Get Over It

Get over it
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In life, there are always excuses:

  • “The dog ate my homework…”
  • “I was dropped when I was a baby…”
  • “I don't have enough time…”
  • “The boss won't let me…”
  • “Nobody understands…”
  • “I'm scared…”
  • “It costs too much…”
  • “How will I pay the bills?”
  • “That's just a good idea…”
  • “I could never…”

All of the above are fine reasons to not act. That is, unless you're talking about your dream, your passion — the thing you've been put on this earth to do. Unless you're talking about the very thing that keeps you up at night, the reason you got out of bed this morning, the obsession that drives you to do work that matters.

In that case, you have no choice. You have to find a way to do it. You have to figure out how to get to your dream.

The problem is the excuses abound and resistance is all around us. We are being held back. How do we actually move forward? How do we overcome the rationalizations and find the path to our passion?

The solution is both simple and hard: GET OVER IT.

Find a way to do what you were created to do, anyway. Find a route around the obstructions. And start doing it, whatever “it” may be: writing, starting a business, moving overseas, whatever. Bottom line? It's time to start. Here's how it works:

Get up early. Stay up late. Persevere.

Don't quit. Press in. Work harder.

This won't be easy. And if you do it right, it could cost you everything. But it will be worth it. So get started. Move. No looking back now. It's all or nothing. This is the real deal.

Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to go the distance? To give up your excuses and really make a difference? Here's how you begin…

First, tell the truth. No more lies, no more stalling. No more giving reasons to not do what you were made to do. No one is holding you back, but you. You have more opportunity that you realize. More chances to succeed than you know. Time to believe it.

Second, do something. Anything. Just start moving. You'd be surprised how real and legitimate excuses step aside as you make room for your dream.

Oh it's such a drag, what a chore
Oh your wounds are full of salt.
Everything's a stress and what's more
Well, it's all somebody's fault.

—O.K. Go

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So, what's really holding you back? Share in the comments. And then, let those excuses go.