The Job of an Artist (& How I Use Pinterest)

I just pinned this quote by yours truly on Pinterest. It was inspired by a recent newsletter I sent to my list. (By the way, if you’re not on my newsletter list, you should be — it’s free. Sign up here.) Here’s the pin (click the image to share):

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More about Pinterest

If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re probably a man.

—Alli Worthington

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a social network where people (mostly women) share ideas, art, and other content through images arranged on various “boards.”

These boards are arranged however you like, but then categorized under a handful of major categories, including photography, food, and so on.

I’ve started using Pinterest to curate memorable quotes for my writing and speaking. It’s also great for finding recipes, cool photos, and other creative work. If you’re not on it (and want to be), leave your email in the comments below, and I’ll send you an invite. It’s fun.

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Since I was finding so many interesting quotes on Pinterest, I thought I’d contribute my own. Here it is:

The job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world.

Feel free to share this quote on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever (click the links to share). And if you’re on Pinterest, you can repin it here.

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47 thoughts on “The Job of an Artist (& How I Use Pinterest)

  1. I saw your “artist” graphic yesterday. LOVE IT!! 🙂 Thanks for making Pinterest more manly and hopefully a bit more balanced for the rest of us.

  2. Jeff,

    Great quote… An excellent tool for pinning quotes is… I use it all the time to pull out quotes that I want to highlight in my articles and then embed the pin in my post…

    worth checking out for sure…


    Ryan H.

  3. Love the quote Jeff!  I was on for a while before the copyright issue reared its ugly head.  Honestly I have to say I still don’t really ‘get’ it and frankly can’t handle another time suck. Have fun!

  4. Have been hearing & reading a lot about Pinterest lately and would like to receive an invitation to join.  Please send to:

     Always enjoy your topics.  Thanks Jeff

  5. “a sanctuary of beauty” I like that.  I think I’ve actually been uninvited from Pinterest.  I signed up a while ago and then never had time to get into it.  I have a feeling it would be more of a time sucker than anything else for me.  Love the idea but like twitter and facebook I could easily see myself  spending way too much time on it. 

  6. You might consider different boards for quote topics, or you’ll find you can find the right quote for a specific talk. I love pinterest so much.

  7. This is a tricky quote because sanctuary can mean a refuge or a place of worship. I got worried because I normally think first of the place of worship, but then realized you were probably going for a place of refuge or safety.

    1. Hi, Jordan. Your comment made me think. The first meaning of sanctuary—a place of worship—isn’t all that incongruous with art as a sanctuary of beauty. I’m reading Eric Nykamp’s book, “Art as Prayer: Visual Communication with God.” We create art not only to escape the ugliness of a soiled and fallen world but to engage in spirit with the Creator of all that is good and beautiful. And if we dismiss all art as temporal, squelching our urge to create, would we not be hiding our light under a bushel?

  8. I added your quote with your permalink to my blog’s rotating “Quote Quencher”…should show up tomorrow.  Thanks, Jeff.

  9. I personally believe that Pinterest is just another (less versatile) Tumblr. I won’t be using it, and will probably stick to using Tumblr.

  10. You might also say:

    The job of the artist is to expose and decry ugliness to a beautiful world.

    Art doesn’t just create sanctuaries, but names distortions.  And we’re better for it.  Artists help us to see.

    And if anyone finds any of that quotable, they can put it on Pinterest.

  11. Hey Jeff,

    Please send me a pintrest invite. I actually have a lot of friends on this but I have been procrastinating on signing up because I don’t need another distraction while I’m in china. I guess I’ll just cut some FB time out to make room for inspirational stuff.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  12. Jeff,

    I just clicked over here from your emailed newsletter post about creativity going hand in hand with “a little bit of crazy.” I especially resonated with your line, “Your job is to offer a sanctuary of beauty to an ugly world.” Count me as one of your first one hundred commenters for your new e-bo0k coming out, please. Is this different than the Writer’s Manifesto then? I’m a new subscriber but am enjoying all that I’m learning here. Thanks. Jennifer Dougan

  13. Dickens said ‘Be true to yourself as a writer and you have fulfilled all the requirements of art.’

  14. Hi Jeff, nice one. I believe pinterest will be very powerful for all types of art including writing and I am already receiving great traffic to my site because of it, and it is crazily growing daily, by taking a striking photo and adding it to a poem, you can bring traffic and exposure to yourself, for free, can’t beat that, compared to facebook, this is much more powerful, traffic wise.

  15. Jeff–how do you “create” those quotes typed in the box like that….Gretchin Rubin has started to do the same thing…..

    Is there a program?

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Isn´t the blogging also about the hope of giving someone a good moment and perhaps and opportunity of some sort. Wether it be business, writing, photo, food etc?
    I keep thinking that my blog would make someone smile today or possibly change their lives a little bit. 
    Thanks for sharing your blog course! Generous of you and very inspiring! 
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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