The Best Kind of Writing

The best kind of writing is hard to come by.

It doesn’t make you think too hard about details, but at the same time causes you to think very hard. Its simplicity forces you to ponder the depth of the characters, the profoundness of an idea, the complexity of life.

The best kind of writing is unusual.

It calls you to employ all the senses for the sake of the story or argument. It confounds the mind and arouses the heart and soul. It isn’t always rational, but still it speaks to the deepest parts of your being. It whispers to you about right and true. The best kind of writing resonates.

This sort of writing is, quite simply, the best. That is, it’s better than good (in case you were confused).

The best kind of writing takes time and patience to craft. And it requires even more effort on the reader’s part to digest and apply. But it’s worth it in the end.

As a result, you, the reader, have to share it. You’re telling friends about it, trying to quote it, writing down tidbits on scraps of paper or whatever you can find.

So, here’s the obvious caveat: Not all writing can be the best.

But, in my opinion, the best kind of writing is the only kind of writing worth exploring.

In your opinion, what’s the best kind of writing?

5 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Writing

  1. I agree with you. That’s why I usually feel compelled to tell what I put in my writing because im afraid it might get lost if I don’t.

  2. Writing that takes you into the world of whatever you’re reading (fiction or fact) and never lets you look back.  Preferably, the language is so well-crafted that I can rejoice in its beauty while never being distracted by it.  (I’m a sucker for a well-turned phrase.)

  3. For me, the best kind of writing is effortless to read but simultaneously captivating, drawing me further into the text; enticing me to read on. 

  4. Agree with Annie and Lia, the best writing draws you in, but also it needs to leave you thinking. It needs to capture some aspect of life or culture or whatever in a fresh way that leaves you thinking ‘Ah! That’s it! That’s the thing about this topic I’ve been trying to put my finger on’or ‘I’ve never seen it like that before, it seems so obvious now!’

    Interesting thought about ‘the best’ writing not being all writing. There’s no reason all writing couldn’t be ‘of the best sort’ of course, but one of my writing heroes is George Orwell, and of course not everything he wrote was Animal Farm or 1984, he churned out a lot of ‘just good’ stuff around the ‘great’. In other words – aspire to great writing, but don’t be afraid to produce a lot of ‘good’ stuff on the way!

  5. The best kind of writing touches the heart mind and soul of the reader. And one thing to explain this is to tell you experiences.

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