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Great Writers Share Others’ Work

This is Day 10 in the Great Writers series.

As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats.

Great Writers Badge

Great writers share. Not just their own knowledge, ideas, and expertise. They also share the work of others and credit them accordingly. And ironically, paradoxically, they ultimately benefit from their own generosity.

All great leaders understand this — that as you help lift up others who show promise, we all benefit from their success. It’s an economic principle, but works in the world of creativity and influence as well.

This is more than curating content. It’s lending your platform to another writer or artist, without any agenda or expectation or reciprocation. So let’s get on with this. Stop self-promoting and start sharing.

Ways to share

Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Tell someone else’s story. Few things inspire like stories; find one that moves you and share it with the world. These can be great illustrations for your writing.
  2. Promote a friend’s work. Find someone’s blog, article, book, whatever, and promote it. Don’t ask permission (sidenote: you never have to give someone a gift).
  3. Make someone else the hero. Use your platform (however large or small it is) to promote someone else’s work. Dedicate an entire article or newsletter or speech to them.

Whatever you do, do it secretly and quietly. Try to not get noticed. Don’t let your right hand see what your left is doing. Freely share the work of those who deserve to be noticed.

The Internet is a great place to do this. Networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are uniquely positioned to help promote the work of threes.

Usually, these networks are marketing vehicles for self-promotion. But not today. Today, we’re going to be generous. We’re going to share. We’re going to help those who can’t help themselves.

The challenge

Find someone whose message we need to hear and share it on your blog or via Twitter or Facebook. Wherever people are listening to you (even just a few), use that opportunity to talk about someone else.

Use the comments below to promote a writer who isn’t you — someone we need to be reading but otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Update: If you haven’t picked up a copy of You Are a Writer yet, you can do so here. If you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund your money — no questions asked. And if you have bought the book, I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon.

Who is a writer you’d like to promote here? Share a link, book title, name, whatever, and why we should read that person’s work. Do it in the comments, or if you’re blogging through the series, share your link here. You know the drill.

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  • http://jeremystatton.com/ Jeremy Statton

    One of my favorite blogs is written by Elizabeth Hudson. She is a talented writer who has a view on life that is remarkable. Her words medicate my aching soul like a much needed medicine.

    Her blog is Story Wrought. http://storywrought.com/

    • http://unknownjim.com/ Jim Woods

      I second this. Elizabeth Hudson really is a fantastic writer. 

      • http://www.storywrought.wordpress.com/ Elizabeth Hudson

        Thank you, Jim! You both are way too nice.

    • http://www.storywrought.wordpress.com/ Elizabeth Hudson

      Jeremy, thank you! Someone commented on my blog and mentioned your kind words, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Now I know. Thank you for your encouragement. It means so much. 

  • http://sophienovak.com/ Sophie Novak

    It’s quite hard to make a pick, since I have hundreds of blogs I’m reading with delight and even more writers that I adore. 

    However, I’ll point a writer that I can’t stop reading recently : Julian Barnes. I still haven’t read all of his books, but not for long. What I can strongly recommend from him is: History of the world in 10 1/2 chapters. It’s about religion, art, history, fiction, nonfiction, love – everything. When I finished the book, that’s what it felt like and I was so overwhelmed that someone can write a book and include everything in the most beautiful way. 

    • Leila Wilson

       Thank you Sophie for your recommendation. I have heard of Julian Barnes but have never come across his books. After reading a few pages of the one you recommend and a few others all on Amazon I am really taken with his style. I’ve ordered this one and look forward to receiving it.

      • http://sophienovak.com/ Sophie Novak

        My pleasure. His style is very unique and if you like it on first sight then it’s an indication you’ll love what he has to say. 

  • http://twitter.com/croyseniles Christine Niles

    Like Sophie Novak, I’m having a hard time choosing!  A writer that touched my soul as a writer and challenged me to trust God’s calling has got to be Shawn Smucker’s “Building a Life Out Of Words”  http://shawnsmucker.com/store/building-a-life-out-of-words/

    Shawn took the leap into full-time writing a few years ago, and he, his wife, and his four kids just finished a 4 month trip across the US in a bus named Willie.  His faith and his raw honestly about the challenges of following his dream of writing inspire me!  

  • http://STGrimes.com/ STGrimes

    Michael Hyatt had a guest post this past week from LaReae Quy. She has a blog called Empower the Leader Within You (http://www.laraequy.com/

    LaRae Quy is talking about “3 ways to find the truth about you (http://michaelhyatt.com/the-truth-about-yourself.html).”
    LaRae is an ex FBI agent and she is sharing some amazing things. In fact, one of the three ways that she talks about is asking great questions: which, in my opinion, is one of the hardest skills to master. She provides some great tips!
    Check out Laraequy.com and michaelhyatt.com!

    • http://twitter.com/MLSchwienD Michele Schwien

      I agree.

  • http://webmarketingcamp.com/ Brock Taylor

    Though he is fairly well-known for his bigger blog “Think Traffic,” Corbett Barr has a fantastic blog over at http://corbettbarr.com, that used to be a site called Free Pursuits.  Much of his writings have to do with living life the way you want to live it and not settling for the status quo.

    Again, even though he is fairly well-known, Corbett’s writing has done so much for me over the past few months that I wanted to be able to share that!

