Doing Good is Simple: Interview with Chris Marlow

Too often people fight tooth and nail to claw their way onstage only to realize, after standing in the spotlight for a moment, they don’t have anything to say. Building a digital platform without a purpose can have the same effect.

Doing Good is Simple: Interview with Chris Marlow

In a world of likes, hearts, retweets, and comments, influence feels like a currency. And the more influence you appear to have, the more successful you seem. But, as our guest this week on The Portfolio Life asks, why should people listen to you?

Chris Marlow, founder of Help One Now and author of Doing Good is Simple, used to gag at the word “platform”, but had a change of heart. He now encourages platform builders to embrace the generosity factor while pursuing their dreams to create sustainable businesses.

Chris champions the simplicity of doing good and works tirelessly to develop practical ways people can use influence to make a difference in the world.

Listen in as we talk about a chance meeting at a gas station that changed Chris’ life, a key ingredient to creating significant change, and why you don’t have to say yes to every thing.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Chris and I discuss:

  • How your platform can do good locally and globally
  • What do you do when a platform falls in your lap
  • Why it feels awkward when you don’t share your influence
  • Creating simple tools to empower and equip people to give
  • Simplifying the complexities the world faces
  • Practical ways you can use influence to help others
  • How an appetite for success can consume your character
  • Finding a voice of reason
  • Integrating doing good into the rhythms of your life

Quotes and takeaways

  • Without influence we can’t make or create change.
  • You can’t avoid going broke if you don’t get paid.
  • If you’re going to stand a stage, you need something important to say.
  • Give away the influence of your platform to serve a greater purpose.
  • Tangible outcomes make staying on mission easier.
  • Wealth is not directly proportional to your capacity for joy.
  • “Success without being a good neighbor is meaningless.” –Chris Marlow

When we make our lives about others, we live better lives.

Chris Marlow

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How are you using your platform to make a difference? What can you do to leverage your influence for good? Share in the comments