How to Vlog Like a Boss: An Interview with Amy Schmittauer

Online video is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. No one knows this better than Amy Schmittauer, the founder of Savvy Sexy Social and author of Vlog Like a Boss.

How to Vlog Like a Boss: An Interview with Amy Schmittauer

For nearly a decade, Amy has been in the video content creation business, and it all began with a surprise gift for a friend’s wedding. Amy wanted to create something personal, meaningful surprising for her friend’s rehearsal dinner, so she made a video.

When she saw the emotional impact her video had on all of the guests — not just her friend — the proverbial light bulb clicked on for Amy. She fell in love with the idea of making something that surprised people and drew a reaction from them. Although she knew little of video creation or editing, she dove in headfirst.

With a bit of research and creativity, she saw the opportunity to teach others how to use video, especially businesses. For the next few years, she kept her full-time job and started a “side hustle” of helping businesses make videos to reach their customers and grow their platforms.

On this episode of The Portfolio Life, Amy and I talk about how she knew it was time to have her own business, how she helped others see the value of video before everyone was doing it, and why being uncomfortable is necessary to achieving success as an entrepreneur.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Amy and I discuss:

  • What’s the second largest search engine in the world?
  • These two metrics are extremely important in video today: what are they?
  • When does long-form content become meaningful?
  • What was her first channel on YouTube?
  • What is one of the biggest misconceptions about making money from YouTube?

If you can make a normal day look interesting on video you can do a lot!

Amy Schmittauer

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Amy on making the leap into entrepreneurship

  • Why consistency is so critical to becoming known in any field.
  • How did she know starting her own business was worth the risk?
  • Who was her first client and why did she work for them for free?
  • Do you have to live in certain cities to be the most successful?
  • What are the different streams that make up her income?

YouTube is extremely powerful if you know how to use it.

Amy Schmittauer

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Amy’s quick tricks to start blogging now

  1. Come up with major themes for your videos.
  2. Q&A shows are a good concept to get you started.
  3. Start by publishing once a week, 2-3 videos a week once you know what you’re doing.
  4. Give your videos at least 48 hours to perform, before publishing more.
  5. Be exceptionally generous with your knowledge to become a thought leader to your viewers.


What did Amy share on today’s show that will help you start or improve your vlogging? Share in the comments.