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Agreed. Love Corbett’s personal updates. They’re short, poignant, and always important.

      • Lorena

        I’d second Corbett’s work. His is generous about sharing his ideas for building online traffic and doesn’t hesitate to promote others.

  • http://www.susanstilwell.com Susan Rinehart Stilwell

    Edie Melson –> http://ediemelson.com/
    She’s a prolific freelance writer and social networking coach who posts GREAT tips for writers at every stage. Truly a must-read.

  • http://www.chipdizard.com/ Chip Dizard

    I read a blog called Considering the Lily.  Alana writes with passion, enthusiasm and hope for a better future. She shares her innermost thoughts as she journals her life.  


    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Love that title.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DTDHPP5YQOREXTQEACB2WDGKRA Kim

    I love Kelly Flanagan’s blog, Untangled (http://drkellyflanagan.com/) and Dawn Shepler’s blog (http://jesuszen.com/).
    I’ve also been lucky enough to connect recently with Monique Liddle (http://www.bendsintheroad.com/).  

    There are so many blogs I love, that inspire me and give me hope.  It’s hard to pick just one (or two or three!)

  • alanab08

    I get tired of talking about myself and my own experiences, but I thought I might need to ask permission to tell someone else’s story… but you make a great point! I’ll share the following blogs on FB and Twitter this week:

    http://www.chipdizard.com – This guy’s my online mentor and a wealth of info. Plus he’s a cybergeek and makes me a more well-rounded nerd.

    http://www.QuentinMcCall.com – This blog has changed my life. Nothing more to be said…

  • http://www.fangmarks.com/ Matt

    I just discovered Steven Pressfield and his book The War of Art. It blew my mind. Both from the human perspective of how we fight our internal creative battles and from a spiritual perspective on where our inspiration comes from. Amazing book – http://www.amazon.com/The-War-Art-Through-Creative/dp/1936891026

    • http://goinswriter.com/ Jeff Goins

      Amazing, isn’t it?

      • http://www.fangmarks.com/ Matt

        I just wish I read it ten years ago. Oh well, better late then never!

    • http://www.themakegoodchoicesproject.org/ Michael Hawkins

      Indeed. A mind-stretcher for sure.

    • http://PropensityForCuriosity.com/ Dustin M. Smith

      I’ve only read Do The Work so far. Definitely required reading for anyone creative or entrepreneurial. Has anyone read both? I’d like to know how much overlap there is.

    • http://www.saltandsparkle.com/home/2012/6/15/connections-on-the-path.html Nics Cahill

      I can’t wait to read it, it has just arrived in the post

      • http://twitter.com/TheGarthBox Garth Beyer

        It’s a book I will be getting verryyyy soon!

  • cherylbarker

    Carla Stewart’s third novel, Stardust, released just last month. She is such a great storyteller. Can really transport readers to another time and place. I also highly recommend her first novel, Chasing Lilacs. Check out her website at http://www.carlastewart.com/.

  • http://twitter.com/icypop Icy Sedgwick

    I’d like to promote Nerine Dorman and her newest book, Inkarna. If you like paranormal stories, it’s brilliant, and it mixes ancient Egyptian mysticism with body jumping, intrigue and warrior cults. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • http://twitter.com/MarinaSofia8 Marina Sofia

    For you, Jeff, I may have to break one of my rules and blog twice in one day.  Because I had already posted something on inspirational poems, but would now like to share some inspirational stories from women whom I really admire.
    There is this amazing writer on Cowbird (which in itself is full of amazing writers, storytellers, artists, creators), who reminds me of a young female Hemingway. Her stories are personal and very moving, her style is fiercely her own. Her name is Leigh Raiford and you will hear more of her, no doubt.  Here are a couple of her stories or poems in prose:
    And there are a few other strong yet vulnerable women that I would like to feature…

  • Katharine Trauger

    A favorite book that I often recommend is Ruth Sidranski’s memoir, In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World.
    Sidranski’s work is like n overture full of haunting melodies that are too difficult to remember and hum to yourself. Her art, I believe, comes from a total grasp of sign language and at the same time a total ability to hear and understand spoken and written English.
    Her words dance like graceful hands with fluid fingers. I’m sorry I cannot explain it another way.
    The underpinnings of her breathtaking skill are anchored in her dad’s insatiable hunger for understanding of English, his constant provoking her to consume more, urging her to learn more words and bring them home to him, in sign.
    After she has taught university writing classes for a lifetime, she is enjoying a second wave of popularity, now, as her book enters a second edition.

  • http://rebootingworship.com/ Jamie Kocur

    I have a dear friend who writes the most gut wrenchingly honest blog posts. I cry reading almost every one of them. She’s struggling with some tough life changes, like her mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and her gradual decline. She writes about pain and struggle so beautifully. 
    This was one of my favorite posts: http://www.emuf.blogspot.com/2012/05/happy-mothers-day-alzheimers-and-all.html

    • http://www.emuf.blogspot.com/ Emily a la Blog

      Thank you Jamie. :)

      • http://rebootingworship.com/ Jamie Kocur


  • http://sparkvoice.wordpress.com/ DS

    Here are several resources that I find invaluable:
    Michael Nichols – Grow on Purpose

    Surfing for God – Michael John Cusick

    Building Champions – Executive Coaching

    Ken Blanchard – Ignite Newsletters

    Mark Miller – Great Leaders Serve

    Michael Hyatt – Intentional Growth

    Empowering You

    Leadership Insights

    Did I mention I enjoy several?

