Time to Embrace the Wait: Order My New Book & Get Free Stuff!

Note: This offer has now expired!

Well, today is the big day. My second trade book, The In-Between, released this morning, and I couldn’t be more excited.

This is a book about a topic I’ve been struggling with for years: How do you learn to live in the moment? What I learned in the process of trying to answer that question changed my life — and I hope it does the same for you.

The In-Between
The In-Between releases today!

Everyone is waiting for something; each person is in between where they are and want to be. And if we don’t learn how to be content with where we are, how will we ever be satisfied?

Turns out, life is just a series of moments. And what we choose to do with those moments is how we spend our lives. I wrote this book to explore what would happen if we stopped wasting our waiting and finally embraced the “little” in-between times.

What this book teaches & why you should get it now

The In-Between will help you:

  • Find meaning in the “boring” times. We all have experiences that feel mundane or rote, but in fact these are the most significant experiences of our lives… if we choose to see them that way.
  • Live more in the moment. When we’re constantly waiting for the next big thing, we miss the importance of what’s right in front of us.
  • Experience the joy that comes with embracing inconveniences. We all encounter setbacks and delays in life that can frustrate us, but what if these were the very tools to help us grow?

If you’re ready to embrace the wait, you can order a copy from your favorite online or local bookstore (see a list here).

Now, let’s get real for a second…

Jeff Goins
My most serious face.

I know it’s a big deal to ask you buy a book the week it comes out. We tend to take our time with books and wait to hear if they’re any good before buying a copy. I get that.

But if you’re reading this, then we have a relationship. Maybe you’ve been reading this blog for years, or maybe a friend just recommended it to you.

Either way, I’m asking you to take a chance. To trust that a $10 book will be worth your time. (To be fair, the book already has over 40 4- and 5-star reviews, so it’s not that much of a risk.)

Launch week is a big deal for an author and can sometimes make or break a book, depending on how much attention it gets. If this topic sounds appealing to you, all I’m asking is for you to pick up a copy over the next week and tell me what you think.

If you hate the book, send me an email and I’ll buy it back from you for whatever you paid. Seriously.

To further sweeten the deal (because I’m all about rewarding my audience), I’m offering six tiers of rewards for anyone who orders the book in the next 10 days.

And now for the rewards…

Tier 1: Reader (1 copy)

Buy 1 print book, and get six bonuses worth over $240 for free:

  • all electronic versions of the book
  • the audiobook (read by yours truly)
  • all digital copies of my last book
  • a 30-minute writing workshop (MP3 recording and worksheet)
  • free membership to an exclusive online community
  • the reader’s guide with discussion questions

Unlimited copies available. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to inbetweenbonuses@gmail.com.

Tier 2: Friend (2 copies)

Buy 2 copies of the print book and get access to a private 90-minute teleconference, in which I’ll share:

  • my step-by-step process for writing a book
  • what it takes to tell your story (i.e. Memoir-writing 101)
  • how to get published and launch a book

I’ll also answer any questions you have about writing, publishing, or building a platform. Plus all the bonuses in Tier #1.

Unlimited copies available. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to inbetweentwobooks@gmail.com. You’ll get an email when it’s time for the teleconference (TBD).

Tier 3: Giver (10 copies)

Buy 10 copies for a book club or group of friends, get an extra signed copy for FREE, and a limited edition print from the artwork in the book (created by my friend Many Thompson). Plus all the bonuses above.

Limited to the first 100 people. To get access to the bonuses, buy 10 copies of the book and then fill out this form. It’ll take a few weeks to fulfill all the orders, so please be patient.

Tier 4: Advocate (30 copies)

Buy 30+ copies for your organization, church, group of friends, etc. and get access to a one-hour Skype session with Jeff. Plus all previous bonus materials.

Limited to the first 25 people. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book, and then fill out this form.

Tier 5: Organizer (100 copies)

Buy 100+ books for your larger community (or all your friends and family) and get a free speaking gig from Jeff (you cover travel). Plus all previous bonuses.

Limited to the first 10 people. To get access to the bonuses, order the book in bulk at your preferred retailer (e.g. Barnes & Noble) and then fill out this form.

Tier 6: Influencer (300 copies)

Buy 300+ books (at a 40% discount) for your school, prison, or traveling circus and get Jeff to come visit you for a full-day of coaching and consulting (you cover travel and lodging).

OR… come visit Jeff in Nashville for a full day of hanging out and one-on-one coaching (you cover your own expenses).

Limited to first five people. To get access to the bonuses and find out fill out this form.

How to get the book and claim your rewards

  1. Buy the book (however many copies you want).
  2. Submit your receipts and info (unless you’re applying for Tier 6). If you’re buying at tiers 1 or 2, submit your receipt via email by forwarding it or by scanning and emailing it to one of the above email addresses. If buying at tiers 3–6, fill out the forms associated with that tier. You must do this by 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 10, 2013.
  3. Wait for the goodies to roll in (contact jeff at goinswriter dot com if you have any questions). And don’t forget to tell your friends!

To grab your copy of The In-Between, click any of the links below:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Christian Book Distributors | Parable | Powell’s | Indiebound | Mardel

What does embracing the in-between look like for you today? Share a quick thought in the comments today (I’d love to hear from you).

