Three Things I Know to Be True

No matter how wide you stretch your fingers your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal.
—Sarah Kay

There are three things I know to be true. Three very important things.

ONE: I was created for a purpose

And so were you. Life is not meaningless. We are not evolved from star soup. Or monkeys. At least, I don’t think so.

Purpose Photo
Photo credit: Nicola Romagna

We are special and exceptional. Mighty and magical. We live in a universe full of mystery and meaning. And it was intended to be that way.

We are more than we realize, but still tragically flawed. So there is plenty of room for humility and failure. Plenty of space to learn and grow — to become.

And I hope we do — that we discover our innate dignity, our inherent glory. And somehow, miraculously, see it in others.

TWO: The world has not seen what great art can do

Not yet. I believe words matter and imagination illuminates. That beauty can heal a shattered soul.

Art Photo
Photo credit: Nicola Romagna (Creative Commons)

We need more life and love in this world. And less lies and lawyers. No offense to lawyers; I just want to see more paintings and books and less arguments and angry people.

The world needs more art — to be refreshed and rejuvenated. We need this more than we comprehend. We need more poetry and less prose, more art and less advertising.

We need life. We need friends. We need sunsets and spaceships, long walks and late nights. We need to sleep in and day-dream, to eat pancakes for supper.

We need to find that child-like part of ourselves we lost so long ago.

When we do, there will be no end to what we can accomplish. With God’s help, we will become what we were meant to be, to live the lives we long for.

THREE: We are all broken

But that doesn’t excuse inaction. Everyone has pain. Everybody hurts. I’m not quite sure I will ever understand why.

Broken People Photo
Photo credit: Nicola Romagna (Creative Commons)

And that’s okay. But I still need to act. I still need to move — and be moved. I need to enter the stories of my neighbors and friends, even those of my enemies.

I need to embrace compassion and suffer with — to bear others’ burdens and carry their loads. And so do you.

We cannot live for ourselves. This will not satisfy. It will leave us — and the world — feeling empty and hollow inside.

We were made for one another — not strip malls and sitcoms, but real and raw community. Beautifully broken relationships: this is what will heal us.

If we are willing. To be moved, to be touched. To engage the broken ball of bruised humanity we call ourselves. If we will do this, we will come alive and find our true selves. It will be beautiful and ugly — all at the same time.

These are three things I know to be true. They are only three. There are, of course, others. But these are enough for me. Enough to do something that matters today.

I hope I do.

What are your three things?

I just listened to this beautiful poem from Sarah Kay and immediately bought it on Amazon. Through the rest of the Ted Talk, Kay asks her audience, “What are three things that you know to be true?”

This post was inspired by that question.

I encourage you to write your own “three things” post. Heck, share it on Twitter with #threethings, so we can see what others are saying. Leave a comment here with a link. Post it on Facebook.

Because we all need to believe.

Here’s the video of Sarah Kay’s Ted Talk:

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What three things do you know to be true? Share in the comments.

79 thoughts on “Three Things I Know to Be True

  1. Three things I know.

    I know I have not yet fulfilled all my potential so I will keep on looking for ways to do just that.I know that God is not finished with me yet as there is so much in me that needs to conform to His image
    I know that my wife and daughters are simply the most important people in my life and they will both help me reach my potential and be a channel of the change that God is working in me day by day

  2. I think the beauty of your point on changing the world is that we do this one life at a time. It’s not just about what we need or what the world needs. It’s about what that guy down the street needs. What our coworker who just had a divorce needs. What that teenager getting beat up needs. What the family struggling to make ends meet needs.
    It’s a bold aspiration to seek to change the world with your art – but real joy comes when we see our work as not just a drop in a bucket but as the force making change in our small corner of the world.

    1. Yes, Joe!  Advertising may “get stuff out there” to be seen, but when art–or in this case, testimony–comes along, it can be FELT.  That will make a much more lasting impact on our lives.

  3. I think this is quite possibly the best blog you have written.Today I will write my ” three things.”

  4. We soar with every post you send out to us, Jeff.

    The hair on the back of my neck is rising as I listen to Sarah right now.
    What a great way to start Wednesday! I’m sharing it on FB.

