of listeners. But there are practical things you can do to help your podcast stand out among the crowded airways.

104: The Secrets to a Successful Podcast with Jeff BrownPodcasts have been steadily growing in number, listeners, and influence over the years. Not only has the widespread usage of smartphones paved the way for podcasts, but the reduction in costs of equipment has made podcasting more accessibility.

Recently on The Portfolio Life, we celebrated a huge milestone: The 100th episode. Prior to recording that show, I approached Andy Traub, my co-host, about making changes. We decided to reach out to Jeff Brown, an award-winning podcaster and 26-year veteran of the broadcast industry, to help us improve the show.

This week on The Portfolio Life, I share Jeff’s critique of the podcast as a way for you to not only hear our desire to improve, but also to provide you with tips on how to make your current or future podcast successful.

Listen in as Jeff provides honest and helpful tips on ways we—and you—can improve our podcast.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Jeff Brown and I discuss:

  • Areas we need to improve on The Portfolio Life
  • What we learned from a recent listener survey
  • How you can best prepare for every podcast episode
  • Whether you should consider writing out your interview questions ahead of time
  • Tips on how to best ask interviewees questions
  • Why it’s important to get the basics of podcasting down
  • Ways to improve your transitions between segments
  • How to help your listener feel as if they are a part of your interview
  • Why you should strive to make your guests feel understood

Quotes and takeaways

  • Implementing certain techniques won’t guarantee your success any more than not doing them will guarantee your failure
  • It’s always important that you talk to one person
  • Conducting a great interview is 90% about confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask any question
  • “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”—Leonard DaVinci


10 thoughts on “104: The Secrets to a Successful Podcast with Jeff Brown

  1. Thanks for inviting me back on Jeff. I look forward to hearing you continue to make improvements along the way and applaud you for your willingness to take these steps.

  2. Loved the vulnerability of this show. I have a high regard for professionalism, but it’s your willingness to share process that keeps me coming back, not perfection. Andy, your comments on The Portfolio Life at the end are spot on–Seinfeld shtick notwithstanding…lol! This core concept is the holy grail of your work. Kudos for attending to it, protecting it. Wishing you every success going forward. Now, per your instructions, I’m off to work on my own portfolio life…

  3. This episode was a brilliant demonstration of how far Jeff is willing to go for the sake of his tribe. He used his own platform, his podcast, as a guinea pig and basically said, go ahead, pick it apart so we all can learn. Not only does he strive to be better and do more, but he includes the audience whom he wants to be better for, in the process. Bravo, Jeff! Also a big takeaway was what Jeff Brown said about speaking to one person and making the audience feel like they’re included in the conversation, not just eavesdropping. A lesson we can apply to so many other areas of life. Because isn’t that what we all want, to be included?

  4. Thanks Mr. Brown and Mr. Goins, for giving me tips how to write a great, decent, and remarkable book.

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Totally loved this episode. JG, truly appreciated you being willing to make this critique an episode. Your transparency and authenticity are part of what draws people to you.

    JB, your advise was stellar. I am so very glad that you were able to put aside JG’s abuse and meanness to provide him with actionable advice. The way you got him back had me laughing so hard I almost ran my car off the road. [If you haven’t listened to the podcast you need to see how JB turned the table on JG]

    JG, I’m glad to hear that Andy is safe, for now. The banter between you two is wonderful. When I’m in Franklin for TribeConf, I will stop by the Frothy Monkey so I can pretend to be eavesdropping there.

  6. I have been binge listening to the Portfolio Life since I found it and have found that when listened at 2x speed, I can catch up a little quicker than I might otherwise be able to. (despite the fact that you and Andy sound like you are chipmunks 🙂 )
    This episode was really exciting to hear. Not so much for the practical experience that Jeff B was able to bring to the 2 of you, but more importantly was the value of a relationship built on trust.
    There are many people who may have just neglected to respond to your request for feedback to make the show better, but you could tell that Jeff B’s response was well thought out, based on the attention he has paid to the episodes and it was genuine.
    Jeff G and Andy, I really do find inspiration in the way you put yourselves out there and the fact that you approach things from a place of giving of knowledge and sharing with others.

    Thank you.

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