127: Deconstructing the Elements of a Successful Conference

There are so many elements of a conference for event organizers to consider. Dates, food, speakers, content, lanyards, and the like. But there is one component that accounts for 50% of an event’s success all by itself.

127: Deconstructing the Pivotal Elements of a Successful Conference

Location. Location. Location.

One of my favorite venues is The Factory in Franklin, TN. The old brick and steel building features interesting boutiques, a few restaurants, and some of the best pastries you’ll ever eat. The Factory is filled with rustic charm and a rich creative history that pulls you in.

For an event that’s geared towards creatives and writers, the location needs to invigorate the creative spirit.

My vision for Tribe Conference is to design a creative space where people are inspired. In my experience, hotel meeting rooms are not conducive to creativity. I understand the convenience to attendees and organizers alike, but the space needs to spur something on within you.

This week on The Portfolio Life, Andy and I talk about how Tribe Conference has grown and evolved in just two years, and what it takes to “wow” your audience.

Listen in as we discuss big wins from 2016 and how we plan to elevate the experience for attendees even more in 2017.

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Show highlights

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The relationship between location and creativity
  • What we loved about Tribe Conference 2016
  • Bringing together a diverse group of creatives
  • Putting the right people in place to create a great flow
  • The role of a team in delivering a quality experience
  • How underpricing an event can be detrimental
  • Why you may want to scale back your plans to grow

Quotes & takeaways

  • Give people a space that inspires them.
  • Things get fun when you start dreaming up how to wow your audience.
  • Great events aren’t about the people who organize them.
  • Really great things happen when you bring really great people together.
  • It’s not always in the best interest of the attendees to make an event bigger.


How has a conference exceeded your expectations? What makes an event memorable? Share in the comments.