    • http://www.michaelnichols.org/about Michael Nichols

      David, you’re awesome. Humbled and honored. Thanks my friend.

      Jeff Goins is my hero! ;)

  • http://www.nebraskagraceful.blogspot.com Michelle DeRusha

    I’ve found, too, that promoting other writers’ work helps quell the jealousy that sometimes crops up on my end. Something about saying something positive, rather than stewing, takes the wind right out of jealousy’s sails.

    I’d like to mention Shawn Smucker here – http://shawnsmucker.com/ - he’s a great writer and has been wonderfully encouraging to me personally.

  • http://twitter.com/lornafaith Lorna Faith

    Thanks for this reminder Jeff:) I’d like to promote Holly Michael’s blog: http://writingstraight.com/2012/06/17/pursuit/  She often talks about different life stories of people in her family or friends who have overcome obstacles…and she gives hope to people. She’s been a big encouragement to me :-)

  • http://twitter.com/MLSchwienD Michele Schwien

    I recommend:
    1) Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed, and a Sustainable Future by Saleem H Ali http://yalepress.yale.edu/yupbooks/book.asp?isbn=9780300141610

    2) Blogger Lynne Soraya http://www.psychologytoday.com/experts/lynne-soraya
    “What I found along this journey, was that other people’s stories held vital clues for me to make sense of my own.”

    3) This Time I Dance by Tama J Kieves http://www.awakeningartistry.com/thistime.html

  • http://www.suzannebroadhurst.com/ Suzanne Broadhurst

    Daniele at http://www.domesticserenity.org/ shares reality in an ahhhhh moment.   She’s doing a summer photo project, but her words this past spring sung to my heart and I await fall’s harvest of thought.  I met her – and many other beautiful bloggers – through BEECH (www.facebook.com/BEECHretreat).  

  • http://smallbirdstudios.com/ Franchesca

    I have a friend who writes beautifully, and gives so much of her time to help others who have lost a child. Her work and website can be found at http://carlymarieprojectheal.com. She helped me more than she’ll ever know those first few months without our daughter. 

    Thank you for this, what a beautiful idea.

    • Lisa R

      I saw your friend’s website link on the BabyCenter site and visited. I lost a child last October, and it helped me tremendously too.

  • http://aparchedsoul.com/ Grayson Pope (A Parched Soul)

    If you’re like me, you’ve scoured the blogosphere looking for someone who writes similar content so you can connect. The more focused your niche, the harder this can be sometimes.

    I had been looking for this for some time, and recently I found it. Chris Peek blogs at Trail Refflections (http://www.trailreflections.com/). To be honest, I can’t even remember how I landed there. But I love it.

    The content is deep, insightful, and incredibly challenging, all while maintaining a a pragmatic approach.

  • Lynne Hartke

    When I was struggling with burnout, I met Joan Webb at a conference and her speaking (I didn’t know she was a writer then), helped me take the first few baby steps to change. She blogs here: 

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    I wrote down many of the suggestions given below. Seems like wonderful reading! Lots to choose from!  Thanks Jeff! Thanks Everyone!
    Difficult choosing from so many great books. I am sharing books by three Greek American authors that are great!
    “Dantelions for Dinner” written by Sam and Peter Stamatis, is the story of a family at a time when the world around them crumbles…

    “The Greek Maiden and the English Lord” by Patty Apostolides, a romantic historical novel.  wwwpattyapostolides.com

    “Seasons of Sun” by Paula Burzawa, an enchanting and romantic novel set in a village of Greece.

  • S. Kim Henson

    Heather Kopp is a Christian who struggled for years with alcoholism. She is sharing her story at the link below to give help and hope to others who are dealing with addicts and addiction. She is also writing her memoir and I think she might be working with agent Rachelle Gardner because Rachelle shows up from time to time on the comment section of Heather’s blog at http://soberboots.com/.
    Edie Melson has a helpful blog for writers who are trudging through social media issues. Her blog is The Write Conversation at  http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.com/.

    Thanks, Jeff, for encouraging us to share about others. 

  • http://denisedilley.blogspot.com/ Denise Dilley

    One of the most honest, gut-wrenching loggers I know is a missionary friend, Amey Fair. She didn’t set out to be a Blogger, but uses her blog to write about her beautiful daughter, Phoebe, and her fight with a rare brain cancer. Her writing is beautiful, down to earth, and her insight throughout this journey is profound. Be warned, you may need a box of tissues nearby! Follow Amey and the rest of the Fair family journey at http://atypicalmiracle.com

  • http://www.amykortuem.blogspot.com/ Amy Kortuem

    My friend Rachael has just signed the papers to have her memoir published by the University of Minnesota Press!!!!!!!!!


  • Mary McCauley

    I am a big fan and friend of T. Neal Taver, Tom as I know him.  He has a blog ” A courious band of others”, is on Facebook, and is the published author of Dark Eyes Deep Eyes (Word Press).  I have watched this book take shape and am proud to promote it…a great read.  Check him out!

  • http://www.amykortuem.blogspot.com/ Amy Kortuem

    I’ll also share the writing of some other great authors…

    My neighbor and friend Nicole Helget. Read “The Turtle Catcher.” You’ll never be the same.

