11 Reasons to Not Write That Book

Lots of people will tell you to “write that book.” I used to be one of them. Not anymore. I don’t think you should rush to write that book. In fact, I am taking the opposite approach and saying don’t write that book.

11 Solid Reasons to Not Write a Book

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Here are all the circumstances under which you should absolutely not write that book:

  1. If you can avoid writing the book, don’t write that book.
  2. If you can’t articulate the argument clearly in a sentence, you shouldn’t write that book.
  3. If you are trying to be a bestseller, don’t write that book.
  4. If you want to make millions, don’t write that book.
  5. If something significant or traumatic happened to you and you want it to matter to other people, don’t write that book.
  6. If you have a big, untested idea, don’t write that book.
  7. If someone told you once that you should write a book, don’t write that book.
  8. If a lot of people told you that you should write a book, don’t write that book.
  9. If you have always wanted to be a writer but haven’t developed a daily writing habit, don’t write that book.
  10. If you were told that books make good business cards, don’t write that book.
  11. If you want to generate more leads, don’t write that book.

On the other hand…

If you love to write and want a new creative challenge…

If you can clearly capture what you want to say in a brief statement…

If you have something important to say and you have validated the idea with an audience…

If you are willing to do the hard and emotional labor of creating something out of nothing and are not just looking for a cheap way to drum up business…

If you are committed to writing a real book and you care more about readers than lists…

Then maybe you should write that book.

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