034: Create Balance, Create Better Art: Interview with Mars Dorian [Podcast]

We’re all trying to find the balance in life allowing time and space for relationship development, financial income, and artistic expression. But sometimes you have to ignore your work in order to become a better artist.

034: Create Balance, Create Better Art — Interview with Mars Dorian [Podcast]

When he first built his successful freelance business, Mars Dorian’s daily routine was vampire-like. He began work every evening between 6 and 10, and didn’t get to bed until 3am. His health, social life, and work all suffered because of it.

In this episode of The Portfolio Life, Mars shares how he’s finally found balance for his creative process, in his daily routine, and as a support for building a self-sufficient career.

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Join us as Mars talks about how he switched back to daylight hours and a healthier life. It wasn’t easy.

He had to develop a new schedule that allowed him to create with discipline without neglecting relationships or his own body. He attacked this common problem with a unique solution you’ll want to hear.

You need a critical mind to say, ‘This is a good art work but how can I create a better one?’ After everything that I finish whether it’s a book or an art book, I always ask myself, ‘What can I do better with the next one?’
Mars Dorian

Show highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • How your unique style and the freedom to create makes your art work better
  • Why books are products that add value, not merely ideas to be shared for free
  • The importance of relationships and building your work schedule around them
  • How mental and physical health impact your creative process
  • The first two-part step to self-sufficiency

About my guest

Mars Dorian is an illustrator and sci-fi storyteller who built his platform in English because he wanted to address the whole planet not just those within Germany’s borders. He’s an artist whose work is unlike anyone else’s. And if the internet was a woman, he’d marry her.

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How do you balance the tension between health, relationships, and work? Share in the comments.