How to Know if You Should Write a Book

This week, we’re closing registration for my latest course, Write a Bestseller. This is an A-to-Z program on how to research, write, edit, package, publish, and launch a book.

How to Know if You Should Write a Book

Not only that, I’ll teach you how to bake the marketing of your book—whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, memoir, advice, or how-to—right into the book itself so that you can sell plenty of copies without necessarily needing a platform.

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Today, I wanted to share a few questions we’ve gotten about the course and on writing a book in general.

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How do I know I’m supposed to write a book?

You know because you can’t not do it.

You know because you keep asking this question. People who aren’t supposed to write books don’t ask this question.

You need to write a book because you keep thinking about it and know that it’s time to get started.

Hasn’t it all been said before?

It has, but not by you.

In Write a Bestseller, we teach you how to pick familiar concepts with new and familiar approaches, what we call “attacking the taken for granted,” so that your idea stands out from the rest.

Do I really have to do this?

No, you don’t. But if you don’t do this, who will? Maybe no one.

And if you’re okay with that—if you’re okay with this idea never coming into existence—then don’t write it.

But if you’re not okay with that, then maybe it shouldn’t be a question of “have to” and instead a matter of “get to.”

This work is a privilege and an honor and should be treated as such. Anything less than total gratitude for your book project will result in an abandoned manuscript.

It doesn’t mean it’s not hard work. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t make it dishonorable.

The work is the reward. Respect it.

What if I fail?

That’s impossible, because true failure is not doing it at all. Not even trying.

Think of it like running a marathon. Did you sign up to do this to win or to simply see if you could do it? To see if you could finish?

Writing a book, for most people, is the same: it’s not about winning the National Book Award; it’s about seeing if you have what it takes to get this thing done.

Worst case scenario, you learn something.

But only if you start moving and stop standing still.

Can’t I wait to do this later, when life settles down?

Of course you can. But your book idea might not be so patient. It may move on to someone else. It may disappear entirely.

Ideas are fickle things, wandering in and out of our minds, sometimes appearing perfectly clear and other times feeling evasive. Our job as artists is to capture them the best we can and try to bring them into existence.

But if you are okay with someone else sharing your idea, with someone else getting the credit, then let it go. Obviously, life has its fair share of trials and interruptions, and if you can avoid writing a book, do it.

On the other hand, if this idea can’t wait, and you can’t wait to bring it into the world, well, then you had better get started.

And now for some questions on the course:

What’s covered in the course?

We follow a 5-module process:

  1. Research: Nail your big idea.
  2. Writing: Write your first draft in the next 90 days.
  3. Editing: Turn your book into what it should be.
  4. Publishing: Transform your manuscript into a finished product.
  5. Launching: Share your message with those who are waiting to read it.

Will I get my feedback on my book?

Although there is no individual manuscript review, for the Core and Pro level of the course you will get access to hundreds of other authors (including myself) who will help guide you in this process of writing a bestseller.

You can ask any question 24/7 and get the help you need to keep moving.

How do I know this is the course for me?

Well, I would begin by reading this page and watching the videos that answer more questions you might have.

After that, I think you know because you’ve tried all this before and it hasn’t worked.

You know you need help, and you know that it’s time to get started. You can’t stand to wait another minute.

Why is now the best time to sign up?

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