    My friend Becky Fjelland Davis. “Chasing Allie Cat” was an inspiration.

    My former university writing professor and incredible writer Terry Davis (author of “Vision Quest” among others…). Genius.

  • http://www.eileenknowles.com Eileen

    Here’s a few for you:

     Shelly Miller  http://redemptionsbeauty.wordpress.com/  her words are beautiful

    Stacy http://www.heartprintsofgod.com/  I find myself nodding in agreement all the time.

    Caroline  http://undergodsmightyhand.blogspot.com/  she’ll often write some great book reviews…and she’s generous, generous, generous

    Ken   http://www.ramblingbarba.com/   his posts are witty and original.  They often make me laugh

    • http://undergodsmightyhand.blogspot.com Caroline @UnderGod’sMightyHand

      I nod in agreement with Stacy’s posts at Heartprints of God, too! 

      And, also, crying now. Thank you, Eileen. (I was going to promote your writing. I’m a couple of days behind this series, but yay.)

      • http://www.eileenknowles.com Eileen

         Oh, Caroline…nice message to come home to tonight. :)   So glad our paths have crossed. :)

  • http://culturalsavage.com/ Aaron Smith (CulturalSavage)

    I recently discovered Freewayhome from Luke Reynold. It’s just a great blog about rollercosters, fears, longings, and a sprinkling of media. 

  • http://tcavey.blogspot.com/ TCAvey

    There are so many great people and writers I have met through blogging- I can’t name them all, but here are a few:





  • Lisa R

    I bloggged about my recent experience at a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book festival here. http://writewhatyouknowdotorg.wordpress.com/ I mainly participated in the writers’ panels, and I can tell you that I met some very classy authors, editors, and publishers. I can heartily recommend Stephanie Osborn (hard science fiction) and my son can recommend M.B. Weston (fantasy, young adult, and paranormal). I will be reading the latter person’s book next. They, along with the others who were there, really encouraged me in what I was trying to do. Thanks Jeff for the opportunity to share!!

  • http://www.rockstarlifestyleblog.com Raye Cage

    My go to person on the topic of leadership is Myles Munroe. He has written over 30 books on leadership, potential, kingdom of God, marriage & others. His mission is “Transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.”  

    A favorite quote from his book, Maximizing Your Potential, ” True success is not a project but a journey. Success begins when we understand and accept that life is a process of growing and developing. Thus, life is meant to be a never-ending education, a journey of discovery and adventure, and exploration into our G0d-given potential for His glory.” 

    This is another quote I like from The Spirit of Leadership book, “An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” 

    The Burden of Freedom book, “When God gives you a seed (potential), He doesn’t want that seed back; He wants a forest. He wants you to plant and grow that seed with the ability He gave you. When God gives you something, it always contains more than is apparent. His seeds have the potential to be more than what initially appears. He gives you His seed of potential with the end product in it, and it is the end product – not the seed – that God wants back.”

    Although I do not know him personally I consider him a mentor. 

    You can find out more about Myles Munroe here:

  • http://jkflickinger.wordpress.com/ Judith_flickinger

    From a very funny and talented lady.  We met in a writing workshop and became instant friends .  Enjoy!  http://www.lhj.com/style/decorating/organizing/whats-your-cleaning-personality/

  • http://doshaughnessy.blogspot.com/ donna oshaughnessy

    Ann Voskamp at http://www.aholyexperience.com is such an incredibly discriptive author. She inspires me to be a better person. I blogged about her yesterday so I am ahead of the game and did not even know it :0).

    • elise

       Love Ann Voscamp!!

  • mostonvt

    Hearing this message of promoting others everywhere I go. Am sharing your nuggets of wisdom and also  recommend Edie Melson, co-director of Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference for her tireless  input into others’ writing lives and her great wisdom at http://thewriteconversation.blogspot.com/

  • Stephanie A. Warren

    Kelsie Hahn – wonderful & witty journalist/blogger/fiction writer


  • http://www.lifeofasteward.com Loren Pinilis
    • http://www.robshep.com Rob Shepherd

      The bearded Idealist is one of my favorites as well. 

  • http://www.faughnfamily.com/ Adam Faughn

    A friend of mine has a small blog that I believe will be huge one day. His style is so readable that I find myself having to work to not emulate it! His name is Chuck Webster. Here is his site: 

  • Jennifer

    I recommend books and websites to my readers all the time. I want them to know what I know so I encourage them to check out these great resources. The post I sent today recommends the Disney Insider. Check it out. http://agoofyidea.com/discover-disney-insider/. Some of these challenges have been hard for me. I’m glad to know at least one of them I do often.

  • Debby

    I’ m here at  the bottom of the comments, but hope this will take notice.  I’ve not posted before but have been following and doing the 15-day challenge and loving it!  Today I want to promote a writer friend of mine, but also her photography.  She is a photographer first and a writer second…but she tells her stories through her pictures, which is an art in itself.  Check her out, she is amazing.  She has been a #1 fan for me and a committed and talented friend.   www.joan-e-photography.com  and she is on facebook as Joan E Herwig photography  

    • Debby

      Also, I just went a step further and blogged on her.  My blog is a part of this challenge as well.  http://woman2woman-debby.blogspot.com/   I am so enjoying this challenge and learning and growing through Jeff and all the comments, plus the books I am buying that everyone keeps recommending.  If I am not writing, I am reading!!

