Why You Might Need to Reject Your Parents’ Career Advice

This is the seventh lesson of an eight-week book study I’m hosting live on The Art of Work. Be sure to join the book study for next week’s lesson, and the conversation live! Click here to watch the previous six lessons.

Why following your parents’ career advice won’t get you very far. #artofworkbook

Posted by Jeff Goins, Writer on Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Book study highlights

In this week’s lesson, we talk about:

  • What it takes to become great at something.
  • Processing good and bad career advice we’ve heard growing up.
  • The biggest misconception about finding your calling.
  • Why pursuing just one craft or trade may not be good advice.
  • Two ways you can know when you’ve discovered your calling.
  • A new kind of mastery.
  • Why becoming a master of some is a good thing.
  • The four different components of the portfolio life.
  • How developing a portfolio life will best prepare you for the future.
  • The myth of work-life balance.
  • Why your calling is more than one thing.


I hope you’ll join me live next week for The Art of Work book study. We will discuss why our calling isn’t about us as much as we thought it was.

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