Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and What Really Matters

Spoiler alert: There’s a Cyber Monday deal in here that will probably go fast. So if you want it, click here to find out more.

I just finished up a retreat with my team where I told everyone our goal for next year: “We are going to help more writers and creatives succeed.”

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and What Really Matters

Not make more money, sell more courses, or even reach more people. I want to take the influence we already have — the students in our courses, the people who come to our events, and the readers of my books — and actually help them.

You see, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of business and start optimizing for your own success. To sell more books, make more money, reach more people. Fame is a drug, and the more of it you get, the more you need. I know that from personal experience. But like any drug, after a while you start to wonder if this is actually any good for you, and if it’s making you any happier.

So I don’t want to optimize for my success. That’s not what business, and certainly not what art, should be about. The gifts we have to offer the world — whether they’re courses, books, or just our ideas — are not meant to be hoarded. They’re meant to be shared.

My goal is to help more people. Sure, I have a business to run and a family to support, and people tend to take things that they pay for more seriously than things they get for free. But I’m no longer interested in just selling more widgets. I don’t want to optimize for my success; I want to optimize for yours.

So that’s my commitment to you on this day of consumption that ironically follows a day of thanks. I want to help you reach your next breakthrough.

One way I know how to do that is to make hard things simple, and one of the hardest things writers face is setting up their blog and using it to grow an email list. This is the one of the very first steps that all the other steps point back to, but it can be a lot of work and scary if you aren’t very tech savvy.

So… I’ve decided to create an easy button for writers and creatives who want the fastest way to launch a professional blog. For this Cyber Monday, I’m offering 100 – yes, only 100 – doorbuster deals on a bundle that will include everything you need to get started blogging.

Why only 100? Because I am confident we can get 100 started blogging, building an email list, and headed in the right direction. I don’t know that we can do that with 200 or 500 or 1000 people. So we’re cutting it off at 100.

Here’s what you get:

1. Tribe Theme: A WordPress Theme for Writers

Tribe Theme is a shortcut for writers who want a sharp website. It allows you to have a website that looks like mine, because I use Tribe Theme, too. This premium theme is easy to install, looks great, and allows you to have a website controlled by simple buttons instead of complicated code.

Retail value: $200

2. Blog Launch Live Workshop

On December 13, 2016, I’ll be hosting a live online masterclass where I’ll show you how to set up a great looking website, teach you how Tribe Theme works, and show you how to make your blog more professional. Instead of struggling through this stuff on your own, we can do it together with live Q&A! We’ll be recording this in case you miss the live event, so you can watch it as many times as your heart desires.

Retail value: $100

3. Intentional Blog Course

In this popular course, I teach you how to grow an audience using your blog. These short video lessons will show you how to get your writing discovered, build an email list of 1000 true fans, and monetize your blog. Blogging is the secret to launching my writing career, and I’ll show you how to get your blog humming in the next 30 days.

Retail value: $300

4. Rapid List Builder Course

In this course, my friend Bryan Harris teaches you everything you need to know to start growing your email list from 0 to 1000 people. He is the smartest guy on list-building that I know and someone I have personally hired to coach me in growing my own email list. This course will get you headed in the right direction.

Retail value: $350

5. ConvertKit

The power of Infusionsoft but the simplicity of MailChimp. ConvertKit is the hottest new tool to automate and monetize your email list. You get 1 month of ConvertKit for FREE.

Retail value: $29

Here’s the deal

The bundle is worth $1,328, but as a Cyber Monday special, 100 people get it for almost 80% off. You can get the entire blog launch bundle for $297 or three payments of $117.

If you’ve been procrastinating on launching your blog because it sounds hard, this is your easy button. Design a great looking blog with me there to help you for over half off the normal price.

We have 100 bundles available. Only 100. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. After that, everything goes back to full price.

Claim your blog launch bundle here.

BONUS: The Art of Speaking

Speaking is a great way to get paid as a writer. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone would pay you $1000 to give a speech? Learn how to create your first speech and find your first paid gig in this online video course by Grant Baldwin.

Retail value: $349

Since we’re offering an 80% discount and products from several different experts, we will not take returns for this bundle. It’s worth over four times what you’ll be paying, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Claim your blog launch bundle here.

What kind of blog do you want to start? Who are you trying to reach with your message? Share in the comments.