  • http://timewithtracy.com/ Time With Tracy

    This is my favorite kind of assignment! I will share an incredible young singer/songwriter with you. Stephen Wrabel is 22 years old and currently recording his first major album. He’s going to be huge, and you all can say you listened to him before he ends up on the radio. You’re welome. :)

    Stephen is a former student of mine. He was in my math class in the 7th grade. Incredibly brilliant and talented, God has given him a gift and he is sharing it with the world.

    Listen to a sample of Wrabel’s work here: http://soundcloud.com/pulserecording/stephen-wrabel-office-lights

    You can also follow him on twitter @wrabel


    • http://twitter.com/croyseniles Christine Niles

      Wow, Tracy, he is talented.  Listening now!

  • http://unknownjim.com/ Jim Woods

    I highly recommend Elizabeth Hyndman. She is a blogger who writes about important things and some unimportant. I recommend her for her honest writing and visiting her blog is like having a conversation with her. 

  • JamesPrescott77

    Check out this from a good friend of mine – great writer, poet & all round creative – Vicki Adams. She always manages to inspire me. http://vickiadams.wordpress.com/

  • TammyBoltWerthem

    I just finished Jesus, Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones, awesome book packed with so many valuable lessons:

  • Clara Rose

    I am a huge Michael Hyatt fan and follow his blog about intentional leadership.  http://www.michaelhyatt.com if you have not heard of him, take a minute to stop by his site and see what he has to say.  His new book, Platform, is amazing!

  • http://PropensityForCuriosity.com/ Dustin M. Smith

    Very true. About a month ago I wrote an essay about my friend Andy, not at all realizing the importance of what you’re describing. The essay immediately took off, and has been shared over 25 times on Facebook since (a record for my blog). 


  • Lorena

    These might be a bit obvious but since no one has mentioned them yet I thought I’d throw them out there in case someone hasn’t discovered them yet. My favorite writing blogs:


  • http://twitter.com/ThePaulSims Paul Sims

    I’m pleased to see I’m not the only man who reads blogs and books by women. I like to listen to voices of wisdom, regardless of gender. Whew! Man-card intact. :) 
    That said, here are three of my favorite writers/thinkers who happen to be women:

    The latter two come from the camp of writing from the gut and have inspired me to do the same.

    • elise

       I’m impressed Paul…so agree about voices of wisdom. Thanks for sharing your insights!

      • http://twitter.com/ThePaulSims Paul Sims

        You are welcome! 

  • http://PropensityForCuriosity.com/ Dustin M. Smith

    Here’s something I read lately that I found really fascinating. One of my favorite artists, Andrew Peterson, wrote this about his take on the label of ‘creatives’. A lot of challenging and thought-provoking points…


  • http://www.geekywriter.com/ Romy Singh

    I share other writers, bloggers work if I like it. Even i comment there, engage there if the content suits my need. Because my belief is,

    ” He dares to share other writers work, and that is the first step in the direction of being a great writer. ”

  • http://talesofwork.com/ kimanzi constable

    I read an amazing post by Joe Lalonde today about our need to always be right: http://www.jmlalonde.com/fighting-to-be-right/ the post is so honest and so true!

    • http://www.michaelnichols.org/about Michael Nichols

      Joe is great – writer and encourager!

  • http://memoirsofanamazon.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/and-ill-try-not-to-fix-you/ racheAl

    I love this challenge!!! My friend is releasing her first album tomorrow!!!!  What a great idea to blog about her, her work, and promote it.


  • Marylyn Palmer


    Cherry Blossoms, Sushi and Takarazuka -Seven Years in Japan by Jill

    Jill’s memoir covers her seven
    years living and working in Japan.  With
    little money and no qualifications Jill’s memoir tells how she managed to realise
    her dream of living and working in Japan. I don’t normally like memoirs or
    biographies, but this book is so well written, with humour, passion, empathy
    and lots of interesting facts intermingled within its pages I didn’t want to
    put it down.


  • http://www.coffeepotchronicles.com/ Kim

    I used to share other bloggers’ work on a regular basis but quickly found myself tired of promoting things I didn’t have an interest in or felt it didn’t fit with my beliefs or lifestyle. I was promoting a lot of parenting blogs (I’m not a parent), coupon blogs (I don’t use coupons), or just general fluff that didn’t appeal to me.

    I’ve developed my own system now where if it’s something I’ve read that doesn’t appeal to me entirely but is something I know my audience might appreciate, I’ll promote it. But if it’s way out in left field or the writing is horrible (sounds a little snobby, I know) then I won’t promote it.

    Several of my friends are very talented writers, photographers, and artists whom I make every effort to promote regularly. I need to look around at blogs I follow regularly and get to promoting a few again. There are several who deserve it.

