7 Ways to Get Noticed For Your Writing Now

From Jeff: This is a guest post from Laura Click. Laura is the founder of Blue Kite Marketing, a marketing and social media consulting group that helps small businesses reach new heights. You can connect with her on Twitter (@lauraclick) and via her blog.

Get writing noticedIn today’s digital age, the need for quality content has never been greater.

Businesses are now feeling the pressure to start blogs and fill them with good, useful content on a regular basis.

Websites need effective copy. Email campaigns need to be written strategically. And then, of course, there are tweets, Facebook messages and LinkedIn posts.

This is overwhelming for a lot of businesses. And many are not equipped with the marketing staff to handle the need.

This creates incredible opportunities for savvy writers to shine.

As the owner of a marketing company, I’m always looking for good, quality writers to work with. Although I do much of the writing myself, there are times when I need to bring in other writers to get the job done.

I’m not alone. PR firms, advertising agencies and web design companies could all benefit from having talented writers at their disposal. And, there are plenty of businesses that would love to work with writers directly.

How to Get Your Writing Noticed

So, how do you get noticed by businesses that would love to pay for your writing? Here are seven tips to help you get started:

1. Start a blog

If you don’t already have a blog, now is the time to start one. Since the world lives online, that’s the first place people will look when searching for writers to work with.

Not only will a blog help you get found online, it will also give you the opportunity to showcase your writing. Since many businesses are looking for writers to blog for them, it’s important to show that you are comfortable writing in this medium.

2. Guest post on other blogs

Whether you’re just getting started with blogging or want to expand your reach, guest posting is a great way to get your writing in front of a new audience.

It also gives you some credibility and will improve you search engine rankings if your website is linked from another high-quality site.

Reach out to bloggers (who are always in search for content) and offer to guest post for them. This offer not only helps you get noticed, but it also helps the blogger.

3. Comment

Strategically leaving a well-thought comment on other blogs is a fantastic way to get yourself in front of the right the audience.

Look for companies or people that you’d like to work with and leave smart, helpful comments on their blog posts. This will help you get on their radar screen, fast.

4. Get social

Social media can help you hone your writing skills. Distilling your thoughts into 140 characters or less challenges you to be incredibly succinct.

As a marketer, I want to know that you can write a tweetable headline or convey a message with a compelling Facebook post.

Getting active on social media sites helps you flex your writing muscles and prove you know how to write for this environment. Additionally, social media offers great way to connect with the very people and businesses you’re trying to attract.

Connect with those that you would like to work with, and strike up a conversation. You never know where it might lead.

5. Get testimonials

Can you meet deadlines? Can you work under pressure? Are you responsive and easy to work with? Is your writing effective?

Testimonials help answer key questions business owners will have about working with you. And, they allow you to convey these important messages without having to say so yourself.

If you don’t have any testimonials yet, it’s time to ask for some to showcase on your site.

6. Show off your portfolio

Business owners want to see your writing in action, so make your work easily accessible on your website.

Even if your writing isn’t online, you can offer links to download a brochure, white paper or other hard copy pieces you’ve written. This will help businesses get a chance to see what kind of work you produce.

7. Just ask.

If you’re ready to get paid for writing, it’s time to get out there and just ask. Businesses are starving for good writers. And some may not realize that freelancers are a viable option.

Contact these businesses and ask if they need writers. You never know what they might say.

And, if you’re not sure where to start, contact marketing consultants, PR firms and advertising agencies.

The benefit of working with these kinds of companies is that they recognize the need for good writers and eliminate the work of dealing directly with the client. This saves some headache for you.

How do you get your writing noticed?

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57 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get Noticed For Your Writing Now

  1. The idea of someone actually paying me money to write seems far fetched, but exciting. It never occurred to me to email companies and websites to see if they need people to write for them. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. Target the ones who need it – it can be part of your pitch that you’ve read their writing, analyzed their reach (as much as possible), and then you show them how much more they could be getting if YOU were writing for them.

