5 Ideas for Writing Blog Posts When You Feel Stuck

We all get stuck, sometimes. Writer’s block, or the Resistance, or whatever you want to call it, gets the best of us and we end up with no words to write.

Notepad and pen
Photo Credit: vasta via Compfight cc

We stammer and stutter and wonder where our inspiration went. At times like these, it can be nice to have a go-to list of topics, a quick guide for when you feel like there’s nothing to say.

I’ve compiled such a list. Here are five blog post ideas for when you’re just not feeling it:

  1. Confess a dark secret. We all have things we wish the world didn’t know about us. Maybe it’s a silly, embarrassing fact — like one of the first times I met my wife, I spit in her face (true story), or the time I peed my pants in college… on purpose (also true). You know, stuff like that.
  2. Call someone out. I’m not a fan of publicly shaming someone, but it’s hard to deny how much attention these posts can get you. Still, I think there is a tactful way to disagree with someone, especially a celebrity or political figure who might not otherwise respond to you. Open letters are pretty popular these days (here’s an example of someone calling me out in a way that really woke me up).
  3. Ask a question. The world doesn’t need you to have all the answers; it just needs you to speak up, to lead the conversation.
  4. Teach something. Maybe it’s how to replace the oil filter in your car or how to write a book, but we all have skills we want to learn. And we all have skills we can teach. Take something that you’re a natural at and generously share your knowledge with the world.
  5. Pick a fight. We all have those hills we’re willing to die on, whether they be political or religious affiliations or why you think your hometown is the best place in the world. Whatever the cause, take your stand, make your argument, and let the world know. Sure, this is one way to make a few enemies, but it’s also a way to earn some new friends.

What you must remember about blogging, about all writing actually, is that people don’t remember vanilla content. They don’t tweet links to mediocre articles and don’t tell their friends about someone who is average.

We, the readers, want remarkable, something worth talking about. Will you give it to us?

What ideas for writing better blog posts would you add to this list? Share in the comments.