What I’m Reading This Week: Cutting the Crap, Chris Brogan, and Happiness

I’m learning to be creative again. It’s been years since I’ve given myself permission to create, to be truly artistic.

And I’m entering a new season of creativity. It’s wonderful and life-giving. As a result (or maybe a cause), I’m reading a lot more these days, which is why I started doing these weekly reading lists.

These are some of my favorite articles and tips from the week about writing, technology, and creativity. As a creative, I find that sharing tools and resources is a great way to build community and grow.

My hope in sharing this stuff is that you’ll be inspired to do the same. Here’s what I’m reading this week:

Cut the Crap and Write Better Now [Writing]
Pamela Wilson shares on Copyblogger about the discipline of cutting out excessive words to get your point across.

What the World Needs Now (a little manifesto for struggling creatives) [Creativity]
Keith Jennings writes a brilliant essay about what the world needs and calls creatives to do what they were made to do — create.

Why Social Influence Matters to Businesses [Social Media]
Lou Dubois speaks with eight people in the business world, each sharing about how social media is redefining how businesses measure influence.

Why Creatives Are Fleeing Their Day Jobs In A Search For Meaning [Entrepreneurship]
Randy Elrod writes a brilliant post about why creative people need to experience progress in their work.

Are You Part of a Learning Organization? [Leadership]
Maurilio Amorim lists three short, but practical, leadership tips for why organizations (no matter what their mission) need to be places of learning.

The most read article on my blog this week was Friday’s interview with Chris Brogan.

I also started reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. So far, it’s great.

What are you reading this week?