035: What About Me? Avoiding the Comparison Trap [Podcast]

Let's be honest for a moment. At times, we all want what other people have. We long for the fame and fortune we seem to be missing out on. We are envious. This envy often leads to guilt and shame. But is it always such a bad thing?

It’s easy to see someone else’s success and compare yourself to what you think you see. Their finished product looks great, they must have it together. “Why don’t I feel that confident or competent?” you wonder. 

Or maybe you see someone doing the same thing you're doing but experiencing far greater success. Why is that? What makes their work better than yours? On the surface, this kind of comparison feels detrimental. But perhaps, there's a way redeem this “trap” and use it for good.

Here's the truth:

Envy isn’t always bad. Complacency is. Envy is an indication of something you want, but don’t yet have. [Tweet that]

The hidden benefit of comparison is that you can use it to push forward. In this episode of The Portfolio Life, my co-host Andy Traub and I talk about how we both have struggled with comparison, what we’ve done about it, and how you can turn your comparison into motivation.

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Join us as we explore this tension between envy and motivation and why the two can go hand in hand. Admiring someone else's success gives you something to strive for. In other words, envy, with the right motivation, can help you succeed.

Many of us feel like we're competing with our friends or peers. But wanting to be better than everyone else is an empty pursuit. The real question is do we want to be better than we were yesterday?

Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • Some questions you can ask yourself when you’re feeling jealous (so you don't get stuck in that “What about me?” trap)
  • The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and why understanding this will change everything for you
  • How to use your envy to become a more productive person
  • Practical tips for intentional self-improvement, even when you're feeling jealousy or unworthy

Your job as a creative is to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. (Tweet that)

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