The Fun Formula: Why Doing What’s Fun Brings Success with Joel Comm

Have you been told you have to work the hardest to be the most successful? Our guest for today would disagree and he’s written a book on why fun is actually the key to success!

Joel Comm is a podcaster, blogger, speaker, Internet marketer, and an author. His latest book, which I love, is called The Fun Formula.

The Fun Formula: Why Doing What's Fun Brings Success with Joel Comm

I love Joel and I love the idea behind this book, the idea that work can be fun. Joel wrote it because he’s a fun guy! Today we’re talking about his book and his story, and I start by asking why fun is an important factor for him.

Joel explains there’s messaging happening in society for the last 5 years or so and that is if you want to succeed you have to hustle and grind. There’s a dangerous notion that if you want to be successful you have to be the first person up in the morning and get after it til you’re the last one out of the office while your friends are fishing over the weekend.

This messaging appeals mostly to younger people and they are being sold a false bill of goods; hustle and grind aren’t what life is really all about. It doesn’t tap into who someone really is and following this idea and living your life this way can destroy relationships.

Joel wants to swing the pendulum back to the organic process of fun and following your own curiosity and creativity. It’s also about taking risks to do what really matters to you and trusting the process. When you do that, you allow serendipity to enter in and that’s where the magic happens, where success happens in business, and where more fulfillment in life comes from.

Today on this episode of The Portfolio Life, Joel and I talk about his personal story, what he’s learned from both success and failure, and what his work life looks like today. Join us for these topics plus a whole lot of fun on today’s show!

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Show highlights

In this episode, Joel tells us:

  • Why you don’t have to hustle and grind your way to success.
  • What is your most precious commodity?
  • Why 10x your work ethic doesn’t 10x your virtue.
  • How did he create one of the #1 apps in the world?
  • Why did he work at Barnes and Noble and Uber?

Fun is not what we do, it is a way of life.

Joel Comm

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On Internet marketing and hustle

  • How he reverse engineered his own success.
  • What has been the consistent theme in his business home runs?
  • What roles have curiosity, flow, and serendipity played in his life?
  • Has he pursued fun his entire life?
  • When did he have his real wake up call?

The right opportunity always presents itself.

Joel Comm

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On significance

  • What brings him the most satisfaction in business and in life?
  • The simple reason he believes he is significant.
  • Why is being contented important?
  • What can we learn about life from The Princess Bride?
  • Why you experience success even if your product or service fails.


What in your work and in your life brings you the most fun? Let us know in the comments