The Best Blogging Advice I Ever Heard and Why It Ultimately Failed Me

It was the one thing everyone seemed to say. The crucial piece of advice that I was hesitant to take. And as great as it was, it just wasn’t enough.

Best blog advice
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“Just get started.”

This was what all my friends with successsful blogs had told me. It was the holy grail of advice. If I could just begin, they reasoned, then I would find my way.

The problem was I had already done that eight times before. And it just didn’t work.

Why starting isn’t enough

There’s something to be said about starting. It’s the place where we all begin. And I’m definitely a fan of not waiting for perfection and just getting on with the work you know you need to do.

But is that enough to succeed? Not quite.

After seven years of trying and failing and then two years of finally figuring it out, I’ve realized that starting is just, well, the start.

If you’re going to share your message with the world, if you’re going to build a blog that matters, you’re going to have to get intentional.

Three keys to blogging success

Recently, I released three free video trainings on what I’ve learned from building an online audience of 100,000 people. This was a process that took less than two years, and since then, I’ve taught over 2000 people to do the same.

And now I’m sharing these secrets with you.

Here’s what I’ve learned (click the links below to watch the videos which are all now available for a limited time):

  1. Find your voice. This is the one thing that only you can provide, your unique perspective and way of viewing the world. Learning how to share it is an essential skill.
  2. Combine passion with need. It’s not enough to have a dream. You need demand. People must want what you have to offer and actually value it. Otherwise, you only have a hobby.
  3. Help people. Some say it’s not who you know but who knows you. But I think it goes deeper than that: it’s not who you know, it’s who you help. Being resourceful is the absolute best way to build an audience.

An opportunity to go deeper

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What’s the best piece of blogging advice you’ve ever heard? Share in the comments.