How to Crowd-fund Your Next Book: Free Video Training

Ever thought about writing a book? Of course, you have; we all have. So why haven’t you done it yet? Maybe because you thought you didn’t have the resources. But you actually do.

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Maybe it’s a project you’re already working on —fitting it in between other priorities, late at night or on the weekends. Or maybe it’s something you plan on getting to “eventually.”

Either way, I’m willing to bet there lurks in the back of your mind a fantasy about becoming a published author.

Whenever you read stories of famous authors getting their first, six-figure advance, your heart starts to race. You begin to dream.

But then reality sets in…

You hear celebrity authors tell talk show hosts about the years of rejection that they went through before a publisher was even willing to give them a shot.

And you remember a statistic you once heard that said most books sell fewer than 1000 copies, and never cover the costs of the first print run. 

You wonder whether you have the time, resources, and fortitude to put yourself through all of that — all for something that might never even happen.

So what do you do?

Do you let your dream of writing and publishing a book die? Do you consign yourself to a life of hard work and rejection? Are you doomed to be a starving, unknown artist for the rest of your life?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a third option. (Hint: there is.) You can pick yourself and invite a community to join.

And I’m excited to say a friend of mine knows a thing or two about this. And I’ve asked him to do a free, live webinar for my readers.

About the event

Danny Iny is the guy behind Firepole Marketing, author of Engagement from Scratch! (an Amazon best-seller), and a manifesto-turned-crowd-funded-phenomenon called Naked Marketing.

In addition to being a pretty savvy marketer, he’s also a super-friendly, really nice guy. Which is why he’s agreed to put on a special training event to teach you everything you need to know to crowd-fund your book project and turn it into a best seller.

If you’ve been waiting for some publisher to come along and pick you, it’s time to stop stalling and put your work out there. And Danny is going to show you the way.

A no-pitch webinar (seriously)

This is going to be fun, and more importantly, it’s going to be totally free. No cost to register and nothing for sale in the presentation.

This isn’t some clever way to bait-and-switch effort you into buying some expensive teaching program. There will be absolutely NO PITCH at the end of this training; all you have to give is up is your email.

Danny and I have done this sort of thing before, and I can assure you it will be worth your time. All you have to do is register and show up on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 3pm Eastern.

Register now for this free, live training: How to Crowd-fund, Write, and Self-publish a Best Seller.

Have a question?

Danny and I want to make this training as valuable as possible, but we need your help.

If you have any questions about crowd-funding, self-publishing, or anything else related to writing a book, bring them to the event. IF you can’t make it, enter them in the comments of this post, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Whether you can make it or not, go ahead and register. If we’re able to do a recording (there’s no guarantee of this, so really try to make it to the event if you can), we’ll email it to everyone who registers.

Note: This event has already happened. You can watch the replay below or click here to download the worksheet.

What’s one question you have about self-publishing, crowd-funding, or launching a best-selling book? Share in the comments.

32 thoughts on “How to Crowd-fund Your Next Book: Free Video Training

  1. Is there a way to get a recording after 3pm? This is my last week of student teaching in Missouri. I’d love to sign up, but I won’t be able to join on time.

    You rock! Thank you for inspiring me!

    Nikki Whitaker

  2. I’d love to watch this, but I have a scheduling conflict. My guitar lessons are at this time. Please tell me if it’s possible to watch the video after broadcast.

  3. I’d like to learn more about Kickstarter. I’ve published 2 books so far and they haven’t recouped their costs (I didn’t exactly do things on the cheap for either of them). Does Kickstarter work?

    I plan to be at the Webinar Thursday. Looking forward to it! Thanks for having one that’s not going to just be an infomercial for an expensive product.

    Thanks so much,

    Valerie Stocking

  4. My question is about self publishing and marketing: How do you market your book if you don’t have an email list and don’t want to spam your friends and family on social media like twitter and Facebook. I have a blog and I’ve posted a books page but I feel like I’m not reaching my target audience.

    Thanks for you help Jeff.

      1. I think the short answer is Amazon. The hard part is getting enough traction (i.e. reviews) to kick in that long-tail effect. If you feed Amazon, it’ll feed you. 🙂

  5. Thank you for offering this webinar. This is very timely because I was just thinking about doing crowdfunding. However, I have hesitated. I’d like to know how to promote your crowdfunding without being self conscious about asking. My questions: How to word what you say, how to ask people to participate.  How to overcome some of those fears of asking and how to do it in a way that people will respond to.
    Also, who to ask and how to find others who might be interested who you don’t know.

  6. I don’t know why the idea of crowd-sourcing a book hadn’t occurred to me earlier. It seems like I was just reading something a week or so about it, and it sparked my interest.
    My question would be concerning the different types of incentives you could give people who buy-in to the crowdsourcing. If your book is going go be selling for $10, what incentives could you give to those who donate $50 or $100 or more?

  7. I would love to hear tips for getting the word out about your crowdsourcing project once it is launched. I actually have a Kickstarter project ready to fly, but I’m trying to pull together a plan for publicizing it before launch and it’s intimidating me. Thanks!

    Laura K. Cowan, Novelist

  8. How does a fiction writer create a platform? I get how it works for non-fiction, but I’m not sure how to apply it to my novel in progress. 

    1. Lisa, GREAT question! It’s a little different from nonfiction, but still possible. This might help:

  9. I’m having a difficult time actually “selling” my eBook. Last week, I
    launched it with the Kindle Select program where it was free for 3 days
    straight. It was downloaded nearly 1,000 times.

    However, I have barely sold any since then. I was truly hoping there would be some
    momentum leftover from the freebie, but I have not found this to be

    Any tips on what I might be doing wrong? How can I fix it?

    1. Tessa, I think the reality of KDP Select is it’s a crap shoot. Some people have great experiences with it, and so do not.

      If you want to guarantee sales, the best strategy is to build an email list.

  10. If you discuss Kickstarter, I’d be interested in your thoughts on incentives. When I see the vast array of incentives some people offer on Kickstarter, it’s hard to imagine how much work they are opening themselves up to in fulfilling all their promises (which is one reason I’ve held back on using it).

      1.  Jeff, I’m basically trying to get a better of understanding of Kickstarter, so I have no specific questions. (This might be a great interview topic for you.)

  11. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve crowd-funded several books in the past – one to the tune of $30,000 – but that was ages ago and I think I can learn new methods from Danny.

  12. Is there a way to get a recording after 3pm? This is my last week of student teaching in Missouri. I’d love to sign up, but I won’t be able to join on time.
    You rock! Thank you for inspiring me!
    Nikki Whitaker

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