Weekly Reading: Respectability, Rob Bell, & More

Happens Every DayI spent the past week out of town and half of that hiking through the mountains of north Georgia.

This is a beautiful time of year. I really recommend getting outside and allowing nature to restore your creative self. It could mean the difference between your writing semi-good content and really inspired stuff.

Nonetheless, with all this travel, I still had some time to read a few good pieces.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

What Exactly Is Great Content? [Blogging]
Tony Eldridge guest-posts on DailyBlogTips, sharing some simple tips for how to write great content on your blog

Cut to Grow [Social Media]
Author and entrepreneur Chris Brogan shares some really useful and practical tips on how to make your blog or website more “social.”

Why Creativity Requires Significant Work [Creative Discipline]
Mike Hyatt tells the long story of writing, rewriting, and pitching a best-selling book. I found this both slightly discouraging (writing a book sounds hard!) and challenging.

Respectability Is Overrated [Humor/Life]
My boss Seth Barnes guest-posts for my friend Jamie (who calls herself “The Very Worst Missionary”), telling a candid and hilarious tale of his beginnings in mission work. It’s unassuming and irreligious, which I love.

Seeing Rob Bell in Nashville [Faith]
A little self-promotion here (sorta) — this is a guest post I did for Bryan Allain about recently seeing Rob Bell speak, the controversy around his new book Love Wins, and why I think communicators need to ask questions and not only provide answers.

Top post of the week (on this blog): Why Writers Must Practice Resurrection

On my car ride to and from Georgia, I listened to a well-told, albeit tragic, memoir called Happens Every Day, a story about a seemingly perfect marriage suddenly ending. I would definitely recommend it.

Lastly, I’m compiling a list of the best books on writing, and I’d love for you to add a comment to it, if you have a recommendation.

What’re you reading this week?

*Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links.