  5. Great truth challenge. Here are 3 things I know to be true:
    1) We all own our power of choice.
    2) We all have the ability to freely exercise our power of choice in pursuit of our life’s purpose.
    3) Once we discover our God given purpose in life, we should passionately live it, share it and reflect it…in all we do.

  6. Nobody’s saying we evolved from monkeys, but that monkeys and us evolved from a common ancestor. All you have to do is look at a monkey to see we’re obviously very related. So what? You don’t like monkeys?

  7. Beautiful post Jeff.

    Three things I know:

    1. I know that my potential is unimaginable. I was created in the image of a loving and awesome God. He says I was created to great things and I know that to be true.

    2. I know that we need each other. We may try to fight it and say we don’t but we do. We were not meant to be alone.

    3. I know that life is better than we think it is. We often feel like we get the short end of the stick. It’s not true. There is typically someone who has it worse than you.

      1. Hi Jeff. Well I have found that life is a lot easier and far more enjoyable when I keep it simple.
        I could write 10k words and create a beautiful essay but it would still focus on those three things. Simple writing also seems to do a better job of building bridges between people.

        What do you think?

  8. I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me so much He sent His Son to live, teach, suffer, die and then live again for me.

    I know that the greatest happiness in life comes from living in accordance with the Word of God, regardless of what my personal interests or ambitions are.

    I know that God has given me gifts to grow and use for the benefit of others, and that those around me are likewise endowed–so we have to come together to bless each other.

  9. Great post Jeff!

    I like it a lot because I just wrote a blog post on something similar – about my most important life lessons in the last 30+ years of my life!

    Here is the link

    Just to pick three of them; (they are 23)

    1. Working on my strengths is better than focusing on my weaknesses
    2. The best way to correct is to appreciate first
    3. You will not always feel powerful (but that doesn’t mean you are not)

    Thanks for always encouraging us to be better!

  10. I strongly believe there is no better or more beautiful way to describe the “human condition” than to say we are broken.  It says that we were meant to be whole, but something went wrong.  It explains why everyone is out there looking for a fix because in all truth, we need to be fixed.

    Fantastic list.

  11. What I’ve learned up to this point:
    1. Be yourself (create for yourself), and let others see Christ in you through your actions.
    2. Live for ideals, but do so with love, forgiveness, and grace. 
    3. Be uncompromisingly honest, but delivered with the sincerest of intentions.

    And a Bonus:
    Brighten other’s day, but don’t let them dictate my day, happiness, or self-worth.

  12. When I meet people who seem to know the world personally, or to know people who say they know nothing, I stand in amazment in front of both kinds of people.  Of course I know that either position is ludicrous.  We all know some things, but not everything and not anything.  When I cross paths with people who puzzle me, I am in awe because I have met some one who is right with life.  In my personal life, I am puzzled too, but I’ve lived like this for 61 years, and not “knowing” has always bothered me.  I sound like a bell tinkling in the wind, with different pitches, different highs and lows, different volumes.  It is as if I know nothing, being unable to decide.  Yes, I’m a tinkling bell. I know I will never get everything right: I’ll just continue to tinkle in the wind.  Some will be perplexed, some will be delighted that I sound as the wind blows me, but no one will ever think that I will know everything or nothing. 

  13. Yes and yes and yes. Thank you for digging down deep and writing this. And thank you for sharing this with us. I’m going to think about my three things… Think hard on that. Although two of my three might be a version of yours.

  14. Excellent post. 

    Here’s three I quickly thought of:
    1) Put God first and foremost is of utmost importance.
    2) We were created to create – there’s this symbiotic relationship we have with it. 
    3) We were created to love.

  15. Nice post, Jeff.  I love this part the most, 

    We need to find that child-like part of ourselves we lost so long ago.
    When I grew up I noticed I became colder to others, not in an aloof way, but in terms of appreciating the presence of people around me.

  16. I heard Sarah Kay on Ted earlier this year and I loved her.

    One thing I know to be true is that God loves me and you and the world too.

    Jeff, I’m starting a new blog with a mission of en(reach)ing lives wirelessly. Your thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for taking time out of your business schedule for this.