    • http://www.coffeepotchronicles.com/ Kim

       Here are three of my favorite writers, all women:

      http://www.burpandslurp.com (Food blogger with great stories about life weaved into her posts)
      http://www.sixyearitch.com (Mom and blogger with a bit of potty mouth but her honesty and humor is amazing)
      http://www.kittenagogo.com (Lifestyle blogger who has overcome financial difficulties and now tackles getting healthy and in shape while dealing with fibromyalgia and other physical challenges)

  • Working_studying

    terry pratchett and Michael Endde. They allowed me to survive a lot  bullying s while growing up and teach me many things that I might not put in perfect practice but that allow me to keep going. Their work are both funny, interesting and hold so much wisdom  

  • http://www.deannawriter.com/ Deanna Morono

    I have a friend who, at the ripe age of 24ish, started his own company: Infinity News Network (http://infinitynewsnetwork.com/). It’s an independent social news website/blog covering what’s driving and shaping the global conversation—with an emphasis on technology, transparency, uprisings, activism and stories that would otherwise go unreported. Basically, journalism at it’s best. 
    And they’re ruffling feathers, especially in Russia. Recently, the Russian Federation tried to hack into their system. It’s actually kinda cool. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/richlionhearted Rich Proctor

    My friend Denise writes a blog entitled Nurturing Creativity. I’ve had the honor of following her blog almost from the very beginning. Check her out, she’s got something to say.


  • http://randomlychad.com Chad Jones

    I have a rather capacious blogroll on my blog at http://randomlychad.com. Honestly, all are worth reading, thus I hesitate to recommend just one. So I’ll commend them all to you.

    Also, I have been gorging myself lately on the gorgeous prose stylings of Tosca Lee. She has a way of making normally much-maligned characters sympathetic, of humanizing them. Take her novel Demon: a Memoir for instance: never before have I read an account of creation through the lens of a fallen angel’s eyes. It’s genius.

    I may have an opportunity to interview her for my blog in the coming days.

  • http://twitter.com/FaerieWriter FaerieWriter

    My best friend Malia Jacobs (pen name) is a writer I admire. Her blog is brand new at http://maliajacobs.wordpress.com/ but she has been writing for years. She is currently working on book 2 of the Immortal Shadows trilogy, and the first book Lust is now available (you can download the first 5 chapters free). Its way better than Twilight.

  • http://jkflickinger.wordpress.com/ Judith_flickinger

    Sorry Jeff, but I totally crapped out on the Day 9 challenge.  I did accomplish today’s challenge but  that number 9 was..well..it didn’t happen. I wrote about it on my blog so I guess it’s not a total wipeout. Still, it wasn’t what you asked for either.  jkflickinger.wordpress.com

  • Pryzrak World

    I don’t know them, I just accidentally found it and I read some stories. Maybe you would do the same http://therebycandlelight.wordpress.com/

  • elise

    So much awesome information here.
    It’s inspiring and I’m definitely checking out some of these suggestions! As for me, I have two writer friends whose work I admire. One is Susan Pamzica over at http://www.eternitycafe.blogspot.com. She’s a talented writer, insightful, matching biblical insights with life application. And then there’s Penny Musco at http://www.pennymusco.com/lifelessonsfromthenationalparks/. She does a blog that takes us on a tour of national parks and recreation spots laced with fascinating tales of these beautiful and historical places. I always learn something new from her blogs…and she challenges me by tying the story into a biblical principle. Excellent stuff.

  • http://www.selahblog.org/ Joseph Iregbu

    And how can we forget our very own Jeff… Jeff Goins. You’re an inspiration! Truly.
    You’re helping us become better at what we do. I’m sure many will agree with me.

  • http://memoirsofanamazon.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/and-ill-try-not-to-fix-you/ racheAl

    My friend is a SONG writer, and I wrote just a quick quib about her here:


    I agree with Joe.  Jeff, our fearless leader, you are awesome!!!  You are appreciated!

    • http://rebootingworship.com/ Jamie Kocur

      How very cool!

  • http://www.thestewardshipsentinel.com/ Adam Miller, CFP®, CAP®

    Writing Is Hard!!! Some Stewardship Authors and a Challenge: http://bit.ly/MmUOO9

  • Rachelhauck

    I’d like to promote my friend Beth K. Vogt who’s debut novel Wish You Were Here released last month from Howard! Way to go Beth. http://www.bethvogt.com

  • http://www.transformationaleditor.com/ SuzanneG

    I can’t wait to visit all the blogs mentioned here today.  The variety is wonderful.

    We all need a moment of laughter, of introspection, of joy each day.  Samantha Reynolds at Bentlily – One Poem a Day surprises and touches me with her ability to look beyond the ordinary to find the soul of one moment in her day.

    Find her blog here:  http://bentlily.com/

    Just recently a friend handed me a book she raved over.  I’m so glad she introduced me to Charles Todd and his Inspector Ian Rutledge series.  Todd is an American writing about the a haunted war veteran in England following World War I.  Taut plots, elegant writing, and characters who intrigue and delight.  If you like excellent murder mysteries you will want to try this author.

  • http://denisedilley.blogspot.com/ Denise Dilley

    Another missionary friend of mine recently started something pretty awesome on her blog. Every day for 100 days, she’s honoring people on her blog. People she knows & some maybe that she doesn’t.  I think that’s pretty inspiring, so I wanted to share her blog with all of you:  

  • Pattie

    I’ll be sharing on my blog …


  • Troy Lynn Pritt

    Helen Pennington of Pine Bluff, AR has written a novel Fallow Fields. It is about a boy and his parents hiding along the Mississippi River in Arkansas in a future when our country was conquered and occupied by two Arab countries who used poison to wipe out whole cities. The family lives in an underground burrow, hiding from enemy patrols.  It is the most gripping and well-written book I’ve read. She was disappointed by one agent and it has never been published.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1163584527 Jan Roberts Culpepper

    I compiled a list of some amazing writers/bloggers. I hope you will check them out. http://simplyjan.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/id-like-to-introduce-you/

  • Carole Smith

    David did this for me about 2 weeks!  He saw something from me here, as a total stranger to him, and he tweeted, and posted on his blog about me!  

