What Blogging Every Day Taught Me About Creativity

From Jeff: This is a guest post by David Santistevan. He is a worship music leader, pastor, and blogger. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Doing creative work every day, over and over, is hard.

Sometimes it feels great, like dozens of ideas are knocking at your mind's door, waiting to be sent on a mission.

Other days, you want to quit. Or bang your head against a wall. Or do both while you cry, watch chick flicks, and eat gallons of chocolate ice cream.

Blogging every day has taught me many lessons. First off, I don't really like chocolate ice cream or chick flicks all that much. Second, habits are the key to success in life.

Blog Every Day
Photo credit: Tom BKK (Creative Commons)

If you were to tell me five years ago that I would now be married, blog every day, be a full-time pastor, write songs for my church, exercise, and have time to walk the dog, I'd probably bang your head against a wall.

Most of us complain about not having enough time. The truth is, we have enough time to do whatever we want, but we're not willing to make the sacrifices to do it.

Creativity Lessons from Blogging Every Day

Like I said, the discipline of blogging every day has taught me many lessons. Here are five habits that blogging has taught me about creativity:

1. Don't underestimate the importance of a morning routine

Creative people can struggle to get things done. In order to put in the time necessary for my blog, I've had to wake up early. Like, 5 a.m. early. This has done more for me than improve my blogging.

The early morning hours seem to be the most productive for me and in Jon Acuff lingo, I “hustle” on my dream before the demands of the day drown it out.

I also love how Tim Sanders describes the need to feed your mind a good “breakfast.” During these early hours I write, read, and pray, setting the course for my day.

2. There's more inside of you than you think

Sometimes people will ask me how I keep coming up with solid material to write. To be honest, the more you write, the more creative you become.

As long as you're writing on something your passionate about, you'll keep taking your writing to a new level the more you do it.

You'll see things from a new perspective the more you do it. So, believe me when I say, there is more inside of you than you think. There are years of creativity in you that will only get deeper and more beautiful over time.

3. See every moment as an opportunity to learn

I used to just live — sort of let life happen while I had a good time.

But when you blog every day, it forces you to look for inspiration everywhere. Every conversation, every movie, every song, every walk, every book, every meal you eat.

The list continues. Learn everywhere and keep track of all your ideas.

4. Don't fear criticism

I used to fear publishing because I was afraid of the negative reaction people would have. Or not having a reaction at all. I feared that people would hate me, think I'm too young, shallow, deep, naive, arrogant, uninformed, or simple.

As a creative, you can't allow criticism to control you. Otherwise, your ideas will stay in your head. Blogging has taught me this: don't fear criticism. Just keep creating.

5. Don't waste time

If you blog every day, you'll have to sacrifice good things for great things.

I don't watch much TV because there's usually a blog post that needs drafted, an idea that needs developed, something that needs shipped. I love this, because it trades mindless entertainment for vision.

I'm able to make a difference in other people's lives through my writing. That keeps me going.

So there it is. That's why I think you should write every day. Go do it. We are awaiting your brilliance.

What lessons has blogging taught you?

*Photo credit: Tom BKK (Creative Commons)