Launching a Blog Is Easier Than You Think

Almost every week I meet someone who tells me they'd like to start a blogsome day. The problem is that “some day” never comes.

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And most people are okay with that. Because blogging is hard, real hard. And they'd rather not get into all that hustle and hard work. Which is fine (I don't blame 'em).

But blogging can also be extremely rewarding. And some people who aren't doing it need to be doing it. They need to share their words with the world; they need to be picking themselves and publishing their words now.

So let's say you're one of those people. One who's been saying you'd like to start a blog. And you actually mean it. And let's say you have a message to share with the world.

What's holding you back?

There are three common excuses I most often hear from people who don't blog (but would like to):

  • “I don't understand the technology.”
  • “I don't have the time.”
  • “I'm afraid to start.”

All are valid excuses, but the first two are usually just masking the third. Fear. That's what's holding you back. Plain and simple.

Sure, there may be technical aspects that get in the way of you beginning, but if you really wanted to figure it out, couldn't you? Of course you could.

The truth is it's easier to let an excuse prevent you from sharing your work than it is to find a way to put it out there.

The most important reason to blog

The reality, though, is that this isn't just about you and your comfort zone. If you have a message in you that you needs to come out, we need those words.

Because if you don't say it, maybe no one will. [Tweet that]

That's why we blog, why we write and publish — even when we don't feel like it. It's why we share our art and put it on display for all to see. We hope to reach someone.


So maybe this choice to write isn't entirely up to you. Maybe you need to consider the cost of depriving the world of your words. Maybe it's time to start blogging.

How to begin

Really, it's not that hard. All you need to start blogging are three characteristics:

  • The ability to learn new things.
  • The willingness to try and fail (as many times as it takes).
  • Courage to write and share your words with the world.

When you boil it down, those aren't really characteristics. They're choices. So what are you going to decide?

Decide to blog, or to not. But please, stop saying you'd like to some day, if only you have the time. That excuse is getting old. What you really need isn't a roadmap; you need to decide.

Once you do that, it's pretty simple:

  1. Get a host. I recommend BlueHost (that's an affiliate link which means if you use it, I get a commission, but remember I don't recommend anything I don't use myself and love).
  2. Buy a domain (you can do this through your hosting company, which is easiest).
  3. Install WordPress (Bluehost does this automatically for you with one click).
  4. Start writing! (This may be the hardest part.)

No more excuses

I don't think everyone should blog. It takes a lot of time and effort, and for some it may not be worth the hassle. But if you're one of those people who says, “Some day…” I hope I just left you without any more excuses.

Because you don't have any. The answers are out there, waiting for you. You just have to be willing to look.

By the way, below is an eight-minute walk-through to get you set up with your very own self-hosted blog:

Free resource: If you're still feeling held back, I've got something for you. Here's a Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Own Blog.

Now, go do something. We're waiting for your words. Oh, and if you already have a blog, tell me about it below.

So what's holding you back from sharing your words with the world (regardless of whether or not you have a blog)? Share in the comments.