73 thoughts on “Time to Embrace the Wait: Order My New Book & Get Free Stuff!

  1. This is a great achievement. I know how difficult it can be to birth a book. What do you do during the in-between times? Write, write. and write some more. Congratulations! Looking forward to diving in Jeff!

  2. Congratulations, Jeff! Just finished the audiobook earlier this week. It is a really good book. And great bonuses. I must say, it is very enjoyable for me to be a part of what you’re doing. THANK YOU!

  3. actually i am from a small state of india…its very hard to buy a book from here since there are very minimal facilities out here…but still i respect your devotion for your passion for writing….hats off to you..

  4. Hi Jeff – only available as a digi download in the UK – but I will buy it when I get home tonight. Good luck with the launch. Nicci (in the UK)

    BTW – could you give me some info on your older title, You’re a Writer…. (I’m fairly new to your blog). Thanks

  5. Congrats on the book! What a great topic. It took me many years to stop basing my life on, “When X happens in the future, then I’ll be happy” and start grabbing all the joy I can, right now.

    And love what you’re saying about using ‘inconvenience’ time for something productive and positive instead of just being frustrated.

    One great thing I learned to do when you’re stopped in traffic is instead of being annoyed, to say a prayer for healing for the person that ambulance or fire truck is speeding to help (we Jews say the Mishebeyrach). If sirens are on, a life is at risk. Appreciate with joy that it’s not you, today, that they are rushing to aid and send your positive thoughts to the person in crisis. They can really use them.

    My sister once taught me that when she had to wait in line at the bank, she took the opportunity to pray on the thought that money is not her god. All of these ‘breaks’ in our day happen for a reason and give us an opportunity to reflect and grow, if we grab it.

    Best on the book launch!

      1. I also had that discipline of prayer when hearing sirens — and then I became a paramedic and truly appreciated how needful it really is. Thank you –and please don’t ever stop!

  6. First time on your blog – just read your post on The Nester. Subscribing and will definitely check out your new book. Congratulations! Following on G+, FB & Twitter.
    – Claire @ ALittleCLAIREification.com

  7. Jeff, I just read the first third of your new book “The In-between.” LOVED it! I will definitely have to order it to get “the rest of the story.” It is so true that we need to be HERE now. Your book not only reminds us but helps us in that process. Thank you.
    Sincere regards, Sharon

  8. Mr. Jeff, What an inspiration you are! It was you, Michael Hyatt, and Pat Flynn that inspired me to the point of action. I took it. I started a blog. I start here… because this is the only option to take action. Here and now. Loving it. Excited! I can feel the gravity and passion in my blood. It’s going to work. IT IS working. Thanks for all you give and for all you are to your community! Hope to meet you in person soon.

  9. I love the way you launch a book. If the book is half as good as your book launch it’s going to be amazing!

      1. I like your style. Although english is my second language it is pleasant read.

        Congrats and have a terrific first week lunch

        Gusti from Albania

  10. I bought the book they day you posted the pic of it next to Billy’s. LOL I don’t need a gift, something tells me I bought the gift already when I bought the book… Just saying. Best wishes on it’s success!

  11. I’ve ordered the book but it won’t be here just yet. Life right now is in between in a very hard place. My dearest friend has cancer and we are on this rollercoaster journey. Its been a series of in betweens, the next hospital visit, the next treatment, the next change in his condition, stopping to draw breath when we can, grateful for the lull because we don’t know how long any of the in betweens will be. And yet in the middle of this we have been blessed, been given treasures of darkness, riches stored in the secret place of shock, grief and loss. We haven’t wasted a moment and are deeply thankful for the moments we have for we don’t know how long the biggest in between will be , the one between here and eternity.

  12. Jeff, although I’ll probably wait on getting the book, because I have a stack of about 20 books to read, but I have little time to read due to the fact I’m currently writing my third book, I find your tier idea excellent. Great work.

  13. Hi Jeff,

    I’m a great fan of your writing and love to buy your book, but in India I think I’d have no choice but to opt for an e-book. Kindly suggest me the way out – I want to purchase an e-book and want to be eligible for your freebies.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunil Suri

      1. Hi Jeff,

        I was waiting for your message, I just bought the book.
        Looking forward to reading this on weekend. Have a great weekend Jeff.

        Thanks & regards


  14. Great intro (for me)..certainly got me excited..if i hadn’t jus bought “buying trances i might have purchased it today..my mind is a little warped! Very excited, still…

  15. I actually have been working on a book with a similar concept for about a year and a half now. It will be my first book (if I ever get it done). It seems as though it’s something that’s definitely on people’s hearts as it has been greatly received. Congrats and wish me luck!

  16. It is fascinating, nay, entertaining to watch your orchestrated and finely tuned process of the release of In-Between. Thanks for setting a clear example, Mr. Jeff.

  17. Bought the book (since I didn’t win a free one!) and also picked up Wrecked (ebooks). I’m really intrigued by the concept of this new book and think it’s exactly what I need to read–this weekend! I look forward to sharing what I learn–as I think it’s key to share with others to help hold ourselves accountable. Thanks!

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