Your Questions Answered: Writing, Marketing and More

A few weeks ago, I did an episode of The Portfolio Life called “Don’t Build an Empire, Find a Few Friends Who Care.” It was about how the secret of marketing and getting your ideas to spread is really just about having a few friends who care. You want to create remarkable work and put it into the right hands to get it to spread.

Your Questions Answered: Writing, Marketing and More

In the email that I wrote for that podcast and blog essay, I asked people to email me a question, something that they were struggling with or need help with, and I got a ton of questions. Here I am a few weeks later, still not having answered those questions (sorry!) and so I decided to just turn on the old mike, pull up the inbox, and answer those questions in a podcast.

Hopefully, these are answers to questions not just a handful of folks asked but maybe questions that you're wondering about. Often, when you're in a classroom or workshop setting, some brave soul raises their hand to ask a question. It's often something lots of other people around are wondering as well so hopefully, that's the case here, and you get your question answered, even if you didn't ask it.

Listen in here:

What's covered in this week's podcast:

  • How to make money off your blog
  • What you should consider when deciding whether to self publish or traditionally publish
  • How to find JV affiliate partners
  • Creating a marketing plan for your platform
  • How to talk to people about your book or product
  • How to get started in podcasting
  • How to get over imposter syndrome
  • What to say to people who question your creative journey
  • What goes into creating a good mastermind program
  • Plus much more