20 Tips to Wow an Audience and Own the Stage

Create a connection that allows you to affect the audience intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

As we prepare for this year’s event, I wanted to share highlights from past Tribe Conferences with you, including this presentation from Michael Port.

How to wow an audience and own the stage

Michael Port is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, professional actor, and public speaking coach. He used index cards to engage the Tribe Conference attendees and shared 20 tips to wow an audience and own the stage:

  1. Never speak until the room is silent.
  2. Never use your voice to call the room back.
  3. Shorten your bio. It only needs to show that you know what the audience needs.
  4. Do not waste time with filler. Get started.
  5. Do not head straight for center stage. Start as soon as the audience sees you.
  6. Never apologize for the time you do not have. Own the time you do have.
  7. Tell your audience why you care about your topic.
  8. Surprise your audience. Do not tell them over and over.
  9. Demonstrate you understand the way the world looks to the audience.
  10. Create a connection that allows you to affect them intellectually, emotionally, and physically.
  11. Connect your ideas for the audience. If you use an outline, ensure you deliver.
  12. Don’t slow down. Pause to give your audience time to consume what you said.
  13. Plan your movements. Move and talk, but keep the big moments center stage.
  14. When your point is essential, stand and land it. Stillness drives the point home.
  15. Don’t turn your back on the audience, unless it’s intentional to make a point.
  16. Memorize your quotes. Avoid slides and distracting visuals.
  17. Serve the audience, no matter what.
  18. You deliver the impact. Use technology to enhance your delivery, not as a crutch.
  19. Always say yes. Don’t give up the room, but say yes and respond in the moment.
  20. Learn how to rehearse. Perfect your content and cater it to the audience.

Click here to download all 50 tips from Michael Port.

Don’t think about your rehearsal, but instead get in the moment with the audience.

Michael Port

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