117: How You Can Change the World in Your Sleep with Jeremy Cowart

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll never be a success.”

These lies plagued Jeremy Cowart with hopelessness for years. Despite struggling in school, being fired from jobs, and even being told to pursue a different career, Jeremy continued to pursue his calling as an artist. So, how did he overcome these limiting beliefs to become a world-renowned photographer?

117: All Things Are Possible with Jeremy Cowart

Today, Jeremy is not only a photographer, but also an entrepreneur and humanitarian. From starting his own graphic design company and photographing world leaders, musicians, and actors, to spearheading several humanitarian projects, Jeremy has defied countless odds to use his art to serve a great purpose.

The lies Jeremy believed are things I’ve believed myself as a husband, father, and writer. And I’m not alone. These lies also find a welcome home among many writers and creatives I know.

Listening to the constant voice of these lies is crippling. They can lead us to inactivity in pursuing our calling and even hopelessness. But what I’ve learned over the years about these lies is that they only talk to those who listen.

This week on The Portfolio Life, Jeremy Cowart and I talk about how he overcome his initial struggles, and how he not only discovered his calling, but how he has also had the opportunity to influence thousands of lives through his humanitarian efforts.

Listen in as Jeremy and I discuss how he organically and accidentally discovered his life’s work, how to know if an idea is worth pursuing, and his plans for serving various causes around the world through The Purpose Hotel.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Jeremy and I discuss:

  • How he struggled with school and traditional education.
  • His short stint as a backup singer.
  • Discovering your calling through a series of moments versus one significant epiphany.
  • How Jeremy organically became a world-famous photographer.
  • Honing your craft by blending it with different disciplines.
  • The inspiration behind The Purpose Hotel.
  • The three steps Jeremy takes to test a new idea.
  • Jeremy’s focus on his magnum opus.

Quotes and takeaways

  • Listen to your life to help inform your future.
  • Don’t pursue personal greatness. Pursue great work for a great purpose.
  • Artists not only have to be creative, but they also have to show people they can deliver.


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