Three Life Lessons from Running Tribe Conference for Four Years

It’s been a week since Tribe Conference 2018 ended and my head is still spinning from the experience. This was our best year yet and I finally did something people told me to do all along.

Three Life Lessons from Running Tribe Conference for Four Years
Credit: Lauren Davis

Here are the lessons I’ve learned from four years of running a conference.

1. Enjoy your creations

What fun is making something if you can’t enjoy it?

For years I stressed and worried about Tribe Conference when I had no reason to do so. My anxiety didn’t make my work better, and it robbed me of the joy of the experience that so many others were benefitting from.

This year was different. In years past I had heard people tell me how meaningful the event was for them. But this year I actually experienced it myself.

2. Good things happen when you bring good people together

Gone are the days of my ambitions to build things.

I’ll leave that to someone else. I just want to enjoy life and share meaningful experiences with other people.

Everything I’ve ever built, I’ve felt the pressure to grow and scale and maintain. There’s a false sense of ownership when we seek to build something instead of facilitating an experience.

The reason our little event seems to work so well, I think, is because we just try to hold a space for people to do their thing.

We aren’t building anything. We’re just giving people a reason to share an experience together.

3. Make something for someone, not everyone

For years, I wanted to keep growing Tribe into something other than what it was supposed to be.

Last year, I decided to listen to my team and my audience, all of whom were saying “we like this the way it is.”

Something powerful happens when you realize who your work is for and who it is not for: you get to just do your dance without worrying about everyone liking it.

I feel like I was really able to lean into that this year. It’s incredibly liberating. Try it sometime. 🙂

What’s next?

2019 will be the last year for Tribe Conference.


The reasons for this are many, and I’ll get to that in another blog post, but suffice to say I always thought this would only last five years. I’m excited to wrap up this chapter and start a new one. But before we end this thing, we want to have one last party to throw… and you’re invited!

Tribe 2019 will be our best event yet, and I don’t want you to miss it.

PLUS we’ve added a special bonus this year when you buy 2 tickets, the second one is 50% OFF! (expires Nov 10)

Click here to reserve your ticket to Tribe Conference 2019.

We’ve already reserved The Factory again for next year (September 6-8, 2019), and we are starting to secure the speaker lineup.

Can’t wait to see you again next year for the big finale!