      1. Jenn makes some great suggestions here. There are so many companies that need help with strategic business writing. The tides are changing and corporate mumbo jumbo just won’t cut it anymore. If you can write in a way that will cut through the crap, I don’t think there will be any stopping you!

  2. Excellent suggestions, Laura. Last night I sat in on #blogchat and there are tons of suggestions from advanced bloggers for newbie bloggers. One way to learn quick is to join in; be a fly on the wall if you don’t want to contribute.

    Last night, for example, the subject of being a paid blogger came up. Seems it’s more challenging than it sounds, yet someone mentioned she wrote 40 posts per week for corporations!

    1. Wow! That’s a lot of posts. I couldn’t agree more about just joining the conversation. You learn so much from being exposed to really smart and talented people.

  3. These are great suggestions. Each one had merit and I’ve seen many of them at play in action. Commenting is a great way of building relationships. Visiting other people’s blogs regularly, I’ve found often draws them to yours as well. It is time consuming, but I guess it is worth it for those of who write, either for personal discovery or to acheive professional goals.

    1. Commenting is definitely a good way to get on people’s radar. If there’s a person or blog you really want to notice you, you need to make sure you regularly comment on their site. However, even more important, is to make sure your comments ADD to the conversation. Leaving “great post!” comments are nice, but won’t get you noticed.

      Good luck!

  4. Inspired and frightened all in response to this post. Step one: Start a blog – Check.

    I’ve always admired what Jeff has been able to do in regards to not just his talent but in addition, his dedication and discipline to the writing process.

    Often I find myself tripping up over the idea of my voice. “What is it?”

    Either way thanks for this Laura.

    1. Thanks for the props (and honesty), Brian. I’m actually working on a post about discovering your blogging voice (hint: it’s not your regular voice).

  5. I liked this post! I currently create copy for many of my clients, which I get paid for, and am looking to bridge the gap and finally start getting paid for my creative writing. I have a blog, am really embracing social media, and love commenting on other blogs! This post was a nice confirmation that I am on the right path to honing my writing skills and eventually, getting paid to be a creative writer. Yeah!

  6. I just created my own blog and I used Tumblr (as per suggestion of my friend). Her reasoning was it’s more “mainstream”.

    Is choosing the right blogging site also one way that may help a blogger get noticed?

  7. Thanks for the very concise and practical advice, Laura. Your 7 steps will make a helpful checklist to keep myself motivated and on track.

    Thank you for sharing, Laura! And thank you for making this post possible, Jeff!

  8. Thanks for the very concise and practical advice, Laura. Your 7 steps will make a helpful checklist to keep myself motivated and on track.

    Thank you for sharing, Laura! And thank you for making this post possible, Jeff!

  9. Well since I’m still trying to work out in my brain if I’m a writer or not, this was very helpful. 
    I’m feeling myself out to figure out if I’m just a blogger if I am truly a writer. 

  10. What does this man really have to say about writing? Let’s see with just gazing over this ridiculous topic is that we should conform our writin to twits, tweeds & facefuck posts? As most of all these dam degrading bloggings. Is this really what writing has become? This Is really, really sad. Especially from this retarded ginger motherfucker. Congradulations to whatever or whoever he worked with. Doesn’t make him great or anything really. It make him a conformist and a total sleezball for doing what will make everyone oh so happy instead of doing what he loves and what comes from the heart. Let’s not lose that and fuck you. Let’s hope this will get some real blood flowing. Not fucking losers sucking the life outta real creativity.

    Email this: g00db

  11. Hey Jeff!
    I was an exchange student during the 2011-2012 school year.  I kept a blog, and I think that it has some good substance.   I would like to continue writing a blog.  However, I am not sure if I should keep my current blog or create a new, anonymous blog and write a little more risque and personal.  I really respect you, so your thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.  Here’s my blog by the way:  https://catherineschindler.blogspot.com/Catherine

  12. Thanks for this article, it gave me a really good idea of where to start, which in turn, helped with focusing on realistic short term goals. Regularly adding to your portfoli is also a must would you not agree? Thanks again

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  14. Great piece. It was what I needed at the right time. I’m hoping to breakout into the writing world in a big way very soon. Thanks!