    What an awesome surprise!  His platform is larger than mine, but I am still shouting out back to him!

  • Carole Smith

    Here is another great blog on found from the 15habits crew!  

  • Dawn Whitmore

    Beth Kinder’s blog post spoke to me in a special way last week. Give it a read:


  • http://www.bethcoulton.com/ Beth

    Here’s one writer/two blogs that I really like.  And I’m in absolute deep love with his writing blog’s title, “Distilling Words.”  Man alive I wish I’d thought of that first…


  • Amypboyd

    I would like to introduce to a blogger that I love, Kimberly Henderson of http://plantingofthelord.blogspot.com. Kimberly has a way of taking everyday objects and situation to teach a life lesson.

  • http://yarnoverpullthrough.com/ Patrice

    A couple of days ago, I shared the work of a creative group of “yarn bombers” in Hawaii, known as The Fuzz, including links to the blogs and websites of the three founding members.  They may not be writers, but they are definitely a creative group of  artists.

    Here’s a link to the article (with 10 amazing photos) I wrote on HubPages.

  • Molly

    Cody McKibben. His blog thrillingheroics.com opened my eyes to going after your passion and living a ridiculously awesome life by becoming location independent. He has an awesome course called Digital Nomad Academy.  

  • http://oneconfusedlady.blogspot.com/ LeaveAMark

    Two people that I gather inspiration from and who’s message has influenced my writing would be Oriah Mountain Dreamer (
    http://www.oriahmountaindreamer.com/ ) and Marianne Williamson (
    http://marianne.com/). In particular Oriah’s poem titled “The Invitation,” and Marianne’s book “A Return to Love.” They are both beautiful souls with so much wisdom to share. 

    • http://oneconfusedlady.blogspot.com/ LeaveAMark

      I think I did this wrong – were we supposed to name people that aren’t well known??

  • CaroleSmith

    http://www.themakegoodchoicesproject.org/  Michael Hawkins has a great blog and a heart for others.   As he says on his site, “My goal is to create a stream of positive thinking, attitude adjustment, goal-setting, and encouragement.”  He has done a wonderful job of that here and will in the rest of the world too I am sure! 

  • http://slicedupfor.me/journaling/2012/06/18/five-year-plan/ James Holder

    Only made the midnight deadline by the skin of my teeth (blasted EST schedule), but here goes: http://slicedupfor.me/journaling/2012/06/18/five-year-plan/.

  • http://www.delemares.wordpress.com/ sandra delemare

    I’d been concerned that a lot of my blog consists of reblogs from other sites or links to other sites. Starting out (I’ve been blogging about 2 1/2 months), it looked a bit lean – so I’d reblog items that fitted my topic (why reinvent the wheel?). This also helped build my tribe.
    There’s almost nothing that can’t be relevant to mental health. I follow several people who are/have been struggling with mental health issues. They seem surprised that I reblog some of their posts. But I’ve learned in nursing practice that the words of someone who’s been through the mill tend to be more powerful than the advice of the professionals.
    I reblog to encourage – those who have written the post, and those who read and have gone through similar experiences.
    Thanks for this post, Jeff. It’s encouraged me that I’m on the right track. 

  • http://twitter.com/MissJenniep Jennie Pollock

    Sorry, running slightly late on the challenges after a long weekend away. I’m enjoying meeting new writers along this 15 Habits journey, but for today’s challenge I want to nominate Billy Coffey (

    I ‘met’ him through my brother (who is also a great writer, by the way, just read this poem if you don’t believe me: 
    http://peterpollock.com/2012/05/crying/ but I digress…). 

    Billy is a blogger turned author who can best be described as a redneck with an iPad. His blog posts are so infused with the very particular culture he lives in that reading one I – sitting in rainy England – am immediately transported to a porch swing somewhere in the American South, with the sound of crickets chirping in the humid afternoon, and a jug of sweet tea sweating on the table beside me.

    Just don’t ever read his posts about his daughter in a public place – they have a tendency to induce uncontrolled weeping! 

    Check him out!

  • http://www.saltandsparkle.com/home/2012/6/18/celebrating-gina.html Nics Cahill

    I just love to celebrate other writers, in fact I love to celebrate other people, period.


  • http://twitter.com/tammyhelfrich Tammy Helfrich

    I’m late to this challenge, but wanted to share. My friend Joy writes an incredibly honest blog about learning to fully engage life with a vision impairment. http://www.doublevisionblog.com She is inspiring!

  • http://twitter.com/tammyhelfrich Tammy Helfrich

    Here’s an up and coming band that I love called The Canes.

    You can follow them on Twitter @thecanesmusic.

    They are friends, and are incredibly talented. They’re are in a kickstarter campaign right now to fund a 32 city tour in the fall. Check them out!!



