How to Wake Up Early [Exclusive Content]

One of the biggest objections I hear to the idea of writing every day is: “I don’t have time.”

Life is busy. You have a job. You have kids. You have obligations. I get it. I have a lot of those too.

But here’s the thing: You have to choose your priorities, or they will choose you. To create your best work, you have to make room for it. You have to cut out the excess noise and focus on what really matters: the writing.

Before I started this blog, I had seven other blogs that failed. I found clever and convenient ways to avoid writing. I updated my website. I created business plans and pitch letters. I talked about writing. I stalled.

It took the tough love of a friend to remind me I had a dream that was worth making time for.

So I got serious. And the first thing I did was start getting up early and writing every day. I would wake up at five every morning and write for a couple of hours before going to work.

That seems pretty early, and really, it is. But writing is important enough to be a priority.

My friend Andy Traub is an expert at getting up early. In fact, he wrote the book on it (Early to Rise). He’s guided thousands of people through a 31-day challenge to get up earlier and make the most of that time.

And he’s here with his daughter Lucy to share three great tips that will help get you started:

3 Ways to Start Getting Up Earlier

Here are a few more resources to help you establish your new habit:


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