The Worst Way to Find a Mentor is to Ask For One

This is the third lesson of an eight-week book study I’m hosting live on The Art of Work. Be sure to join the book study so that you don’t miss next week’s lesson, and join the conversation live! Go here to watch the previous two lessons.

Book study highlights

In this week’s lesson, we talk about:

  • Why we often find our calling in how we respond to life’s challenges
  • The best way to find a mentor
  • What mentors and apprenticeships look like today
  • Why you need a team of mentors to help you find your calling
  • Discovering the mentors currently in your life
  • The reason why you need to be teachable
  • Becoming someone’s case study
  • Putting your mentor’s advice into action


I hope you’ll join me live next week for The Art of Work book study where we will discuss why pursuing our calling takes deliberate and painful practice.

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