  • http://www.liveyourwhy.net/ Terry Hadaway

    Though he’s not a writer, he’s a valuable asset to anyone who self-publishes. His name is Marc McDougan and he runs http://www.sowtheseedministries.com—a ministry that happens to be a phenomenal printing service. Many of you have seen my book, What If Thinking (http://tiny.cc/18n5fw). Marc prints it for me. It is big print shop quality… better than the products I’ve gotten from some more popular online self-publishing options. Marc cares about his customers and the work they do. He is in the Nashville area but works with clients all over the country. You won’t find a better printer or a more genuine Christian businessman!

    • http://www.sowtheseedministries.com/ Marc

      Thanks for the great words.

  • http://www.economicliferecovery.com/ Nicholas Brack

    Jeff … I’m a day late on this challenge as I was at the hospital for the birth of my daughter .  I did manage to write a bit in Evernote on my iPhone (just trying to make it a habit).  

    To complete the challenge … I tweeted and facebooked YOU.  Specifically your quote: “The challenge is to find time to do what you were made to do without forsaking what you must do” from your email  “How do you find the time…?”   http://bit.ly/Lx2tgK 

    Thanks for the ironic push in the email update.

    • http://twitter.com/MarinaSofia8 Marina Sofia

       Congratulations on the birth of your baby! (Bit late but have been offline for a bit).  And please make that your top priority for the next few days at least!

      • http://www.economicliferecovery.com/ Nicholas Brack

        Thanks Marina.  Been crazy time wise … but what a blessing.

  • http://www.innerwits.com/ Dawn Epstein

     Leo Babauta, 

    In the spirit of giving a bump to someone who is lesser-known, please check out the amazing painting and photography of Susan Kwasnick: http://www.suekwasnick.com/  The best of her work will cause you to see even the simplest objects with new eyes.  I particularly love her ethereal “White Series”. Her blog also gives you a peek into works that are “on the drawing board”.

    Leo Babauta, author of Zen Habits, probably doesn’t need much introduction, but that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to share some of his wonderful work.  On my “artsteps” blog, I have a scheduled article that will post tomorrow featuring one of my favorites (which is actually a guest blog) on living a prolific life:http://zenhabits.net/living-the-prolific-life-a-how-to-guide/

    And one for you, Jeff, who as a new dad may like how accessible father-of-six Leo’s advice on being a great dad is:

    If you’ve joined klout.com, don’t forget to give +Ks to people who influence you.  I’ve done this for Jeff, and as I work through these incredibly inspiring lists of new people to read, I plan to give as many +Ks as I can. (I’ve also added a badge and shared this project on Facebook.  I think Jeff has earned that with how effectively he has kicked my butt. ;-) )

    I think, in general, any comments, “likes”, +1 on Google+… that sort of thing, are great ways to tell the world that you support other bloggers’ works.  

  • Anthony


    I agree sharing work is the only way to go.. I am including a link to my friend’s incredible sci fi /fantasy book. I still remember his initial 30 pages and me encouraging him to continue. He is now on his third book. I am as thrilled as I would be if it were my work.


  • http://darlene-freeniebelle.blogspot.com/ Darlene K Campbell

    I ordered the War of Art. Can’t wait to read it. I also love If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland. Powerful. Has anypone else read this?

  • Dreamweaver526

    Writer Kristi Boyce submitted a piece called The Ride to The Write Practice Summer Solstice  writer’s contest for the month of June. She received 1st place. Her piece is poignant and reverent and I found myself thinking of my own father and what an amazing man he is.

    I think this link will take you to her piece if you’re interested in reading it.

  • http://twitter.com/cole_bobbie Bobbie Cole

    I’m in the middle of Mary E DeMuth’s THIN PLACES and loving it. She is brave and honest and a vivid storyteller. The pieces seem to go all over the place but they’re right on subject, so that you travel with her, wondering, and then arrive with a so-that’s-it smile. She’s a modern philosopher.

  • http://undergodsmightyhand.blogspot.com Caroline @UnderGod’sMightyHand

    I love sharing other’s posts. If writing blesses, I share it in hopes it will bless others, too.

    Some of my favorites:

    Emily Freeman – http://www.chattingatthesky.com/ — Jeff Goins and Emily Freeman must be kin writers. Both write so beautifully on creating and living. Love it.

    Eileen at The Scenic Route – http://eileenknowles.com/ — I met Eileen a year ago at a writer’s conference (plus some on Twitter before that). I have to say that I have honestly seen her writing grow exponentially in just one year’s time. She finds such beauty and evidence of God in the smallest moments in “ordinary” days. Amazing.

    Kris at Always Alleluia – http://alwaysalleluia.com/ — Her prose is poetry. There’s usually at least one outstanding line that becomes so quotable.

    Lisa at Lisa Notes – http://lisanotes.blogspot.com/ — Her writing is clean, powerful, to-the-point and insightful.

    Do Not Depart – http://donotdepart.com/ — This site was one of my favorite bible study sites long before I was blessed to become a contributor. (I’m still astounding that I get to write with these ladies. They amaze me.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Jeff!

  • http://4ambassadorsofchrist.blogspot.com/ Jarmila V. Del Boccio

    I want to share an author /company’s website “Lamplighter Books” Mark Hamby has done an incredible job of republishing children’s stories from the 19th and early 20th century that focus on CHARACTER…almost a forgotten word these days! Here is the link: http://www.lamplighterpublishing.com/

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