  17. Beautiful post Jeff. I love how you have stated a truth being that we are all broken. So many people spend their lives trying to mask this fact, mask it in destructive ways. If we can only admit it openly, knowing it is okay, because we all are this way, can we work on healing and concentrate on savouring the joys

  18. Lovely post – as ever.
    My three things:
    1. Everyone is unique. My uniqueness is apparent to people who know me. It’s my job to be conscious of that uniqueness and to constantly improve it in ways that work for them
    2. Help people notice in a world full of largely perceived problems that more is working than not and that by defining what we want to be different (from the problem), we can take small steps towards the world we want 
    3. My complicated early life was also joyful, full of wonderful experiences and great people

  19. Keys TED Talk is one of my favorites! Watch it NOW. she got two standing ovations, amazing and chilling. thanks jeff for reminding us and your three things. 

  20. Jeff, 

    You say in #3, “If we are willing. To be moved, to be touched. To engage….”

    If we are willing … if we are willing. I’m working on willing. 

    But sometimes there’s a wall between me and willing.

    Your insightful post and Sarah’s incredible talk has shed bright light on this: why am I afraid to be willing?

    What do I fear about the act of sharing more of myself? When I’m unwilling, what do I let others not see/learn/connect with? And why? What intersections are missed?

    I think you answer this underlying insecurity with the heading: We Are All Broken. It’s through recognition of this human condition that helps to move the hands from self-protection … to open and receptive.

    But being willing to share our brokenness–even as described through this simple, symbolic motion–sometimes can be so … daunting.

  21. What a beautiful post. Thank you.

    I saw this video via TED a few months ago and it blew me away. So powerful. I went ahead and bought the book on Amazon.

  22. Thank you for such a lovely post! I really enjoy seeing how ideas spread, especially when we can encourage each other to look for the good in our lives. 

  23. What a firebrand!  Spoken Word Poetry by Sarah Kay on Ted Talk has to be the 2nd most {you are 1st of course}  inspiring speaker/artist/poet/eye-opener  and most awesome and honest  life-changer I have heard/read this year.

     Where does someone so young acquire that wisdom?  From writing her poems that bare her soul which she shares with us, just as you do Jeff.

    Between the two of you, you are creating and inspiring millions of emerging artists, writers, and thinkers. A BIG THANK YOU.

    I love your posts.  My three things I know to be true:

    1.    That I can and will be a great writer, as I write how I honestly feel, and love what I

    2.    That with your advice, and shared knowledge, I am inspired to do my very best
            and learn all I can to be as good an artist/writer like yourself.

    3.   That there is a God, who led me to your site, and I thank him daily.

  24. I have watched Sarah Kay today. It flipped me over. I have to do this speech in English class, about anything, before seeing Kay’s speech, I was going to talk about something as fancy as Kitty Genovese syndrome. I have changed my mind and chose to speak about speech and why is it important to learn to express ourselves and thank you do much with your beautiful post 🙂
    – Silvija Step. / A weirdo foreigner in London

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  26. The three things I know is true…
    1. Our family is our God given best friends.
    God gave us the people to guide us, help us, inspires us and protect us in our journey called life. They are the people that will be our life companion through good and bad times; and they are the people who will be a big part of who we are and what we will be.
    2. Fear can break us or make us.
    Our reaction to fear defines who we are, it can make us cowardly hide or fight head to head with whosoever or whatever we are up against with. The more fear we overcome the better our experiences become. Solving one fear after another, will make us stronger but it will also lead us to arrogance if misguided. Fear is something we need to look at like challenge to make us better but it depends on the person on how much limit we can take.
    3. Life is a big leap of faith to God.
    As early as three years old we are mentally formed to map-out life, to have a good education to have a better life, our every decision should be guided by a moral standard dictated by religion. But no one really knows how to live our life, we just take action and see the result, hoping it will be right. We will never know how our biggest mistakes can be our greatest learning experience. Our greatest glory can be our worst downfall, and how it all mixed-up to mold us. All of those life experiences lead us to who God wants us to be for the purpose of his glory. Well, the process isn’t smooth sailing at all, surely like my experience the mistakes is inevitable.
    Very inspiring post! I’ll weekly visit Sara Kay’s TED talk.
    Thank you and God bless!

  27. This inspired me to write a blog post, which has evolved from a bit of an epic essay into a mini series… (Here is part one:

    My three things are:
    1) We are not our story
    2) We are not broken
    3) The unknown is nothing to be afraid of

    Thanks for sharing this food for thought, Jeff

    Much love, Angela x

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