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  17. This is a fantastic article with solid advice. I floundered for quite a while as a freelance writer, and was lucky to find a steady, low-paying gig. I’ve since outlined a plan after hearing similar advice, but this article contains a few more specifics. I wish I had seen this before I started my freelancing journey. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. This was very helpful, these tips also help in getting short stories and poetry noticed as well. I can’t wait to apply these tips to my blog.

    1. You’re absolutely spot on Kimberley. I wish there was someone to guide us along the path of adulthood, it certainly is windy with several bumps and detours. Post college career advice and dealing with the obstacles of finance and job hunting are things that are not taught enough in school. They need to teach us things that we will unknowingly deal with in the future. One of them is how to cope with constant rejection and how to optimistically move forwward.

  19. As a young aspiring writer who is about to graduate undergrad, it seems like there is not enough guidance for the necessary steps to get your writing noticed. In my job searching I have noticed that the number one criteria is strong written skills. This article was very helpful and to the point. Thank you so much!

  20. I just started a blog today. It’s nothing specfic but will be updated and if you like reading books about romance or looking at the world from another vision then you should stop by. Yes it’s only one post on it today but like i said I just started it. Hopefully It’ll get noticed and becomes a book.


  21. After years of keeping myself in the dark, waiting until I’m finally ready to show someone something worthwhile of mine for reading, I realized that it’s best to just get it out there and get over myself because you can never predict what others will think of your writing. I’ve recently started a blog where I’m writing about my adventures as I travel as well as parts of my (hopefully published sooner than later) novel. http://www.iamthesponge.com

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  23. As an aspiring writer, I found this article very useful. Will start applying these great steps ASAP on my poetry blog: kennamaries.blogspot.com

  24. Great Advice! I will pass it all on to my dog who blogs as Lenny & Pals @lennypritchard go check it out if you like a bit of crazy humour.

  25. Good article-I have written over 62 books on Kindle, KOBO Nook and Blurb in addition to many articles. It is helpful to know how to advertise and sell my books-we all need to earn a living. I am also a philanthropist.

  26. Great article and great advice! I am 17 years old and hope to one day get my work published… but I have yet to take my first step in getting my work noticed online. I write short stories and experiment with sentences, (write 500-1000 word sentence stories, free verse poems, etc) and don’t know how or who to send them to, or how and where to start a blog that will actually bring about an audience considering my stories aren’t necessarily all related and most blogs I’ve found follow some sort of theme – fashion, food, etc… I’ve won gold in a couple contests and attended the California State Summer School for the Arts this past summer for creative writing at Cal Arts, but since then have sort of lost hope in getting noticed in the online community considering all of my attempts have failed in acquiring an audience. In your opinion, where is the best place to post and advertise my work, and would stringing together my work with a theme bring more of an audience than just posting stories with no theme? Thanks for reading! Hopefully I get some responses 🙂

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  28. Words are easily put to print; having them read and appreciated is the hardest part of writing. Never should a person desire to have their thoughts liked; rather opinionated. If an opinion is formed then at least the words were read. -CJH

  29. I find my emotions easy to express with words, even if the words aren’t always what someone wants to hear, I can’t write lies, how I feel at that time will be what emotion I put into my work. But witting poetry i’sent easily noticed. I am making a website and have an editor for my book to get published, and already have recorded my voice on a few poems as I’m constantly told I have a nice voice. This doesent seem enough to be noticed, when you just want to share your heart with the world.

    To connect to others and share understanding, to share smiles and tears. For someone to see the world through my eyes. That’s what I want, to do share my heart, through my poems. I have done my own art for my book, I’m good at drawing.
    So blog is a website i’sent it? a forum of website, I think I’m on the right track still any more or other tips/advice are most welcomed thank you, some good tips there.

  30. Thank you for a very helpful post. I especially liked the reminder that
    social media helps us hone our skills to write succinctly and without
    fluff. A skill every writer needs to learn, but as a native German speaker writing in a second language (on my website http://www.writeyourjourney.com) it’s something I struggle with every day. Thanks for the reminder and for the actionable tips.

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