10 Things I’ll Never Forget About Uganda

Last night, I hopped a plane from Kampala to Mombasa, and now I'm blogging from my phone in the bush. It's all part of my African adventure.

slum kids

As I look back on the past whirlwind of a week, there are a few things I will never forget:

  1. The private plane ride from Entebbe to Lira that threatened to remove every breath from my lungs during the flight.
  2. The day I met my sponsor child and finally understood the significance of such a seemingly simple choice.
  3. The beautiful, mile-long walk in the bush to fetch water.
  4. Watching the girl who refused to crack a smile finally dance like there’s no tomorrow.
  5. The man who stayed to take care of his family and the hope we saw in his eyes, in his house, and in his business.
  6. The time a 20-member brass band welcomed my friends and me to the worst slum in Uganda with our very own parade.
  7. The green rolling hills and the smells and colors of the country.
  8. The time I met a former child soldier.
  9. When I heard the most eloquent sermon ever delivered by a thirteen-year-old preacher.
  10. The moment I realized what this was all about and what my words were really worth.


Thank you for your prayers, your comments, and your concerns. And thank you to those who sponsored a child. You’ve made more of a difference than you realize.

(By the way, my offer from the other day still stands.)


My journey continues in Kenya. I'll share more soon. In the meantime, check out the rest of the team's posts and take an important step in changing the life of a child living in poverty.

For those who have followed along, what was your favorite moment of the trip? Share in the comments.